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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.


This story is a sequel to Phoenix Wright - Turnabout Storm!

Twilight Sparkle and Phoenix Wright. A human and a pony. A lawyer and a unicorn. The unlikeliest of couples, their bond was forged and tested in the trials of Turnabout Storm. The storm passed, but their feelings for each other did not, even after Phoenix went home. How far will Twilight go to see him again? Is what they feel real, or merely a magical artifact? Is it even possible for man and mare to be mates? Can they be together, or are the differences and distances between them simply too great...?

DISCLAIMER: This story makes no claim of endorsement by or affiliation with the original Turnabout Storm production, or being in any way official. It's a continuation to the unofficial novelization, not the original videos themselves.

This is a T-rated version of The Lawyer and The Unicorn (M-rated version) available through my story page. The M-rated version adds a great deal of adult content! If you wish to read it, its introductory blog is here: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/475549/the-great-ship-sets-sail

Writer: Firesight (firesight72@hotmail.com)
Co-writer: Leo Archon
Prereaders/Editors: AJ_Aficionado, SilentwoodFire, ClaytonTheHunter, EbonHaste, James CyberLink

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Nice work on Firefly!

What the fuck is this and how can i destroy it


In some ways, I agree. It’s not as interesting without the sex. But giving the people what they wanted...


If you think Twilight’s brain stopped working now, you’ve seen what happened later with Celestia! :pinkiegasp:


Thanks! You’ll see more of her shortly.

geese where was notifications i dident even know you posted this?

Comment posted by Firesight deleted May 25th, 2018


Apologies. But it’s up now, and I’m attempting to release new chapters at the rate of one per day.

OW I absent blaming you i was more blaming the site because I Dident get any notification or maby it Dident tell me I don’t know but yeah sorry about the mix up.

She grinned. “And when did the two of them start mating? Before or after her aura changed color?”

It was, both Phoenix and Mia realized, a good question. If Shadowmoon answered the latter, Nightmare would claim that Luna did, in fact, magically manipulate the two into mating.

But to the relief of both, Shadowmoon simply smiled. “Before.

already said that didn’t appear until after the pair had started!” he repeated, annoyed.

Continuity error


[reads and rereads the passages several times in context to make sure]. There’s no error. Consider:

  1. In response to the first question, he said they started having sex before her mating aura was seen.
  2. He then asserted in response to a second question that her mating aura appeared after they had already started having sex.

Those two statements are, I believe, congruent?

:raritystarry:dis gunna be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!:raritystarry:

I have one OBJECTION! to how the trial played out... At first it was going to be 12 chapters, but it turned out to be 11... why?


Ah. the reason is that the 12th chapter was a heavily adult chapter that took place between The Heart's Turnabout - Parts 5 and 6. It was a flashback chapter that showed exactly what took place the night of the party in Equestria that nobody could remember afterwards. Nobody except for Rarity, that was, as it was shown through her eyes using Luna's powers to bring memories to life in dreams. I started to edit it at some point but then realized that there wouldn't be much left of it afterwards. So I cut it completely and modified the following chapter to explain what it showed.

If you want, I'll try to turn it T-rated, but there wouldn't be much more than a couple thousand words of it left after.

Oh, ok. I was just curious about this discrepancy. Don't feel like you have to do that for me.:pinkiehappy:

I think you just did…”


*deep breath* SEQUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please?

Huge thanks for making a T-rated version! I usually have the filter on since I don't really care for most M-rated stories, but I'm super glad I found this one in the popular stories box! This was an amazing read, one that kept me awake at night when I just couldn't stop reading.

Thanks for the ride!

I think that if you make a sequel it should be about Phoenix and Twilight’s kids. I don’t know if you take suggestions but it would be cool if in the sequel Discord goes to the past to ruin Phoenix’s future so his kids go back in time to prevent Discord from messing with the past. I don’t know if it would be something that you would like to do but I would totally read it if you do. I would understand if you don’t want to. Just a thought.



Sounds like we have a winner!


*deep breath*SEQUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please?

Sequels are planned! :pinkiehappy: But if you want more verse-related stuff in the meantime, check out my Firefly stories if you haven't already.

