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In the land of Equestria, long before the mane six were even a concept, there were the princesses, the ponies, and the displaced. Now centuries later, a new displaced has arrived, one who knows nothing about the world but knows everything about who he now is. Read as this brave fellow takes Equestria by storm, one way or another.

Crossover status: not accepting at the moment.

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Question: Is this guy going to be an ally of Equestria, i.e. ally to Harmony since Celestia is so damn inconsistent in the multiverse, or is he going to be one of those who does whatever they want without fear of repercussion?

I guess to simplify: Is this Displaced going to have a conscience, and not be a total dick to ponykind?

Think of it like this: this is a man who has just discovered that he is now one of the character from one of his favorite shows in a clearly not earth world with unicorns, Pegasi, and talking ponies and the two all powerful princesses have just attacked him without any form of explanation on what has happened. think of it like the 7 stages of grief, and right now we are at disbelief. Sure he just saved himself from eternal imprisonment but does he truly understand that.

I have a question.

Will there be romance in this story?:raritystarry:

Seems a little early to worry about that now but if I reach a point in the story where romance will seem like a good narrative choice then I might give it a shot.

I like it and can't wait for the next chapter.

Nice, I have something similar to this, except it's a Ride Player Displaced instead of a Cronus Displaced. And my OC is the only Displaced there.

Huh, nice, though having Chronos' powers off the bat seems a bit much, though he'll likely grow into them. What about other Gashats/Rider gear from Ex-aid? Also, you used "Time out", Chronos' time powers are designated "Pause" to stop time, "Restart" to resume time, and when he turns back the clock, it's "Reset". As for the finisher, you're not making him need to hit the buttons on the driver? I know Chronos COULD do that, but generally, he used the functions of Buggle Driver 2.

Looking forward to more...and would love to see about getting my own Genmu Displaced story going soon...I have PLANS!!

Sorry about that, I haven't watched the series in a while (like a year or so) besides I kind of need his pause to be timeout because I want Celestia to understand just what Cronus might entail power wise so she can make certain decisions later in the story.

As for the whole finisher roundhouse thing, think of it as a small goof created from something that isn't fully understood.

Powers aren't really that difficult to use Cronus as a good few of them are based on hitting the buttons (something any fan of the series would know) but ones like time cycle (controlling day or night) and weather manipulation would definitely be harder to do without some kind of motivation or practice. Teleport though isn't really a big deal to learn all things considered but it will be hard to master.

As for other Gashats, no he won't have them. He will only have all the powers that Masamune/Cronus has (for those reading this, just look up his wiki entry to know the powers).

Ah. I see this is going the direction of Celestia and Luna automatically assuming the worst, and thus having a situation that could otherwise have been resolved peacefully blowing up in their faces, with the consequences of that explosion being squarely on their hooves.

Well hey, when you know the backstory for their actions, everything will be very clear. (Bet none of you guys and girls can guess it.)

Ok, two things...Chonos having Teleport, I'm pretty sure that was the same type Bugsters have, though that would mean your guy has the same type and exposure to Bugster virus as Masamune, which seems a touch...well rushed if I'm honest. Having him adapt to those powers like Taiga needed to from his fight with Chronos and his time in the Another Ending Movie might be a better angle, just saying. Weather manipulation and time manipulation is said to be some feature based off of Stage Select, and that can be accessed via the Buggle Driver 2 without attachments pressing either button, something to think about at least.

Overall though, what I'm worried about is Celestia and Luna going on this fool's errand. They are being WAY too gung ho about this, especially when dealing with unknown vectors. I know we don't know the backstory yet, but at this rate that might not matter given the impression they are at least leaving me with...and it's not a good one.

Not bad for the second chapter, and having him help AJ was a good move. Having this happen after the Ursa Minor incident puts him at an interesting point in the timeline. Gotta admit, I'm curious what happens next.

P1: I know this is supposed to be some different person and not Masmune but his costume was based off him and not actually Cronos since he wouldn't have the buggle driver then (I say this because the driver is what turns them into the character they play as) and he isn't using the game driver so he isn't Taiga. To simplify it just think he is Masamune under the helmet even though he hasn't changed actual facial features.

I know the weather manipulation isn't a driver ability but you can't just automatically know how to use it like in a cartoon so those powers might not even come into play in the near future.

P2: The reason for their Gung ho ness of the two princesses will be explained in the next chapter but to at least help in getting an idea think of war and corruption.

P3: because this is an au, the series up to this point has been going as made but this isn't directly after the Ursa Minor incident to help, so think of it as just a reference of how everyone is and who's there and not a guideline.

Final: thanks for the compliments but I have to admit that the worst chapters for me to write has always been the second which usually stops me from continuing a story but to finish this one (even if the writing is kind of clunky in my opinion) fills me with hope that I can give you and everyone else a good story.

