• Published 7th Jan 2012
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Phoenix Wright - Turnabout Storm! - Firesight

A famous racer is found dead in the Everfree, and Rainbow Dash stands accused of his murder. Can an Ace Attorney from another world uncover the truth and prove her innocent, or will Rainbow Dash be banished to the sun for a crime she didn't commit?

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Part 2 - Interview with the Accused

June 9th, 10:05 PM

Phoenix walked alongside Twilight to the Detention Center, a bit uncomfortable at the attention he was receiving from other Ponyville residents. “I’ve never felt like such a minority in my life!” he whined as they neared their destination.

“Oh, come on, Mister Wright. It wasn’t that bad!” Twilight suggested as she walked beside him.

He gave her an incredulous look. “All those ponies were gawking at me the whole way here!” Still feeling out of place, he glanced back over his shoulder only to see even more ponies staring at and whispering to each other about him.

“Mister Wright, humans have almost never been seen in all of Equestria,” she said solemnly. “In fact you may be the first one in Ponyville! You should be honored!

Honored? Strolling around a facsimile of a Swiss village infested with candy-colored equines? Yeah, I’d feel honored if I was... oh, I don’t know. A FIVE YEAR OLD GIRL! he silently groused. “So how did you know I was a human?”

“I read a lot!” she answered eagerly. “I’ve read almost every book in my library five times over and I’m familiar with a lot of different species: Gryphons, Minotaurs, Hippogrifs, Harpies, et cetera, et cetera!”

Wait?! You’re telling me she's read every book in that gigantic library FIVE TIMES?! he thought in disbelief.

“Anyway, we’re here, Phoenix!”

Snapped out of his thoughts, Phoenix had no sooner looked up to see the Detention Center then the pair were greeted by two pony sentries, one black and one white, each wearing armor and headgear that made them look like the equine equivalent of Roman soldiers. Phoenix barely had time to register their presence before the first one spoke out.

Halt! Only a lawyer can enter the Detention Center!” the white-furred pony guard held up a hoof and announced in a thick, royal-sounding accent. A stallion, he was much bigger and brawnier than Twilight, his head at the level of Phoenix’s chest.

Twilight gave Phoenix a little shove forward with her magic. “Well, go on!”

He gave her a momentary glare before looking back at the two guards, who seemed anything but impressed by him. “Uh… hey guys. I’m a lawyer.”

“Identification!” This time, the equally large black stallion spoke, snapping out the order in a very gruff voice.

“Ah—right here!” Phoenix reached into his inner jacket pocket and pulled out a familiar and treasured object: An ornate silver medallion with a raised edge and a recessed symbol of judicial scales in the center. Never leave home without it! he thought, proudly showing his defense attorney badge to the two guards.

“What is that?” the white pony guard asked, looking at the odd artifact the bipedal creature was presenting.

“Is that a toy? You look a little old to be playing with toys,” the black pony guard said sarcastically, sounding a bit irritated.

Next time, I’m leaving it at home! an embarrassed Phoenix thought.

“You cannot pass without valid Equestrian Identification,” the white pony informed him.

“But I don’t have any!”

“Then beat it, spiky!” the black pony dismissed him, shoving him back with a hoof to the chest and barring his entrance.

Frustrated, Phoenix turned to Twilight, who was watching from further back. “Twilight, they’re not letting me in!”

“Oh! I forgot, Mister Wright. I was supposed to pass you this,” she replied, floating him an odd object. “The princess ordered me to give you this earlier today. It’s a permit to defend in Equestria.”

“I see. Wait…” Phoenix’s brow furrowed, his suspicions instantly rekindled. “I thought you ‘accidentally’ brought me here. How could your princess have had that prepared for me?” he demanded to know, not immediately taking the item.

Twilight appeared to briefly panic again before coming up with an explanation—or was it an excuse? “O-oh! Um… what I meant was, I had my assistant Spike prepare it before we left,” she offered quickly.

He gave her an askance look. “Spike? I didn’t see anyone else in that library,” he pointed out, more suspicious than ever.

