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This story is a sequel to Fears of Bygone Eras

It started as an innocent trip to visit a friend in Canterlot. It has led to Queen Twilight's death.

As Aurora Oracle claims Equestria as hers for the first time in centuries, the world starts to unravel. Changes in leadership, uncertainty about the usurper's cause, and history long since blotted from books returning into the public eye. All of it has made it clear that someway, somehow, a war will ignite, but how soon it will remains uncertain to those outside of Equestria. While some do their utmost to prevent complete disaster, others prepare for the inevitable.

After all, war is coming to Equestria. It is simply a matter of who will ignite the flame.

This is a direct sequel to Fears of Bygone Eras. It is preferred to read it before reading Vessel.

Thanks to my friend Sabr3cat for proofreading these chapters for me.

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Throughout her entire life, Lysithea von Ordelia had always been pushing herself to do as much as she could. She didn’t have the time to lay around, after all, with the shortened lifespan her two crests gave her. This shortened life caused her to forsake many things in the name of pushing herself to greater hights, including her childhood.

However, when she finally passed away, she suddenly found herself given a second chance to enjoy life. Born as the twin sister to Twilight Sparkle, Lysithea plans to use her lease on life to the fullest. In doing so, she might just be able to find out what it is to enjoy life, and maybe show young Twilight there is more to life than books in the process.

Spoilers for the Verdant Wind route.

Cover was made by Little Tigress

and apparently I'm featured... wait what?

7/8/2020 - If some of you are curious as to the drought in uploads, news about it is here

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A thousand years ago, Luna tried to create a new country where ponies could live under the strength of the moon. Her sister Celestia tried to stop her, saying that it would destroy the Equestria they lived in, but Luna didn't listen. A few years later a war erupted between Equestria and Luna's Moonlight Kingdom. When the dust settled, neither alicorn stood standing, and Equestria became locked in the dusk that the battle was fought in. That was one story that was told of Equestria, one whose fate is said to lead to tragedy...

... but it is one that no longer exists, and would never be known.

In the present, the sun and moon still shine high in Equestria's sky. Celestia and Luna some decades ago gave the throne to Twilight, and in time she shaped Equestria into a country even stronger then before. Yet even then, the sudden disappearance of both the old matriarchs and the leaders of the Crystal Empire has caused unwanted friction. Things stay at peace despite this, and for all ponies know the future is bright and beautiful.

Then one day a young pegasus by the name of Luminous strolled into Canterlot looking for a dear friend. No one knew the mare, no one had ever seen her before, and for unknown reasons she had no cutie mark. What is known, is that was the day everything started going downhill. Forces from times long gone, unknown horrors that ponykind has never seen, and another timeline abandoned and broken.

History seems doomed to repeat itself, that is but fact. We can't go back to how things are, and can't be stuck in the past. The only choice available now is to see what the future holds, and hope Equestria stands strong when no future was determined for it.

This is a reworking of an old series that I was writing back in 2016 called Descendants of the Night. You can still find that on here, but be warned that things in that story will seem drastically different from the one you will see here.

Cover art by Little Tigress

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Celestia is for some reason a Galarian Ponyta. Obviously, Luna blames Discord.

Warning: Low-effort comedy

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Celestia was too confident when she tried to fight Chrysalis, and the people have started to loss there belief in her. She hoped that she would have enough time to recover before the next threat appeared, but she was wrong. With no one to defend Twilight in case things turn to the worse, Luna is forced to find those capable and familiar with the threat at hoof.

The good news is she found help from Eorzea's greatest Free Company. The bad news is that Company's so-named "Warriors of Light" are not happy about being dragged into it all.

Hey, at least they seem to know what they're doing, right?

Major Spoilers for Final Fantasy XIV up until 3.4.
Takes place at the start of season 3

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Equestria, a place where every week a new crazy thing shows up to terrorize the citizenry while the power of friendship does its thing and saves the day. For Celestia, these are just your typical thursday afternoons whenever Prince Blueblood shows up to complain about something stupidly unimportant. That was until a girl caused a hole in reality and landed on said prince in the throne room one day. That girl is Neptune, CPU of Planeptune and constant suspect to being teleported to whatever dimension fate wanted. Thankfully this time her friends get to her quickly, but Neptune's role as "honorary protagonist" isn't going to stop the chaos yet to come.

