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Walking the Dusty trail. · 6:07pm August 3rd

Last week, we lost the bass player of one of the most famous Rock bands to come out of Texas. That's right, Dusty Hill has passed away and we will miss him. 72. Hope I live that long.

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100 · 1:28am April 5th

A few days ago, I gained 100 followers. I consider myself a humble man most of the time, but I am pretty proud of this. So, I would like to thank the first person to follow me, AeroLiger, and the person to make it a hundred, SOG AVENGER 225. I want to thank you guys for the following, and for believing in my writing abilities, or lack thereof.

So, here's a few clips to celebrate.

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This might work. · 4:27am February 25th

I was skimming through YouTube out of boredom when I came across an old commercial that may land me a date.

There's only a couple of problems I see in this scenario. One, I'm not catholic or a churchgoer. Two, I doubt any priest would be that gullible, but one can hope.

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Getting rid of a story. · 2:29am Sep 14th, 2020

This is just to inform everyone who might be confused when it comes to my story count. Rather than keep a canceled story and be reminded of a failure, I deleted the canceled story 'The Ghost and the Darkness'. That's, that's all I really wanted to say.

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Sad news. · 12:46am Jul 29th, 2020

Everyone, I have some bad news. I found out today, that a friend and co-worker of mine, has died the previous night. I don't want this to sound ill-willed, but she died from an overdose. I don't know what of, but her heart gave out after a while. I knew her well and will miss her around the workplace.

On a message to all, please don't use drugs and don't drink yourself to death. Don't wind up like my friend, who left this world with two children without their mother.

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Another possible cancelation · 5:42pm Jun 7th, 2020

I have been wrestling with my third story, The Ghost and the Darkness, and I'm wondering if I should just cancel it. I'll let you guys determine that with feedback. In truth, I want to continue the story, but I just don't feel it most days.

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A quarter of a century. · 6:39pm May 16th, 2020

Well, today is my birthday and I just turned twenty-five. How am I spending said birthday during these times? By writing this blog and continuing with my stories. Oh, and three-quarters of a bottle of jager.

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Is this a good idea? · 2:14am Apr 29th, 2020

So, I have this idea to introduce a character from a successful novel series and have him as a buddy for the main character in my story. Question is, should I do it, and if so, would it be considered plagiarism?

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Good/bad news. · 4:31am Apr 19th, 2020

The good news for me is that I went back to work and started making money again. The bad news for everyone is that I will have less time to work on my stories. To be honest, I like the fact I'm working again, still can't get drunk around a fire with friends, but I'm hoping this whole social distancing thing ends within a month or two.

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Coronavirus and why it sucks. · 1:12am Apr 11th, 2020

Here are some things I hate about this virus scare. The first of which is that my job is getting less business. Second, people are hoarding toilet paper, water, and other things that normal people wouldn't normally hoard. The third and final reason I hate this shit-storm is social distancing, now I can't go over to a friends house and get drunk off my ass around a nice bonfire. Sure I can get drunk at home, but there's no one to listen to me when I have something important to say.

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