“He was sleeping. It’s late as you can see; I had to wake him up and have him prepare it. That’s why it took a little while to leave. I’ll properly introduce you to him later,” she spoke quickly, giving Phoenix the distinct impression she was trying to deny him the chance to interject again.

Despite that, he did so anyway. “You prepared a permit in twenty minutes? I find that a little fishy.”

Frustrated, Twilight thrust the badge into his hand with her magic, cutting off any further discussion. “Save your questions for my friend—just take the badge, Mister Wright!”

This isn’t helping me accept your request, you know! Phoenix growled at her with his thoughts, examining the pink and frilly object she had left in his hand. “A heart,” he said as he recognized its shape and effeminate color. I feel my masculinity going… going… gone!

Twilight grabbed his attention back. “Come on, hurry up, Mister Wright! Visiting hours are almost over!” she reminded him, motioning up at the clock in front of the Detention Center.

Reluctantly, Phoenix went back to the two guards. “Okay, guys. Here it is?” he said as he flashed the heart-shaped pink pendant. This is so degrading!

“Permission granted. You may enter,” the two armored ponies announced in unison, stepping aside to allow him access, though Phoenix thought he caught a smirk from both of them as they saw the supposed badge.

Both relieved and embarrassed, Phoenix turned back to Twilight. “Phew. Alrighty! I’ve done my part, Twilight. You can go and speak with your friend now,” he invited, motioning her forward.

But Twilight stayed where she was, sitting back and looking down at her hooves apologetically. “Sorry, Phoenix.”

“Sorry? About what?” Phoenix gave her a confused look.

“I’m not allowed in. Only attorneys are allowed to speak with the suspects,” Twilight explained, leaving Phoenix with a sinking feeling in his gut as the two guards nodded, confirming her words.

“But you said—“ he began to sputter as he looked back to her.

“I know what I said!” Twilight cut him off in mid-sentence, having at least enough sense to look contrite. “And believe me, I’d love to talk to her, but I can’t. And it’d be better if you got all the details about the crime first to make your judgment.” She looked towards the building, sighing as she continued. “You have every right to be angry at me; all I ask now is that you please just hear her out. If you still don’t want to represent her after that…” She paused, as if making a hard decision, and then went downcast. “Then I swear to send you back to your world.”

“But... I…” Phoenix couldn’t continue, feeling trapped and not certain he could trust her, knowing that regardless of her veracity, if he did as she asked, he’d likely end up taking the case and wouldn’t back out until it was done. Should I really be doing this? Should I really be meddling in some other world’s affairs? he asked himself. Still, she’s clearly desperate. Maybe I should at least hear what this fuss is about? His decision made, Phoenix let out a huge sigh and gave his unicorn host the answer she wanted. “Fine.”

Twilight stood up on all fours, now wearing a huge smile on her face. “Thank you so much, Mister Wright!”

Ponyville Detention Center
June 9th, 10:15PM

Admitted by the guards, Phoenix was escorted back to a dimly lit room filled with cubicle cells separated by clear partitions and metal bars; looking around, he was surprised at how similar it appeared to the detention centers he knew back home. There were a couple other ponies and lawyers present, all giving him odd looks as he entered but otherwise paying him surprisingly little mind.

“Okay. So where is Twilight’s friend?” he wondered aloud as he scanned the cell blocks, looking for the numbered cubicle specified by the guards but belatedly realizing he had no idea what this ‘friend’ of hers looked like, or even what her name was. You’d think she’d have bothered to tell me that!

As he approached the indicated and initially unlit #6 cell, a voice within it called out to him. “HEY!!”

Startled, Phoenix jumped, not seeing the voice’s owner. “Huh?! What did I do?”

As he entered the cell, the lights came up, allowing him to see a striking and exotic-looking equine behind the cell partition: a winged pony with cyan fur and feathers paired with a prismatic mane and tail, looking at him through ruby-pink eyes. “I don’t think they allow animals in here; you should really get out before they toss you in here too!” the pony prisoner told him. Judging from the voice and the owner’s softer-looking features, he guessed the pony was female.

