• Published 7th Jan 2012
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Phoenix Wright - Turnabout Storm! - Firesight

A famous racer is found dead in the Everfree, and Rainbow Dash stands accused of his murder. Can an Ace Attorney from another world uncover the truth and prove her innocent, or will Rainbow Dash be banished to the sun for a crime she didn't commit?

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Part 1 - Search for an Attorney

Why did I become a lawyer in the first place? Because someone has to look out for the people who have no one on their side.

—Phoenix Wright, Turnabout Sisters

Phoenix Wright / My Little Pony FIM - Turnabout Storm [Part 1/4]

Wright & Co. Law Offices
Los Angeles, CA
June 9th, 9:43 PM

Mid-evening found Phoenix Wright, attorney-at-law, lounging in his office recliner doing some paperwork when his cellphone rang.

“Wright and Co. Law Offices, ‘defending you like it’s nuttin’, baby’!” Phoenix recited his slogan into the phone, hoping to be speaking to a prospective client. But as had been so often the case in recent weeks, he was disappointed. “No… sorry… I-I don’t need a vegetable dicer… I’m sure that… ugh!” He hung up when he realized he was speaking to an automated caller.

Disgusted, Phoenix turned his old-fashioned cellphone off and put it back in his pocket, mumbling to himself. “That stupid slogan Maya came up with must be making business this slow. I should really have it revised,” he grumbled to himself, rubbing the back of his head as he sat behind his desk. “Scratch that—I need to have it revised! What a ridiculous slogan! Who are we trying to attract, grade school students?” he wondered aloud, resolving to do so the next day and wondering how he would break the news to Maya, his teenage assistant, who was off having fun with her friends at a nearby music club.

“I guess it’s a good sign though. The less people in need of an attorney, the less problems there are in the world,” he mused, trying to look on the bright side. “Unfortunately, sunshine and smiles don’t pay the bills.” Then again, neither do my clients most of the time,he granted, doing much of his work pro bono while making the bulk of his money on the side in the poker rooms of various Los Angeles casinos, donning a sweatshirt and toboggan cap that was a far cry from his signature royal blue business suit to hide his identity when he played. He’d told nobody about that, not even Maya, though he suspected she knew he was doing something when she wasn’t around.

Phoenix stood up and stretched, feeling his shoulders crick. “Guess I can at least call it in early tonight,” he remarked to himself, deciding that with no cases or clients and all his chores taken care of, he’d spend the next day relaxing. But no sooner had he resolved to leave when he felt something very powerful grab hold of him, seizing him in an unseen grasp.

“ARGH!!!” he screamed, trying futilely to break free of the invisible force, an irresistible energy that seemed to be locked on to him alone. “W-what’s going on?!”

He tried to ward off the invisible attacker, only to find… “I can’t move my body!” he realized before he lost the ability to speak as well. Wait, is my hand fading away?!

His vision became darker and darker, the room fading before his eyes. Getting… dizzy… am I… dying?

His strength depleted, he fell unconscious, succumbing to the unknown force.

June 9th, 9:45PM

“Ughhhhh…” Phoenix let out a groan.

“Huh? Who the hay are you?!” an unfamiliar female voice broke the silence, ignoring his moan of pain.

Whose voice is that? he wondered to himself, still unable to see.

“For that matter, what the hay are you?” the voice added.

What the ‘hey’ am I? What kind of question is that? Does she mean my profession? he thought, more confused than ever.

“I wanted the best attorney in Equestria, not some… porcupine thing!

Despite his disorientation, Phoenix couldn’t help but grumble over the insult to his spiky, swept-back mane. Does my hair REALLY look like a porcupine? he silently groused, realizing he could move again. My paralysis is wearing off; I think I can open my eyes, he realized, and then slowly did so, only to be greeted by a much different place than his own office.

He was in a wide, multi-level room that looked like it had been hollowed out of the interior of a large tree. The space—a library?—was lined with well-stocked bookshelves seemingly carved directly out of the trunk; on the far end of the room was a loft with a bed topped with a star-studded bedspread that looked like it belonged to a child. “Huh? Where am I?” he asked, not recognizing his surroundings and wondering if he was dreaming or he’d taken a blow to the head.

He was given even more cause to wonder as a small purple horse with a darker-striped mane and a single spiral horn on its forehead entered his view with the sound of clopping hooves, standing on all fours before him. “Hey—you’re a human, aren’t you?” the equine asked in the same unfamiliar voice as before, studying him closely.

“Y-yeah, I’m a human,” he confirmed to the pastel-colored pony in front of him… at which point his common sense finally kicked in. “WAIT! WHAT?!”

“A human in Equestria? That’s amazing!” the small horse said, delighted and intrigued.

Phoenix gaped. “Y-YOU’RE A TALKING HORSE!!” he blurted out as he stumbled backwards in shock, completely unable to accept his surroundings, all of which seemed like something out of a fairy tale.

