• Published 26th May 2019
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Lucifer - Ghost Warrior

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Getting justice for the poor bug.

Canterlot, Seven o'clock, south district.

Our bipedal trio was walking down the street, combing the houses for the address of one Sharpenedsword, the latest suspect in Beetle Juices murder. While they were walking down the street, a few of the residents would spot them and either ignore them, turn their noses to them, run away in fear, or stare at Maze and her tight leather pants.

Soon enough, they came upon the house that belonged to their murder suspect. As always, Chloe approached the door and knocked. " Sharpenedsword, EPD, we have some questions for you." She waited for someone to answer or for the door to open but after thirty seconds of nothing from inside, she knocked again. " EPD open up!"

" Ugh, detective, you know as well as I do that he's not going to open the door. Especially since he went through the process of framing someone." Lucifer pointed out while taking a quick swig from his flask, pulling out a long pink hair from his mouth. " Bloody hell, she could have at least taken all her hair while she poured out."

While Chloe and Lucifer butted heads, the front door was kicked in by an impatient Maze. " If you two are done bitching, I'd like to catch this guy so I can meet up with that griffon from last night." She walked in with no regard for her safety and searched for the unicorn.

" Maze, you know how I hate it when you guys just barge into a place." Chloe made her argument, then went into the house while drawing her gun.

" Yeah, well I didn't like it when you asked me to do the dishes. So this makes us just about even Decker." Maze went rummaging through the suspects belonging's trying to find anything that catches her eye. " Doesn't seem like he's here."

" Yes, apparently our killer gave us the slip."

" Okay. let's search around the house and see where he might have gone to. Also, if you find a sex toy, please don't use it or try it on." Chloe ordered her two partners.

" I'll have you know that only happened one time. Also, you can't stand there and tell me you weren't the least bit curious how that orange toy was supposed to work when the instructions said to wear it on your head."

" Honestly, I'm trying to forget that case. I mean really, finding that ex-Wonderbolt Wind Rider hanging by his neck on a sex swing, really trying to not think about it."

" Hrmph your loss." Lucifer looked into the master bedroom and found something very interesting. " Well, this is interesting." Maze and Chloe went over to see what Lucifer found. What they saw made Chloe gasp in horror, while Maze looked at it from a different angle. The room was decorated with drawings of dead Changelings both non-reformed and reformed. They all depicted the Changelings being tortured and killed in different ways. " Well, it's clear what mister sword was thinking?"

" How could anyone want to hurt others so bad?"

" What, this? This is nothing compared to what Hitler had around his Hell-loop. Lots of gore there." As Lucifer looked around the room and the gruesome artwork, his eye caught hold of a pamphlet on the drawer by the door. " Hello, what have we here?" He picked up the pamphlet and read it.

" What is it Lucifer?"

" Probably nothing, just something about King Thorax and our beloved Princesses meeting about trade agreements."

" What!?" Chloe snatched the pamphlet from him and read through the paper. " It says Thorax and his advisors are meeting tonight at the castle to discuss trade."

" Okay...and why should we care about trade between two kingdoms?" Maze started to get bored and wanted to hurry this up.

" We don't, but the fact that someone who hates Changelings so much has this, means we know where he'll be next."

" Excellent. So what's the plan detective? Do we storm the castle in a blaze of glory or do we wait in the shadows for our murdering guard?"

" I like the waiting in the shadows plan."

" How about I go tell the lieutenant how a guard is planning to attack the leader of the Changelings, while you two go on ahead and get the castle."

" Right, divide and conquer, one of my favorite strategies. Alright, we'll meet up the royal sisters while you go tell LT Shining of our plan." Lucifer and Maze left the house and headed for the castle while Chloe went to the department to tell Shining.

LT Shining's office.

Shining Armor may be the prince of the Crystal Empire but he still held an obligation to the Equestrian guard. And since his wife doesn't want him to get seriously hurt, they settled on him getting a job as a pencil pusher for the EPD. And it's here that Shining hears a knock at his door. " Come in."

" Lieutenant, I've got a lead on the Beetle juice case." Chloe came up to his desk and showed him some photos she took of Sharpenedsword's house. " These photos were taken at our latest suspect's house. He's also the same guard who claimed to have had their weapon stolen and used for the murder. Not to mention we found this." She then showed him the pamphlet they found. " We know that he had a hatred for Changelings even after they reformed. That's why we believe he'll target the trade agreements between the kingdoms."

