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Hi, my name is Evening Storm, the newly hired English teacher for Canterlot high. While I've heard some weird things about this place, I'm just grateful for a place to work. I've moved from my old town, leaving everything behind due to recent events. All I want to do now is get close to my students so I can better help them prepare for their futures.

I never would have guessed that my helping one certain student would lead to such a transformation in my life. How the heck did I go from a middle aged man to a teenage girl!?

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Ideas Huh, well How about Rarity using him as a fashion model to try on different outfits and give make overs, or seeing all of rarity's friends try to make her look in their own image.

Maybe attempting to teach a class while being the subject of constant distraction by the students?

I think this would be awesome if the effects were permanent and he/she was drafted into the rainbooms as their sound girl or fashion assistant or something :rainbowlaugh:

How about she befriends the others, and gets a second chance at life as a teenage girl? Oh, and Rarity takes her on a shopping montage! :raritywink:

Pretty good so far. I look forward to more.

Well, wonder if the spell could end up causing something Rarity didn't expect. The spell is supposed to turn them into the 'girl that you want to be'. Well, for girls, that's fine. But for guys, that could be considered as the type of girl that they'd want to date. And that could have a number of effects on her psyche, including the liking of boys.

Though, unsure what Evening Storm's skin color is. Then again, I mostly skimmed this to see if it'd look interesting, which it does.

Oh, and perhaps another side effect from the spell is as he saw, Cheerilee becoming younger, despite still dating Big Mac. Likely not noticing she got younger, despite re-invigorating her hormones via puberty.

Oh, and if it did turn her into her 'ideal girl to date'... that can be a big problem, considering how male fantasies can be. And she could really be brought to tears with some of the things she can't help thinking on. Perhaps Pinkie's optimism can help her adjust and get used to it, enjoying the bright sides that come with the bad.

With this in mind, since Evening Storm is your character, what do you think would be some of his fantasies for girls to love? Such stereotypes would likely have massive downsides. Perhaps even having larger than NORMAL breasts or something could be one, since she only saw a brief glimpse. However, such stereotypes do come with good sides. But, the bad sides are often looked at so heavily that the good aspects are often ignored. Pinkie, with her creative nature, would likely be just the one to help her find such. Fluttershy as well too. That is, if you do such. (I'm fairly creative in mind myself, as my blogs all show with the ideas posted in them. I wouldn't mind helping brainstorm the good sides to things for the very terrible stereotypes such a transformation could inflict, if that is something you consider happening. You did say this wouldn't have clop. But, doesn't mean there can't be moments where the girls help prevent her from making big mistakes.)

Well that's going to make teaching awkward, let alone accessing his/her bank accounts without being accused of identity theft @_@

And wait, what about Cheerilee? She got turned into a teen as well.

Dealing with that could make for some interesting chapters.

Oh, and for the suggestions I made... well, if the spell made him into the 'girl that you want to be' and it chose such based off of fantasies... well the girls would likely be mad at some of the stereotypes he gets applies to herself, only for her to say: "Sure, I had fantasies, but I couldn't morally treat others like that. It's one thing to enjoy such things. It's another entirely to just ignore the fact that even such stereotypes are people too. I couldn't forgive myself if I ignored the feelings and dreams of others in real life." Though, perhaps not as complex of words, depending on the fantasies mentioned. But, being so morally caring and putting the thoughts of others above his own fantasies would likely ease any bad feelings if that occurred. Doesn't mean it wouldn't be any easier for her though, becoming such stereotypes.

As someone who absolutely adores stories with gender switching (MtF or FtM, I don't mind either way), I'm eagerly looking forward to move! :raritystarry:

I really just want to see the young miss Evening learn friendship that Mr. Evening never had the chance to experience. With a little help from Rarity and Sunset, that is.

Oh, and noticed something. It's 'principal', not 'principle', for Celestia. The two words are similar, so I can see why the mistake. Kinda like 'there' and 'their'.

