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I hate the sadness that flows through everything these days. How silly it is, then, for me to find joy in writing tragedies.

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Same energy.

Where is Galaria?

there britan good ol london

If and when I get Sword and Shield, (not at launch) I now know what to call my first “Malarian Ponyla.”


If it's anything like the other games being based on places in the real world... Galar it's basically Great Britain.

Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh are all basically Japan.

Alola is Hawaii.

Kalos is France.

Unova is based on New York.

Just wait until Galarian Rapidash shows up with wings because the Ponyta already has a horn. Then we can make "Celestia is a Pokemon now" jokes. We already had Keldeo...


Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh are all basically Japan.

Specific different parts of Japan, I should add. Because the geography always matches even if it's sometimes rotated (Galar is upside down, for instance).

And on that geographical match, guess where those ruins with one of the few Ghost Pokemon stated to be ex-humans live? Yeah, wild Yamask are victims of the in-universe equivalent of 9/11.


I am proud of you for this xD

Heck if Galarian Rapidash actually looks like an alicorn you could make a sequel

I have seen so many people compare Galarian Ponyta to Celestia... I am still amused

No, please don't give my brain any more ideas

Nopony really noticed a difference.

That part was the icing on the cake.

Mwa ha ha ha too late :pinkiecrazy:

If the shiny one looks like Luna. I will laugh hard. XD

The big thing I'm looking forward to seeing if Game Freak follows through on, is if SwSh mentions the Kalosian War 3000 years in the lore's past. Seeing as Galar is Great Britain, and Kalos is France, and GB and France have historically not been on the best of terms with each other, I'm hoping to see that the region Kalos was at war with back then is confirmed to be Galar. That would be some good world-building followup.

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