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A thousand years ago, Luna tried to create a new country where ponies could live under the strength of the moon. Her sister Celestia tried to stop her, saying that it would destroy the Equestria they lived in, but Luna didn't listen. A few years later a war erupted between Equestria and Luna's Moonlight Kingdom. When the dust settled, neither alicorn stood standing, and Equestria became locked in the dusk that the battle was fought in. That was one story that was told of Equestria, one whose fate is said to lead to tragedy...

... but it is one that no longer exists, and would never be known.

In the present, the sun and moon still shine high in Equestria's sky. Celestia and Luna some decades ago gave the throne to Twilight, and in time she shaped Equestria into a country even stronger then before. Yet even then, the sudden disappearance of both the old matriarchs and the leaders of the Crystal Empire has caused unwanted friction. Things stay at peace despite this, and for all ponies know the future is bright and beautiful.

Then one day a young pegasus by the name of Luminous strolled into Canterlot looking for a dear friend. No one knew the mare, no one had ever seen her before, and for unknown reasons she had no cutie mark. What is known, is that was the day everything started going downhill. Forces from times long gone, unknown horrors that ponykind has never seen, and another timeline abandoned and broken.

History seems doomed to repeat itself, that is but fact. We can't go back to how things are, and can't be stuck in the past. The only choice available now is to see what the future holds, and hope Equestria stands strong when no future was determined for it.

This is a reworking of an old series that I was writing back in 2016 called Descendants of the Night. You can still find that on here, but be warned that things in that story will seem drastically different from the one you will see here.

Cover art by Little Tigress

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 5 )

This was real interesting, the entire time. Nicely written, and I love the little romance factor. :twilightsmile:
I noticed a few places where there were tiny slip ups, like somewhere it said, '..wasn't a very protective person' when it probably should have been pony.. but very, very minor things.
I truly enjoyed reading this, good work! :raritywink:

oh doy, I'll fix that right away. Glad to here you enjoyed it though.
This has basically been my baby for the past three weeks, and I'm so happy it's receiving good reception at the current moment.

Hmm Equestria has fallen to a self-righteous evil overlord, Flurry Heart desires to murder her aunt out of her own preconceived notion and has aligned with her parents worse enemies and a short lived golden age of peace, prosperity and tolerance comes crashing down in flames.

Well it certainly lives up to the dark and tragedy tags.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Silvia would have a bit of a rougher voice, though not scratchy like RD.
Luminous has a lower voice. Think like Lilith from the Borderlands series.
Arcane is alternate dimension Sombra, so they sound exactly the same.
And Gabriel has one a lot like Duke Slava from Might and Magic Heroes VI

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