“Excuse me! I am not a horse! I happen to be a pony,” the equine corrected him with an offended air.

“Oh! Okay! A talking pony! That explains everything!” Phoenix retorted, still freaked out over the creature in front of him. “I must be in a dream. A really, really bad dream!” he told himself, clutching his head and closing his eyes to try to shut out the impossible sights before him.

The purple pony seemed almost amused at that. “I’m pretty sure you’re not, but just in case? Let’s conduct an experiment!” With that, her horn glowed and something poked Phoenix hard in the gut, making him flinch as if he’d been punched.

“OW! What was that for?!” Phoenix cried out as he doubled over from the surprisingly strong blow which he’d never seen coming, clutching his stomach and gaping at her. How did she DO that? Her hoof didn’t even move!

“You acknowledge pain! Therefore, that definitely means you aren’t dreaming,” she concluded with a satisfied grin. “And come on; I didn’t poke you that hard!”

Phoenix gave her a glare in spite of the pain in his gut and his confusion over what had just happened. This thing has a REALLY sick sense of humor!

Unaware of his thoughts, the purple pony observed him closely, cataloging his royal blue business suit and red tie. “Wait—are you a defense attorney?” she asked with a hopeful air.

“Of course I am!” he shouted, still clutching his midsection. Why am I talking to it?!

“Oh! Oops. My mistake,” the equine said with a sheepish grin, Phoenix finding her facial expressions surprisingly human.

“What do you mean ‘Oops’?” he asked, certain he wasn’t going to like the answer.

“Well, I was performing a spell to call upon ‘The Greatest Defense Attorney in Equestria’,” she began to explain, continuing to study him curiously.

“What’s ‘Equestria’?” Phoenix demanded to know, struggling to sit up, his gut still sore.

“The name of this country!” she replied brightly.

“But I’m not from this country!” he shouted at her, pounding his fists down on the wooden floor in frustration, which he noted appeared to be a cross-section of an enormous tree trunk, complete with tree rings and upon which some intricate lines of chalk had been drawn.

“I must have left out the ‘Equestria’ part when I cast the spell. I guess I called upon ‘The Greatest Defense Attorney’… period. Go figure, huh?” the equine offered with an embarrassed air.

Oh cosmos, you flatter me! he thought, deciding that there were certain honors he could do without. “Well can you please send me back? Like, right now?!”

“Sure thing!” she said agreeably, but stopped as if an idea had just occurred to her. “Actually, though—now that I think about it, this is perfect!”

Phoenix had a sinking feeling in his still-sore stomach. Oh, please don’t tell me this is going where I think it is!

“You see, I am in need of a really good defense attorney...”

Phoenix let out a long sigh. Aaaaaand it does go where I think it does.

“And well, you just happen to be here,” she continued, speaking as if it were sheer coincidence.

He gave her another glare. “Actually, you kidnapped me with your freaky magic, remember?” he reminded her pointedly. I didn’t consent to be brought here, you know!”

The pony gave a nervous laugh, her ears drooping as the truth of his words hit home. “Well, technically, I meant to call upon the greatest lawyer in Equestria, so I had no intent of kidnapping you specifically. So at worst, it’s just incidental kidnapping?” she offered weakly, then grimaced when she realized how that sounded. “Okay, that came out all wrong. Look, just please hear me out?”

“Not like I really have a choice, is there?” Phoenix winced as he touched his midsection again, realizing it was going to be tender for some time. And she said she DIDN’T hit me hard? “What do you need from me?”

The strange horse-like creature gave him a sympathetic look through her large, purple eyes. “Listen—I think we’ve both gotten off on the wrong hoof. So let me just ask directly: would you be willing to represent my friend in court?”

The human lawyer stared at her in disbelief. “Honestly, I’m still shocked that I’m talking to a purple hors—err, I mean, pony,” he caught himself. “Can you please just send me home, and get someone else to do it?”

The violet mare went downcast, visibly trying to find the right words to say. “Look, I know I don’t have any right to ask this, but if you're a defense attorney, I really need your help. My friend’s life is at stake here, and I'm out of other options to help her.”

Phoenix rubbed his eyes at that. “Let me just get my head together; this is a little too much for me!” he replied, sitting up as the pain in his gut receded. “First off, who are you, and where am I?”

“I should have introduced myself earlier, sorry.” She straightened up a bit before clearing her throat, though her answer only confused him more: “My name is Twilight Sparkle. I’m a disciple of Princess Celestia, who rules this land along with her sister Luna. I am chronicling the Magic of Friendship for her, and... you’re in the town of Ponyville!”

“’Celestia?’ ‘Magic of Friendship’? ‘Ponyville’?” he quoted, more bewildered than ever. “Wait a minute! Are you saying there are more talking ponies?!” he asked, trying not to freak out again.

“Mmm-hmm! Almost all of Ponyville’s inhabitants are ponies,” his equine host assured him, which only made Phoenix even more uneasy. “Well, along with a few bovines, burros, and donkeys.”