" Alright, we'll get guards to set up a sting and wait to arrest him."

" Yeah, about that. I may have already sent Lucifer and Maze to the castle to prevent any attack on Thorax and his advisors."

" Ugh, Lucifer. I like that you two have the best close rating in the department but by Celestia, that guy gets under my skin."

" Yeah, he has that effect on people sometimes. Anyway, they're both heading for the conference and with any hope, they'll already have Sharpenedsword."

Canterlot castle.

In a supply closet by the meeting room, someone was getting their groove on. Lucifer heard the commotion while scoping out the perimeter. " Well well well, let's see what's behind door number one." He opened the door and found Maze making out with Prince Blueblood. " Oh, Maze. I've heard of slumming it but really, this is beneath even the lowest form of life, and that includes politicians."

Maze broke away from the prince, who was scurrying away like the roach he was and explained her plan. " We're looking for a rogue guard that has a hard-on for wanting Changelings dead. What better to find him than to see if that scumbag of a prince was helping him?"

" Well that I understand, what I don't understand is why you almost shagged him instead of torture him."

" I was getting there." Maze got out of the closet and straightened her leather jacket. " Were you able to get anything?"

" Fraid not. Seems the guard uniform has an enchantment to make them all look alike so the photo Clearskys gave us is no help if he's uniform." Lucifer looked around the room at all the guards that were watching over the meeting. Suddenly, inspiration struck. " I think I know how to flush out our killer after all."

" Going to use your mojo?"

" You can read me like well-written erotica." Lucifer strolled over to the nearest guard and worked his talents. " Hello my gilded chum, tell me something. What is it you desire?"

Compiled by Lucifer's gift, the guard's dark desire came forth. " I...I...I want to stuff my face with banana pudding."

" Useless." He went on over to a group of guards to hopefully speed things up. " Evening chaps. Enjoying your night? Great to hear. Now I have a very important question for the four of you. What is it you all desire?"

One by one, they gave out their desire. " I want to be the next captain of the guard."

" I want to divorce my wife."

" I wanna nail Princess Celestia."

" I want to get rid of all the Changelings."

" Bingo! Found you." Lucifer grabbed the last guard and went to drag him off. " Thanks for the help chaps and good luck with becoming captain and that wife of yours. As for the Princess, been there, done that." After bidding the group a farewell, he took the murderous guard over to Maze, who was talking with the royal sisters and Thorax.

Celestia was the first to notice him. " Lucifer. Is this the guard the EPD's looking for?"

" Indeed it is, and once the detective gets here, we can make the official arrest." Suddenly, a flash of blue magic went off next to Princess Luna, revealing one Chloe Decker. " Well, nice of you to make an appearance Detective."

" Ugh, I don't know how unicorns can teleport without emptying their stomachs." Chloe caught sight of the guard in Lucifer's grasp. " Is this him?"

" I believe so. His desire was to see all the Changelings squashed. But, I believe this will answer if this is the murderer or not." He grabbed the guard's helmet and removed it, revealing one Sharpenedsword. " Ah-ha, here's your killer."

" What are you talking about? I'm no killer." He struggled in Lucifer's grasp trying to get free.

" We have confirmed evidence from your sister and ex-brother in law that you're prejudiced against the Changelings, not to mention all the artwork in your house."

" Yes, not the best painting's of pain and death I've seen but condemning none the less."

The guard dropped his act and gazed angerly at Thorax. " Your species is a blight on Equestria. When I heard my sister was going to give birth to an insect, I made the Changeling responsible pay for what he did!"

" And framing Spearpoint was a good cover since he often butted heads with Beetle Juice."

" That, and I wanted him to suffer for allowing my sister to be impregnated by that monster!" The group was not at all happy to hear his explanation. " Getting rid of the father was only the beginning. Once my sister gives birth, I'll ring the little abominations neck with its umbilical cord! But first." He levitated the sword that was by his side and made to swing it at Thorax.

The sword would have made contact, had a certain demon not have sliced Sharpenedsword's horn off with her blade. Once his horn was sliced off, the magic controlling the sword vanished. When the suspect started screaming like a girl, Lucifer slammed him down on the marble floor. " You're gonna wish you had never done that." He then picked him up by his throat and pinned him against a pillar. This caused the whole room to be aware of the commotion. " You say you hunt monsters, but in fact, it is you who has become the monster. You, that has become evil. But don't worry, I'll make sure you know what real evil looks like." He then made the guard look him in the eye to reveal his darker side.