“Look, I’m not an animal, I’m a human being!” he corrected her, trying hard not to stare at her, wondering if her mane was naturally all those colors.

In response, the multicolored mare got a lopsided grin. “Oh, I’m not talking to you—I meant that THING on your head!” she said mischievously, her grin getting broader as she pointed at his hair with a hoof, earning some snickers from the other prisoners.

Despite still feeling out of place, Phoenix began to grind his teeth at that. If someone makes fun of my hair just ONE more time…!

“So, I’m guessing you’re my lawyer, huh?” the rainbow-maned pony asked, appraising him and drawing his attention back to her.

“Yes. Twilight Sparkle sent me,” Phoenix confirmed as he sat down on the too-low chair, but just after saying that, he caught himself. “Wait! No! I haven’t agreed to anything yet!” he protested as a guard behind him noted his discomfort and trotted up to hit a lever that raised his seat to a more comfortable height, earning a grateful nod.

The exotic equine rolled her eyes. “Geez, Twilight sure knows how to pick ‘em’!” she said in annoyance. “If you’re not here to represent me, then what are you doing here?”

“I just want information regarding the crime you are being accused of,” Phoenix stated, all business as he pulled out his pen and pad to take notes. “Let’s start off with your name.”

She was only too eager to give it. “I’m Rainbow Dash, the best flier in Ponyville! Soon to be a household name in all of Equestria! The line for my autograph starts right over there!” she boasted, pointing off to the side.

Phoenix was unimpressed. Twilight Sparkle? Rainbow Dash? Is it me or are their names starting to sound like flavors of ice cream? he couldn’t help but think, suddenly wondering if somewhere in Equestria there was a pony named Tutti Fruiti. “I’m Phoenix Wright. Best attorney in the... universe, apparently.” He introduced himself back.

“Phoenix, huh?” she looked up, tilting her head as she considered him. “Sweet name! But it could sound cooler…” she mused while studying his face.

“Uh… ‘cooler’?” Phoenix had a bad feeling about what was coming next.

“I think I’ll call you… ‘Nix’. That sounds cool!” she pronounced, satisfied.

Inwardly, Phoenix sighed. Another new name I can add to my nickname checklist! “Hmmm… so you’re an… earth pony, correct?” he guessed, but Rainbow Dash looked insulted at the question.

“What the HAY are you talking about? I’m not an earth pony! I’m a pegasus!” she corrected Phoenix, flaring her wings in emphasis while raising her voice at him.

“Uh… never mind that. So why are you here?” he asked, flustered. It’s kinda sad I couldn’t get down a book with twelve words!

“Well, I guess I could tell you all I know,” she offered, turning serious for the first time. “You see, last night, a pegasus named ‘Ace Swift’ was killed in the Everfree Forest.”

“Do you know anything about him?” Phoenix asked, jotting down the name and location, though he initially wrote the latter as ‘Neverfree’.

“Sure do! He was a hot shot racer expected to win the Equestrian 500!”

“’Equestrian 500’?” Phoenix prompted. Sounds like a car race.

“A grueling endurance test for pegasi, enduring a five-hundred mile marathon around Equestria. Ace Swift was the top pick to win the whole thing. Don’t worry, though!”

“Don’t worry? About what?” Phoenix had no idea what to make of the slightly nonsensical statement.

“I still would have won even if he were still alive! HA!” Rainbow enlightened him.

Phoenix could only rub his eyes at the gratuitous display of ego. “Let me guess: you were planning on entering that race as well?”

“Of course! The winner gets special lessons from The Wonderbolts!”

The human lawyer blinked at yet another unfamiliar name. “Who are ‘The Wonderbolts’?”

Rainbow’s mouth dropped open. “You don’t know who The Wonderbolts are? Have you been living under a rock or something?!”

“Hey, I’m new here, give me a break!” Phoenix countered, increasingly annoyed.

