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Just a person who loves reading every story he can get his hands on, and may just try out writing himself one of these days. Warning, zaniness ahead!

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Thanks for giving Woundsalt a little love!

1875041 Reading the entire series right now, I'll comment on both extant stories when done. Suffice to say the series is awesome, references far too many things I love, and the entire premise is amazing. Can't say more right now, in 'Read It All' mode.

Thank you for your fav on across the sea of time! I would love to know why you like it, and please feel free to comment any thoughts you have, good or bad.

939809 I only really got around to following people a week or so ago, but I love the MtG/MLP crossovers you do, so it makes sense for you to be so; I'll have to start using the social features more, though.
(for example, I just got around to picking an avatar)

Wow, I'm your second watched writer? I'm honored! :pinkiehappy:

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