One glimpse at the one and only devil, made the guard's mind snap in horror. " Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" With him screaming like a mad-man, Chloe came up behind him and placed handcuffs around his forehooves.

" Sharpenedsword, you are under arrest for the murder of Beetle Juice and the attempted murder on King Thorax." She hauled him on his back hooves where a group of guards came to take him away.

While Sword was being taken away, Thorax went over to thank the two residents from Hell. " First off, I would like to thank you for saving me from that guy, and from what I just heard, you avenged one of my subjects."

" Well, it certainly gave me something exciting to do."

" I don't know if I would word it like that, but I do appreciate what you have done. Is there any way I can repay you?"

" Well, once you finish with your meeting, why not stop by Lux to celebrate? It'd certainly add to the clubs rep."

" And once that party's done." Maze started to trace circles around Thorax's chest. " You and I can have a little afterparty of our own." She gave him a wink before heading down with the guards to make sure Sharp didn't escape.

Forgetting that he just had a brush with death, Thorax was now focused on the demon, more specifically her hypnotic ass. " Who. Was. That?"

" That my buggy friend was Mazikeen.Hells best torturer, and if you're lucky, the best shag you'll have your entire life." Lucifer patted him on the shoulder and followed Chloe. " So, another case solved detective. I believe this calls for a celebration."

" I suppose I can go for a drink after we go through the paperwork and process the report."

" Only you can make a call for celebration boring. But at least you didn't say no this time."

" I've learned to have fun while working with you, but I still like to get my work done before I play." She then slapped him on the ass before walking off, leaving a very surprised Lucifer standing in the middle of the hallway.

" Cheeky detective. Very cheeky."

Author's Note:

And that is the end of this story. But rest assured, I have other case ideas for Lucifer and the detective. If you have an idea for a case then PM me or write it down in the comments.

Also, I'm very happy to have finished this before the new year rang in.

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you asked for an idea for another story in the series. here is my pitch
what if cadence, twilight and luna and shining armor where kidnapped. (a note demanding the execution of celesta or cadence, twilight luna and shining armor would be killed found at the scene) Celesta cares for her the other princesses to much and schedules her own execution. the team is on a race against the clock to find the other princesses before the execution date.

is that good?

Maybe not so many hostages but I do like the plot. I'll see what I can do.

First off, I would like to say that this story is rather interesting.
Second. Just a couple things I noticed for constructive criticism.
The intro to the story wasn't bad but you took the approach as if the reader didnt know the show Lucifer while at the same time rushing through details as if they did know the show. Its was just a bit strange.
The rest of the story was very rushed and almost no sort of character development or interaction. It's supposed to be Lucifer and gang in equestria. And it feels as if the pony aspect of the story was left out and just somewhat background stuff.

Again. I find the concept interesting, but it would be nice to see it fleshed out a lot more and given more personality.
There was very little conflict and barely any mystery to the case. And no sort discussion between the characters and their current predicament. Shouldnt Chloe be worried about her daughter and getting back to her? That should be her number 1 priority.
How long have they been there? Its implied that it's been awhile but there is so much between when they arrived till now that could be explored.

Anyway. Just my two bits. :)

Good sir or madam, sorry the name doesn't reveal your gender. Anyway, because of your comment, it actually gave me inspiration for the sequel. So, if the story turns out to be good, I'd like to give you some credit. Have a pleasant day.


Glad I could help. Should be an interesting read.

Loved it:heart:! Gave me a tiny bit of nostalgia. Lucifer is one of my few favorite shows.:pinkiehappy:

I really enjoyed your story, it was like seeing a Lucifer chapter.

For your idea'si repuestos, maybe a, assassination in the Manehattan fashion week show?

I like that. Tell you what, personal message me on some details and I'll get to work on it.

Tomorrow on Netflix(08/21/2020), part of season 5 for Lucifer is coming out.

I cant take that face seriously

I literally heard Tom Ellis's voice, Lauren German's voice and Lesley-Ann Brandt's voice whilst reading this story.

Tell you what, here's some good Lucifer memes:



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