Rainbow Dash let out an exasperated sigh. “The Wonderbolts are only the most awesome ponies in all of Equestria! They’re the Princess’s personal aerial acrobatics team; the stunts they can do are like nine degrees of cool!” she squealed like a teenage fangirl as she remembered the performances she’d seen. “You see, I’ve been trying to get in their group forever and the Equestrian 500 is my ticket to show off my slick moves to them. I’d do anything to get that chance!”

Phoenix cringed at that. Thank you for effectively establishing a motive for yourself, Ms. Dash; this helps your case SO much! “So how did this Ace Swift guy die?” he asked, keeping the thought to himself.

“Pony,” Rainbow corrected.


“’How did this pony die?’ is what you mean, Nix,” she clarified.

Well, EXCUSE ME, I didn’t take ‘Hooked on Ponyics’! he thought sarcastically, but kept his growing irritation out of his voice. “The point is, how did he die?”

“How should I know? I didn’t do it!” Rainbow shrugged.

Phoenix was confused. “Then why did they take you in?”

The multicolored mare looked upset at that. “I just happened to be flying near the Everfree Forest that night… and then those chuckleheads burst in to my house and brought me in here saying I did it!” she raised her voice a bit, getting visibly angry at being accused. “They even said that they had lots of proof, but I would never do that to another pony!”

“They took you in, just like that?” A dubious Phoenix asked, thinking there had to be more to the story than what she was saying.

Rainbow Dash looked down at that, her cockiness suddenly gone. “Yeah. And they said they’re going to banish me.” Her lip quivered; for a moment there was genuine fear in her gaze.

“So I heard,” Phoenix replied, subdued.

“Everypony thinks I did it. Everypony!” she said, tearing up. “The Wonderbolts probably hate me now. But you believe me, don’t you, Nix?” she asked, all but begging him to say yes.

Though still uncertain, Phoenix obliged her. “Well… I guess. But not everyone thinks you did it.”

“Huh?” she gave him a tilt-headed look.

“Your friend Twilight seems to have faith in you. Otherwise I wouldn’t be in this mess,” he told her.

She smiled a bit at that. “Heh. You’re right, I guess. Twilight’s a real pal! But what do you mean by ‘mess’ anyway?”

Phoenix could only grimace at her question.. “Well, as you can probably already guess, I’m not from Equestria,” he motioned down at his decidedly not-equine body and unusual attire to make his point. “Your purple friend pulled me out of my world because she accidentally called upon ‘The Greatest Defense Attorney’. And that just happened to be me.”

Far from being sympathetic, Rainbow’s rose-colored eyes lit up at that. “AWESOME!!!! It’s only fitting that the best pegasus ever gets the best lawyer ever!” she boasted, putting her hoof on her chest again. “You were destined to defend me!”

Phoenix stared at her in disbelief. This one’s ego is larger than Detective Gumshoe’s appetite for instant noodles! he noted unfavorably, his thoughts going briefly to the poorly-paid and slightly slow police detective he often worked with back home.

“Nix, as much as I hate asking for help…” Rainbow continued, looking like she was gathering herself. “Can you pleeeeease be my defense attorney?” she begged, making at least some effort to appear cute and vulnerable, giving him a dewy-eyed plea.

Despite her not-insubstantial attempt at adorability and very real need, Phoenix hesitated. I do feel kind of sorry for her. I mean, it sounds like she’s telling the truth, and I want to say yes. But should I? “Well…” Just then Phoenix remembered something in his pocket. “Oh, wait a minute!” I believe her, but I need to be sure.

With that, Phoenix took out his Magatama: a small, comma-shaped green gemstone originally given to him by Maya. Functioning as his own personal lie detector, it enabled him to tell if someone was keeping secrets in their heart from him.

“Is that a toy? You look a little old to be playing with toys, Nix,” Rainbow teased, looking at the strange green amulet her human lawyer was holding.