At this point, I would like to imagine that Applejack would speak up and say something along the lines of how Cronus probably isn't a bad Displaced, as he saved Big Mac and Granny Smith when they were trapped under the collapsed barn, at which point Twilight would chime in with the different ways he had helped with the reconstruction of Ponyville.
Upon this happening, I would imagine one of two scenarios:

Scenario 1) Both Celestia and Luna realize that they may have been wrong in how they handled Cronus when he first appeared, and then seek him out to resolve things in a peaceful manner.
Scenario 2) The Princesses are too stubborn to see that there is a diplomatic solution to the problem, and continue on the path they are now.

Odds are, if the Princesses tried to parlay with Cronus, and are successful in getting him to hear out their reasons as for exactly WHY they attacked without provocation, then given how rational Cronus has been written up to this point, he would understand their position.

What if only one of them tried to parlay but who would it be.

Man only three chapter in and already theories on what might happen. It makes me feel a little special.

"I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! You pitiful excuses for royalty have hunted me down. EVERY! WHERE! I! GO! I have done nothing towards you, I have not treated you as enemies but as people I would protect from harm, yet YOU KEEP ATTACKING ME LIKE I AM A PLAGUE!" Cronus yelled in rage as he seemed to calm himself, most of the crowd had now realized they had made a horrible mistake bowing their heads in shame, only Celestia and Luna were still glaring at him with unjustifiable hatred. "if you are so intent on demonizing me despite my efforts to help your people, then i shall be a demon." he said as his eyes glowed a sickly, atrocious, green.


So he has a Buggle Driver Drei/III. That's what I'm getting from this explanation.

Whoa boy/girl, let's not get ahead of our selves. it's not time for the final judgement just yet (calmly pulls the keyboard) so why don't we holster it for a bit?

No, the Bugvisor has a Zwei/II.

How do you get it being a three, is that some kind of movie only item, because I have not seen a single one of the kamen rider movies.

The Buggle Driver this Cronus has is different from the Buggle Driver Zwei/II, it has more functions than the second generation Buggle Driver while still maintaining the basic functions like Pause albeit renamed Time Out. This Driver seems to be a combination of the Buggle Driver, or Buggle Driver Ein/I if you want, used be Genm Zombie Gamer and the Buggle Driver Zwei/II used by the original Cronus and Poppy. Ein plus Zwei make Drei, so it is both a fusion of Ein and Zwei and the third generation model of the Buggle Driver because of its own unique properties like teleportation.

I am male, and okay. Although I want my keyboard back now. :trollestia:

I'm either stupid or your just smart because I don't know any real difference between the ein and zwei besides the one thing where bugsters fully form when they use it.

Are you saying it has more functions because of the new and original finisher I made and the renaming of pause?

Masamune Dan could only 'teleport' when he used the Pause function of his Driver, this Cronus can actually teleport. It has a wider variety of Finishers, with the A button actually having a use while attached to the Buckle. You have merged the best parts of both Buggle Drivers, while adding in unique pieces. You have basically made a new Buggle Driver, the Buggle Driver Drei, without realising it. Congratulations.

Reading your comment has made me squeal like a little girl on the inside due to shear awesomeness of reading it. (hands back keyboard) here's your reward.

*turns into Super Mario* Thank-a you very much!

Hm, gonna have to track this one for consideration

Well I hope that it is a prey worth you following to the end.

I might even considering asking for a crossover

...And Luna was unable to realize the signs of a dream being tampered with. . . why?

I mean, it seems like that deep voice was manipulating the dream to just show only what Luna needed to see to deem him a threat, considering she had an idea that Cronus would be holding a match. And if she knew could guess he was holding a match, she has obviously seen a similar dream before. How has she not realized that the being with the deep voice was manipulating the dream?

No no no, the dream was not being manipulated at all, that was 100 and 10 % his own subconscious dream, a dream he wishes he could forget even if it's a little different.

Also think about it like this, if someone you didn't know, or could see the expressions of, dreamed all that, what would you think?

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Comment posted by fanficlover 1 deleted Apr 7th, 2018


Ok, the dude who typed that scene get out of my head!! Pretty much exactly what I saw coming! Still, the final Judgement...now THAT would be a sight. Having said that, to our author...I'm calling bull on the Displaced being the reason for Nightmare Moon. Honestly the idea of making Luna blameless for her transformation is just...well it makes her character WAY less interesting or sympathetic. Falling on your face due to your own failings and working towards redemption is kinda her thing...making it an involuntary transformation...cheapness that. Now, if the sisters are MISTAKEN about this, and it's just Celestia trying to justify her own neglect of her sister and Luna agreeing to save her own hide and keep her place at Tia's side, that's another story entirely, but that HAS to be discovered by the Mane Six for it to mean anything.