“Oh, joy, this just keeps getting better and better,” he replied sarcastically.

Just then, Twilight had an idea. “Hey! I know! Be right back!” Trotting off, she went to one of the book shelves and started to browse through her books by...

Whoa! Is she moving those books with her HORN? Phoenix watched in astonishment as they were neatly plucked off the bookshelf by some glowing aura that seemed centered on the spiral appendage that jutted from her forehead. Once picked up, the books hovered and circled her in midair, surrounded by the same purple glow that bathed her horn.

A minute later, she returned with something, still holding it aloft in the same strange aura. “Found it! Here you go. You’re new here, so you can read this, uh… ‘detailed’ encyclopedia of the different ponies in Equestria,” she offered, floating a small book with a heart on the front to him.

Reluctantly, Phoenix took a look at the girly-looking thing. “Hmmm… wait, it says ‘For Early Ages’ on the cover! This is a children’s book!” he shouted, slamming it down in anger, reacting more strongly to it than he normally would have for all he’d already been through, though being treated like a child certainly didn’t help.

“It is,” she admitted with another sheepish grin and a hoof behind her head in another human-like gesture that Phoenix was surprised to see. “But, you see, I figured a foal’s book was the quickest and simplest way to show you who we ponies are,” she explained with a slightly goofy expression on her face.

“Fine.” Though still annoyed, Phoenix read the book—all three pages and twelve words of it:

“You called this detailed? I read this cover to cover in ten seconds flat!” he told her in an irritated tone, though he pocketed the small book in his jacket out of habit.

Twilight sighed and fell back on her haunches, seemingly saddened by something he said. Phoenix’s expression softened at that. “Hey… I’m sorry. I guess I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” he offered, trying to cheer her up. Should I have said ‘pony’ there, I wonder?

“No it’s not that, it’s my friend. She’s going on trial for a crime she didn’t commit,” she explained, leaving Phoenix relieved that his comment hadn’t offended his only way home.

“What kind of crime is she accused of?” he asked, the attorney in him now curious.

“Murder,” Twilight said in a subdued tone.

Surprise, Surprise, Phoenix thought, wondering why he could never get someone who wanted his services for a shoplifting charge.

“Murder never happens in Ponyville, or in all Equestria for that matter. So the punishment is very severe,” she added ominously.

“What is the punishment?” Phoenix asked, holding his breath, knowing what it would be in his world.

“Banishment,” Twilight answered sadly.

The human lawyer relaxed a bit. “Well that isn’t so bad compared to—”

“To the moon. Or even to the sun,” she finished, causing Phoenix to gape anew. “I’ve convinced the Princess to go easy on her, but she will have no choice but to carry out the sentence herself if the verdict ends up being guilty.”

And forget what I just said. SHEESH! Being sent to the sun is ‘going easy on someone’? Remind me never to do anything bad in this place! he thought as he silently cringed. “So, uh… Twilight. Do you know any details of the crime?”

She shook her head. “Not much. All I know is that my friend was spotted near the scene where the murder took place. And that’s why she’s the prime suspect.”

“Where is she now?” he asked, already thinking that simply being near a crime scene was thin grounds for suspicion. Then again, it’s kind of par for the course back home!

“In the Ponyville Detention Center,” Twilight replied.

“I see. And have you spoken to her since?”

“I would, but the guards won’t let me in,” she told him in frustration, raising her large purple eyes to meet his.

“They won’t let you in? Why not?”

“Rules. I can only enter with a Defense Attorney. Which is why I was trying to summon one. I never dreamed that you would appear!” she explained apologetically and in perfect honesty.

Now fully understanding of her plight, Phoenix decided he could do that much for her, at least. “Okay, then. Since I’m a Defense Attorney, let’s go to this detention center,” he offered, finally getting to his feet.

Twilight instantly perked up at that, though she was also somewhat surprised at his height, which was at least two feet above hers, leaving her head just below the level of his chest. “Really? So you’ll take the case?!” she asked hopefully, but Phoenix raised his hands to keep her from getting too excited.

“Hey! Hey... I haven’t decided on that part yet, I just thought the least I could do is help you get in to speak with your friend,” he clarified, not about to commit to anything.

She gave him a grateful smile. “Thank you for your kindness, Phoenix Wright.”

That caught Phoenix short and made him instantly suspicious, his brow furrowing. “Uh… how did you know my name? I haven’t introduced myself yet!”

He caught a momentary flash of panic in the equine’s purple eyes. “Oh! I did a, uh, quick identification spell!”

“’Identification spell’?” Phoenix repeated, giving Twilight an askance look.

“Yeah! An identification spell! Anyway, let me prepare a few things, then we can head to the detention center,” she said, quickly trotting off to another room.

Phoenix watched her leave, his mind still turning. After I get her inside to talk with her friend, I’ll let her off easy and make her send me back home. There is no WAY I’m taking a case this weird! he decided, planning to make sure she sent him home in time for some dinner.

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