Phoenix ignored the barb. “Listen closely, Rainbow Dash. I’m going to ask you a question, and I want you to tell me the absolute 100% truth!” he instructed her, holding the artifact right in front of her, mentally rehearsing his next statement before speaking it to make sure he didn’t leave any wiggle room in the answer as had happened with his previous case. “Did you have anything to do with the death of Ace Swift?”

Rainbow reacted with fury to the question, rearing up to slam her hooves down hard into the clear partition, rattling it surprisingly hard and making Phoenix flinch backwards. “I told you, I DIDN’T KILL ANYPONY!” she shouted, very upset.

Phoenix waited for something to happen with the Magatama… but nothing did.

“Huh?” Rainbow looked at the suddenly silent Phoenix in some confusion.

Nothing. It’s certain then—she really didn’t do it! he realized, and with that, his mind was made up. “Okay, Rainbow Dash,” he began, stowing the artifact back in his inner jacket pocket.

“What? Why did you go all quiet there, Nix?” she asked him, confused.

“I’ve decided to take your case, Rainbow. I trust you,” he announced, standing up a little straighter before his new client.

With that, Rainbow Dash’s rose-colored eye’s instantly lit up. “YES! Alright! I know you can do it, Nix!” she cheered, giving a hoof pump as she finally got her defense attorney.

“I suppose the first thing I should do is investigate the scene of the crime for evidence to prove your innocence. Where was it again?” he asked her idly, rechecking his notes for the answer.

“A clearing in the Everfree Forest,” she reminded him.

“’Everfree Forest’?” he repeated, hastily correcting the misspelling on his notes.

“Yeah, Twilight can show you the way. It’s about fifteen minutes from Fluttershy’s house.”

“’Fluttershy’,” he repeated, hearing yet another unfamiliar name. Probably another pony. “Well, I best be off, then.”

“Good luck, Nix! And thanks again! You may look a little strange, but you’re okay in my book!” she commented.

Phoenix gave her a disbelieving look despite her complimentary tone. I look a little strange?! Coming from the ‘Roy G Biv’ pony with wings, you look strange even by PONYVILLE standards! “Oh! Right, there was one more question I wanted to ask you,” he remembered, recalling something that had bothered him from earlier.

“Shoot!” She made a show of taking a relaxed stance, leaning back and putting her hooves behind her head.

Phoenix asked the one question he was certain a prosecutor would. “What were you doing near the scene of the crime anyway?”

Instead of answering, Rainbow Dash went suddenly nervous. “Uh…”

“Well?” Phoenix waited for a reply, noticing and frowning at her hesitation.

“I, uh, was practicing… for the Equestrian 500!” she finally answered. No sooner had she spoke those words than the Magatama reacted, causing his vision to go dark and revealing a series of clanking chains reaching out from the edges to surround his new client, fronted by three red padlocks:

“Yup, that’s what I was doing! Practicing for the big race!” she followed up, trying to sound certain.

Despite her attempt at evasion, Phoenix nodded grimly to himself, his suspicions confirmed. Psyche-locks. You’re a bad liar, Rainbow Dash! Even without this thing, I can tell you’re hiding something from me! “Look Rainbow Dash—if I’m going to be able to defend you, you’re going to need to be completely honest with me.”

“I told you twelve times already, I didn’t do it!” she insisted again, unaware of the phantom locks in front of her.

Phoenix shook his head. “I’m not saying you did it! I’m just wondering what you were doing near the scene of the crime?” he challenged, watching her closely.

“Uh… um… well… uh-oh!” Rainbow Dash struggled to find an excuse to not answer his question, finally coming up with a very weak one. “Looks like visiting hours are over! Catch ya’ later Nix!”

Hey! No they aren’t! There’s still five minutes left!” Phoenix called after her, but Rainbow Dash had already left out the back door, disappearing along with the locks and chains into the darkness. She’s gone? Oh, well; I probably need more information to pursue that any further anyway. As long as she didn’t do it, that’s all I need to know for now, he decided.

Putting his pen and notepad away, he got up to leave, intending to inform Twilight of his decision and begin an investigation to prove the poorly judged pony innocent of murder.

Just hope court trials work the same way here as they do back home!

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