TBefore the Storm: The Rise of Firefly
Before the Wonderbolts, there were the Bolt Knights. And before Rainbow Dash, there was Firefly. The story of Rainbow Dash's ancestor, the origin of the Wonderbolts, and the coming of the Great Pony/Gryphon War.
Firesight · 260k words  ·  383  20 · 5.2k views
TInto the Storm: The Flight of Firefly
Before the Wonderbolts, there were the Bolt Knights. And before Rainbow Dash, there was Firefly. The story of Rainbow Dash's ancestor, the founding of the Wonderbolts, and the outbreak of the Great Pony/Gryphon War.
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You're very welcome! Future sequels will probably involve one M-rated story instead of separate ones but they'll have separate T-rated and M-rated chapters where applicable.


It's an interesting idea to be sure, but we do already have most of the future of this verse sketched out, and the question of children will be addressed eventually. As for Discord, you'll certainly hear from him over time. It's even possible he'll decide to come and check out earth himself at some point. Heaven help us even if he's reformed... :unsuresweetie:

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Just a quick question when will the sequel come out? I’m not trying to be rude or anything.


Because it’s Groundhog Day and you have to endlessly relive it!


I don’t think there’s any way to exorcise Pinkie Pie!


You should see the debate that erupted in the M-rated version of the chapter over this!


She has literally been all of those at one point or another in this verse! And in the M-rated version, the last emerges again for a time... :pinkiegasp:


Don’t worry, many more will follow!

He was there to be hated. And judging by the comments on the M-rated version, he was!


Trixie should really know better than to ask questions like that!


It wouldn’t be an Ace Attorney trial unless he did! :rainbowdetermined2:


D’aw indeed. Glad you enjoyed the trial!


Feel the burn! Celly does get a little full of herself sometimes. But that’s when all-powerful angels step in to give her a lesson in humility... :trollestia:


Like, when you’re ending an enjoyable vacation? I’ll take that as compliment. Likewise the fact that you pretty much devoured this story in the space of just two days after finishing Turnabout Storm. Thanks for all the comments, and glad you enjoyed the ride! :pinkiehappy:


Appreciated! And same to you!

This is my first time reading TLATU from the beginning, and I must admit that you've done a good job of characterization. Good work.

BTW, a tiny typo:

Maya made a point to order the most-meat laden dish she could

Move the hyphen:
Maya made a point to order the most meat-laden dish she could

Trivia: do you know that IRL, horses can eat meat? It just can't be too fatty, and they can't eat much.


I’m glad! And I fixed the typo. Not often I misplace a hyphen like that.

Indeed I did know that. I’ve seen videos of it. I also remember video of a wild deer coming up to a picnic table and eating cut-up steak right out of the hand of someone offering her a handout. Apparently, horses will eat fish and carrion; perhaps they do so to address certain nutritional needs. Here, though... as Celestia says, a human body = human food needs. So they eat meat as humans, and then perhaps some of that does carry over as ponies later.

Thanks for checking in and glad you enjoyed!

To be clear, my comment was prompted more by Twilight's admission that she tried Griffin food.

Great… I’m turning Twilight on to MEAT! Phoenix winced as he watched them eat

Who had that thought, Phoenix or Maya?

Twilight wasn’t certain why Celestia had looked over at her, given she’d seen neither hide nor blue hair of the Moon Princess since her purification. “So I take it you’ve been to this city before, Princess?” Phoenix asked as Twilight bit into a surprisingly flaky and tasty, spinach-stuffed pastry. Wow… they really DO have good food here… she thought as she chewed the unfamiliar delicacy.

Change POV, change paragraph. This paragraph should be three.

A good work of worldbuilding. It's clear that you've done at least some research. And I don't care about what others may say; this version of the story is good on its own merits.

One more thing:

If only Luna had been there then, she wouldst never have allowed it to happen...

Can you spot the error?


A good work of worldbuilding. It's clear that you've done at least some research. And I don't care about what others may say; this version of the story is good on its own merits.

I really appreciate you saying so, thanks. I hope the rest of the story is enjoyable for you as well.

If only Luna had been there then, she wouldst never have allowed it to happen...

Can you spot the error?

Thanks to your earlier lessons on ye olde English, I can now. Fixed.

"Nadir"? Don't you mean "climax"? Memory serving, a nadir is a low point, and we are nearing the tipping point of the trial.

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