With all that said, a new Finisher from Chonos via punching? Interesting choice, the show displayed how Chronicle can make new finishers for Ride Players based on their own creativity. I guess Chonos' own could do the same, given a creative mind, not bad.

Overall, not bad, but be careful especially with who this "Evil Displaced" is that turned them all against Tia and Lulu, your choice is either gunna make or break the story here...though if it's a Sharingan wielder sorry but I got enough of that with Naruto and Edge Lord Fanfiction.

Good Luck!

To be fair, you have a guy with the third Strongest Kamen Rider form from Ex-Aid as your protagonist...becoming a "cheesy King" story was almost inevitable once he cuts loose. That said, he clearly isn't on Dan Masamune's level or Kuroto, so I don't see him pulling an upset via Bugster Virus...All in all, I don't envy you the challenge.

On the other hand...Luna and Tia being able to draw on the sealed Displaced's power? ...yeah, backfiring power grab it is...even if it works for a while that fails, bad guy gets out, shit goes down hard...also I'm suddenly thinking Blood Stark would make a good big bad here: evil, strange powers, and so much more, something to think about.

Anyway, best of luck, looking forward to more!



Wow, you are really getting into this story and I thank you for that because you are pointing out some major flaws I didn't see before but can thankfully work to make it better.

Unfortunately though, blood stark will not be the main bad since I have not seen the show he is from. Even if he is a displaced, I wouldn't fully understand his powers which would just butcher him.

Eh, I'm a HUGE Kamen Rider Fan, and I'm stalling on making my own fic since I'm worried about the same types of thing I'm pointing out to you gelling in my fic. Of course my character is going to be based on Kuroto Dan, so I'm dealing with that wonderful ball of madness and God complex too, so it's a challenge and a half. As for Blood Stark, yeah, I'm enjoying Build a alot, and he's part of the reason. Sadly, only for 30 episodes and Stark is still enough of a mystery that "butchering" him is possible...would still be awesome to see though! ;)

Anyway, yeah, Saw the bit about you inadvertently giving his Buggle Driver functions based on the first iteration of Buggle Driver, Ie: Kuroto's, which looking back IS accurate. (How did I MISS that?!?!) That said, I agree teleport was something either done based on Pause OR Bugster ability for Chronos. So TRUE TELEPORT at this point will make THIS Chronos STRONGER than Dan's or Taiga's!! ...I seriously feel torn saying that. Interesting to say the least, though that brings one further question: If we go with the idea THIS Chronos is evolving past his predisposes, can we attribute this to his Bugster Virus mutating via magic in Equestria? (most logical explanation for me, and it might provide a way for more time-based powers later if you want.)

NOW I'm excited, looking forward to more, and hope your day is going well. If you ever want to chat about what I'm trying to come up with feel free to PM, I could always use a second opinion for ideas.

Its Edward Eric, no doubt.

They were short in stature, with long golden hair, but the red overcoat he wore easily fit into my memories of what he could do so I did not need to read the description I had given him.

No doubt at all.

Guess I was wrong then, it's not Edward Elric. Well the only blond haired anime character I know of who'd power relies on their sweat is Bakugo from My Hero Academia.

Dude, I described two displaced in that one chapter. I was talking about the blue skinned, white haired one connected to Celestia's past.

It's alright, nothing wrong with that.

"In the king's stead" rather than "in the kings steed"
That and feather cant grind his teeth because he has none

So are all the displaced anime characters

the Displaced can be whatever the author wants them to be, however the Equestria they're sent to must be scaled so that the Displaced are not overpowered/the most powerful while providing a good plot, character development, and world building. The displaced can also meet other displaced via cross-overs, however the idea must approached with caution as to avoid ruining or derailing the plot.

holy, ok that was interesting
especially when listening to

Wow, you've been constant with your updates, well done.

Thinking of my efforts reminded me of my deal with the displaced. It was dirty, but his hope of returning to where he came from was all that kept him going to help me. Hopefully he wouldn’t find out the truth that neither I nor Luna could do what he wished for. Letting my weight carry my weight backwards, I now layed on my bed ready to fall asleep as my sister Luna dealt with the Night Court. Unfortunately sleep came much later than I wished.

Oh Celestia. Misguided, naive, Celestia. These types of agreements ALWAYS backfire on the one who offered it.

What, did it take 13 chapters for you to realize that i'm on a roll and i'm never gonna stop?

No, more like 'I've ignored this since Displaced stories are slow in updates' then when I searched Displaced for any new or updated story, I notice yours and realized you updated alot. At this point, you might end up finishing it before any Displaced can ask you if they'd could ever cross-over. :p

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