In time, Equestria will find themselves dealing with teenage girls with massive weapons, old hags who just won't go away, the daily maniacal villain, Iris Heart, cultural barriers that should not exist, four broken walls, the possible new CPU, and Discord sticking his nose in every little thing.

In other words, these are just normal days in Equestrian life, with 100% more Nep of course.

Rate T for Total Neptune experience

The Neptunia series is owned by Idea Factory

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One day, Fluttershy finds a strange looking seal in a nearby lake. The next, she finds a small yellow rat that can create mass amounts of electricity. As the days went on more and more started showing up, all of which seeming lost and scared. It didn’t take somepony like her long to realize that these animals were different from those she usually saw, and had no idea where they are. Of course, when a creature is in need Fluttershy knows what to do.

Hopefully she can find enough room for all these strange creatures.

This is something very different from what I usually write, but I think we can all agree the best part about fanfiction is that you can take it as seriously as you want. Besides, what’s wrong with doing something different?

Pokemon is owned by Game Freak

May contain spoilers for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

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This story is a sequel to Descendant of the Night: Beginnings

An Equestria in absolutely darkness, with neither a sun or moon in the sky. All of this is the result of events long ago which shatter Equestria apart, both alicorn princesses dying in the process. However, another force was in work at that time, creating ponies known as paradoxes to suddenly appear. The souls of ponies from another reality, never born due to a shift in history, and events that were never suppose to occur. All of this goes unknown to those in the great cities of Canterlot, the Lunar Republic's Drifting Garden, and the Solar Empire's Grand City. At least, it was meant to.

Psyche and Luminous: both paradoxes with a connection neither understand wishing for two different realities. The first wants the world to return to what it was before the princesses died. The other wanting to move forward with no concern of the past. As both wish to reach their goals, they put the lives of Equestria at higher stakes than expected. Untold horrors of this lightless Equestria make themselves known, and Luminous wishes to forget a past mistake that has haunted her entire life.

The only thing they can do is hold true to their beliefs and perspectives, keep their friends and allies close, and not let the past slip away. If the warning of a former tyrant is anything to go by, a greater responsibility than any of them understand is about to make itself clear.

I am reworking this entire story, and while most things in it might stay, know that things may differ for the version yet to come.

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After waking up in the garden of an unknown castle, Ultimate Mail Carrier Ditzy Do finds herself trapped with fifteen other Ultimates by a strange bear named Monokuma. According to him there is only one way to leave the castle: kill someone and get away with it in a trial. Ditzy now must work with those she's stuck with and solve the murder of those unlucky. Will she be able to stop the murderers from getting free, or will the blackened get the best of them?

This is a reworking of my story Danganronpa: Equestrian Despair.

Danganronpa belongs to Spike Chunsoft

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In the year 2673, four centuries after mankind ascended to the stars, the Galactic Alliance made first contact on the planet of Equis. Unlike the concern of war that had come with mankind, however, a friendship quickly blooms between the races of Equis and the GA. This very friendship brings an influx of new and advance technology to the planet, as they help in getting the many intelligent races ready to set off. Five years later, 2678, ponykind and the other races of Equis head for the stars, greeted openly by most civilizations that they meet. Sadly, not everything ends up as happy as many of first fliers expected.

Pilot Armaros Rose, known under the bounty hunter alias of Death Waltz, finds himself stirring the pot of an four centuries old conflict. During a mission, he finds himself suddenly taking care of the now mortal being of pure magic known as Lileith. Soon, bounty hunters and other sorts of unfriendly folk come after him trying to take Lileith's extraordinary power for themselves. When it becomes clear tension is igniting between some of the races upon her discovery, Pilot finds himself fighting for his life to trying and stop a war ready to spark.

To do that, he'll need a team. A team he can rely on...

This is in someways a imagining of a long deleted story I had on this site, but with a new plot. I've been wanting to bring it back for a while, and I'm glad to finally be able to.

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