Oh, and I do hope one of the problems she has is finding out she's quite attracted to boys now that she's a girl.

Another grammar error I noticed. You put 'were their' when you mean 'were there'. Common mistake with those words. 'their', 'they're', and 'there' are commonly misused. XD 'their' is possessive, as if something was 'theirs'.

She stopping, seeming to consider it for a moment, her hand fiddling with the papers in her purse.

I think you mean 'She stopped,'

...yeah, I tend to be a nitpicky proofreader. XD

Since this is just meant to let me write a silly story, it doesn't actually have an editor. (Nor do I really want to find one for anyone about to ask) So feel free to point those out so I can fix em.

6278206 Sure.^^ I do my best to proofread friends' works and whatnot.

I have now adopted the headcanon of roseluck being a penny pincher

Oh, and in a way, at least Evening Storm(Or would that now be something like Evening Star or Evening Gale?) doesn't have to go through this alone, eh? Cheerilee was also returned to being a teen. And that means they both get to enjoy the good and bad of puberty again.

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I wonder how long it will take Rarity to find out a way to reverse the spell. I wonder if the romance is going to be rarity and the teacher. Can't wait for the next update.

The idea is definitely nice, I'd love to read more of this :pinkiehappy:

i really need to start looking at the authors names. hell i didn't notice this guy wrote inheritance 'til he put it into the authors note. which is sad because these guys deserve recognition and i only know four authors usernames off the top of my head. whatmustido,kudzuhaiku,okalhoun, and istaran. oh! and twistedspectrum. so sorry guy. all you authors out there please forgive me? please?

Another amazing chapter, as usual, eh?:D

Oh, and thought of another side effect, one that Cheerilee and Morning wouldn't realize. What if by making them younger... it also made their knowledge recollection younger, in turn making their teaching jobs a heck of a lot harder? It already seemed to effect Morning's interests and knowledge as is, what with her knowing what would go with what in terms of the fingernail paint and such. Wouldn't be a big stretch there.

I also like how it's clear to us readers that what was odd about looking at Celestia was that he was no longer attracted to her sexually any more, beyond just the usual awe of how good of a leader she is I mean.

Oh, and maybe they won't notice till later, but what if the regaining of youth decreased her attention span down to the stereotypical teen amount, making it that much harder to teach with focus and not get bored? Not to say she can't teach, but it'd make it a hell of a lot harder.

Perhaps she could even have stereotypical feelings towards things he thinks girls like. Like clothes, boys, make-up, maybe even having jealousy about another girl having a better phone than her and chatting on it, only realizing what she's doing after the fact.

I could easily see her start to try out outfits that Rarity brought, at first not wanting to do it, only to end up getting into it till the point where she starts trying on sexy lingerie, and in the heat of the moment, Rarity comments about how boys would be unable to keep their hands off her, finding herself liking the idea... until she realizes in horror what it is she's visuallizing and actually feeling she is liking to visualize. The horror she'd feel upon realizing that what she was thinking and feeling would be drastic.o_O Though, it'd make her realize why she felt different when looking at Celestia. Likely breaking down with Sunset's and Rarity's help, being eternally grateful to have the day off as they help her sort through what she's going through, feeling she wouldn't have been able to do so without them being there for her.

Or something like that. These are just ideas. Your fic, your call.^_^ But, on a good note, that just means your fic is so good that it really brings out inspiration for others' imaginations to run rampant, eh?^^

Oh, and I could see Cheerilee liking this more for another reason. With a younger body... well, let's just say she and Big Mac can likely 'last longer'.

Speaking of, seems that effected Morning too. She seems unknowingly more lecherous than before, but at least she still has enough self-control to wait till in private to succumb to such feelings. So, regardless of the effects on her, she's not letting it gain total control of herself, despite allowing it partial effects by effecting how she walks.

