• Published 26th May 2019
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Lucifer - Ghost Warrior

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Forensics dept.

Inside Canterlot castle, lays the EPD, the Equestrian Police Department. In a small glass room, pop music could be heard inside, and a Scientist known by her peers as Ella could be seen working on the Beetle Juice case. Ella Lopez was a Forensics Scientist for the LAPD before she was sucked in with her fellow cops. When she got here she was totally freaking out. One was because she was told the truth about Lucifer and Maze, which she actually took really well. Two was because she wound up in Equestria, though she actually loved that part, ever since the show began she was totally devoted to the whole thing. When she had the chance to work for the Princesses, she jumped at it immediately.

Anyway, she was going over the murder weapon of one Beetle Juice, a Changeling who was basically an ambassador to the Changeling Kingdom. He was found in an alleyway with his head cut from his shoulders and the murder weapon was a guard issued sword, that had been claimed to be stolen. She was looking over pictures of the wound when she heard the door open. " Miss Lopez, It's your friendly neighborhood devil, come to brighten your evening."

" My night was already bright but thanks for making it more so Lucifer." Ella had her 'Luna is best princess' shirt on while she was working. " Is Chloe with you?"

" She had to confirm with the Lieutenant on where we're at on the case, so I thought I would get what you know from the evidence so far." Lucifer walked over to the evidence photos while taking a swig from his flask. " And all I can really say is that the case had better be worth it! The last case we had turned out to be an accident and I missed out on the opportunity for a four-way with two griffons and miss Saphire Shores."

" Okay, forgoing the mental image of that, I might have something that could help." Ella brought Lucifer over to some photos taken from the crime scene. " Okay, so the blade was covered in the victim's blood obviously making it the murder weapon. It's what's around the hilt that holds true evidence." She pointed to a close-up photo of the hilt. " Notice how there's only one hoofprint on the hilt. That's because the guard is a unicorn, so he never really had to touch it with his hoof. Therefore, whoever touched this sword was most likely the killer!"

" Well done Miss Lopez, once the detective gets back, we'll figure out our next move." No sooner had the words left his mouth, the door opened, though it wasn't the detective, at least, it wasn't Chloe. " Well, if it isn't detective douche."

" How many times do I have to tell you Lucifer, it's detective Sentry, not douche!" Flash Sentry. A former guard to the Crystal Empire until he got reassigned to Canterlot. After a couple of years being a guard, he switched careers and became a detective, one that has never successfully solved any crimes yet. Seeing as detective Espinoza didn't go through the portal with the rest of the gang, Lucifer decided to pass on the name Detective douche to Flash. " Anyway, I came by to see if the photos from my crime were ready."

" They are, but I don't know what you're going to find with photos of Twilights bedroom and bathroom." Ella held up photos that were obviously not meant to be found in the forensic lab, at which point Lucifer snatched them up before Flash could.

" Well, well. Who would've guessed that detective douche was a peeping Tom? I wonder what Twilight would think of this?" At this point, Flash zipped to Lucifers hand and took the photos from him.

" Those weren't supposed to be in there!"

" Well, obviously those photos were meant to be above your bed with the others so you could wank off to them."

" Okay enough of this." Chloe decided to come in at that moment to give more details about the case. " It looks like our Vic was more than just an Ambassador between the kingdoms. It looks like he had a little side job in Canterlot." Decker pulled a few pictures of the Vic with a different mare in each photo, giving him money. " Our mister Juice was a high-end male prostitute that specialized in turning into whatever the customer wanted."

" Sounds kinda like Lucifer over here." This got a chuckle from the majority of the people in the room.

" What? This Beetle and I are nothing alike. He pretends to be someone else to make it with the ladies, whereas I only need to be my own charming self." He gave off his signature smile to prove to all in the room he was right.

" I don't know, seems like he awakens their deep desire to be with someone." Now Deckard started throwing verbal jabs.

" He only unlocks a minor physical desire while I reveal their deep desires. Like detective Douches Alicorn fetish." Flash had just about enough of everyone in the room and stormed out with a grunt.

" Anyway, back to our Vic. It seems he worked for a mare by the name of Fleur De Lis. She runs the local strip club called 'The Vanilla Unicorn' near the edge of the city."

" Oh my god, isn't that Fancy Pants' wife? I thought the show said she was just a model?"

" It seems they can't put everything in the show, Miss Lopez. If they did, it would most likely turn from children's programming to a snuff film. Actually, that might not be a bad idea. Wonder where I can get me a camcorder?"

" Forgoing the possibility of you opening up another San Fernando Valley, I think we should have a talk with Mrs. De Lis at her establishment."

" Yes, good idea detective. I'll be sure to bring plenty of singles before our official interrogation." Chloe just rolled her eyes as they both left out the door, leaving Ella to her work on the case.

With a lead in the case, they headed towards the Vanilla Unicorn to hopefully solve the murder. While they were walking Lucifer had this little snippet. " Why would anyone go to a strip club if everyone around them is almost always naked?" Chloe just kept on walking like she didn't even hear him. " Maybe it's the reverse and their putting clothes on slowly?"