Oh, and cute name choice for her female form, by the way.^^

Good first chapter! Poor guy didn't even see this coming...

I am pleasantly surprised with story. I honestly wasn't expecting to enjoy the story as much as I did.

II really love how you convey the emotions and thought processes that are running through her(?) head, it really puts you into her(?) shoes.

I look forward to the next chapter, whenever that may be.

I like it, didn't get the irony of the adres number 1313, the irony was lost on me :P then again I can be pretty dense >_<

Thirteen is considered an unlucky number. :P

The title of this chapter is clearly a reference to that one song from The Last Unicorn.

Also, this chapter came a hell of a lot sooner than I expected.

Yeah, I wasn’t going to be asking for that. EVER.

....did she REALLY just think that? Murphy's Law, coming right up.

Anyways, back to this awsome reading.:D

Oh god. Now, a Pinkie Promise for that sort of thing? Well, Evening, or rather Morning, kiss your masculinity good bye.

Finished the chapter. Love how she is acting more and more girly, as if the changes are continuing.

Also, I have a feeling that despite falling asleep from exhaustion, the fact that her new body forces her to sleep in a new position to actually be comfortable will prove to be a problem too.

I wonder if when she gets used to the outfits, Rarity gets her to try out wedding dresses for the heck of it... and inevitably causing her to picture herself holding a child and being in a family before snapping out of it thanks to the gorgeousness of herself in such a dress.

Either way, whether that happens or not, loving this so far, and eager to see more.:D

hmmm, if shes going to be trying on different outfits, I wouldn't mind see her getting dressed up a princess, a superhero or even cosplaying as a playboy bunny. Even if these are odd choices, ehtier way looking foreword to the next chapter

Despite his protesting, I'm honestly hoping that he eventually warms up to the idea of being a girl and even ends up preferring it.

I'm also rather curious as to whom the romance tag refers to. This early on, there's no real indication that I've seen that points to it being him and Rarity, him and Sunset, or even him finding (to his initial horror) that he's attracted to males now. Personally, I'm hoping that it's him with Sunset, though I wouldn't mind Rarity either.

I'm really looking forward to more! :raritystarry:

I've never posted before and I just wanted to say I can't wait to see what happens this story is awesome :D


I'll probably have to try and elaborate on this in a later chapter, but I'm trying to make it clear that Evening isn't exactly dumb.

What I mean by that is he knows what 'Gender Stereotypes' are so now as a girl she isn't going to think that much in terms of "Only girls can do this, only boys can do that"

Now here's how it relates to your issue with the name. Evening doesn't want people to know he's a middle aged man in a teenage girl's body. (Yes there are students who saw it happen, and he'll admit it if confronted, but he doesn't want to advertise it) Trying to act like his old self, or making assumptions that girls have to be a certain way will just get him in trouble.

As such he also knows that if Rarity and Sunset get use to the idea of calling him Morning Rain, there won't be any slip ups with them calling him Evening Storm by accident.

Why does he refer to himself as Morning right now? Because that's the role he has to play. Slight spoiler, but we'll just say he's use to having to play a role, only dropping it when he's completely alone and able to have a moment. The role use to be just being happy. Now it's being this girl Morning Rain.

There... might be more to it then that too, but I don't want to give everything away.

Looks like Rarity and Mr Evening are starting a friendship. Will continue as a romance if he gets his old body back.


If he was to do that when he got his old body back, that'd mean he'd be a 33 year old man dating his 15 or 16 year old high school student.

You kinda go to jail for doing that...

6334890 boooo, ruining the atmosphere with your creepy talk...stuff :raritywink::rainbowlaugh:

MORE!!!! MORE!!!! SOON!!!! FAST!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Ah. We can suggest outfits, eh? Maybe when on a roll, she could try some sexy skimpy outfits, if only due to being caught up in the moment.


Heh, I know. I just couldn't let that one slip though. I really doubt that sorta thing would fly in the EG universe.

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