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Updates · 1:01am February 14th

There are updates.

Sadly they likely will NOT come out tomorrow in time for the Holiday, but all that means is I'm just going to keep working on them. They may come out this month or next, but damn it I'm going to make this happen.

Oh and just so you aren't trying to figure out what stories are updating. It's Cake Mix 2 and A Novel Match. There is a... reason Novel Match has to update alongside Cake Mix 2.

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Hey, about Reader's choices. How long should I wait to update? · 2:07pm Aug 1st, 2019

Basically what the topic says. How many days should I hold off to let you guys vote before moving on?

I mean I have some ideas of where to go with each path, and could take the current top vote and run with it right now, but we're only at 27 votes, and the last four choices got at least above 50. (Probably more the longer I end up letting it sit.)

I don't know what your guy's schedules are, so what do you think is a fair amount of time to wait?

Please let me know in the comments.

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Well sucks but... · 8:19am Feb 13th, 2019

Yeah probably not going to have anything for Valentine's day. Not to say there won't be an update. I kinda hope to update both before the month ends. (Er Both being Cake Mix 2, and finally finishing off A Novel Match) but just haven't gotten much writing done.

I'm going to be honest guys, I think I might have to call it quits someday. I've been slowly trudging along like this for what? Four or five years now?

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So real talk about "These Reader's choices" · 8:24am Feb 8th, 2019

So it's been sorta just one person, but just in case anyone else is having the problem with thinking Discord is trying to overwrite 'Snowdrift's' personality.

Look, it's just a silly story okay? I know there are moments in the story so far where she says something due to what you voted on and is like: "Why did I say/do that!?"

Her personality isn't being re-written guys. I don't want to make this some deep philosophical look into the human psyche, or gender dysphoria.

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Getting close to Valentine's day · 5:38pm Jan 27th, 2019

Yeah, I can almost guarantee there won't be a story this year.

Mostly because I think I should focus on the two "Valentine" stories I have that are unfinished...

I'm going to guess most of you would rather I do that anyway. ^^;

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Holidays · 6:12pm Dec 9th, 2018

As you may have guessed, this is a busy time of year.

I'd like to release a new chapter of something, but probably not likely.

Oh well, Happy Holidays!

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Weird Dream Again · 3:38pm Nov 28th, 2018

It began with me a lot younger walking down a street and seeing myself in third person. I was seeing visions. Like some magical being would wrap me in a cape and I'd end up in some astral like area where they'd tell me something.

I don't recall a damn thing they were saying.

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Weird dream · 12:50pm Oct 2nd, 2018

This is the closest thing I have to any sort of journal, and I want to write this down.

I had a dream last night. Most of you probably don't know how my dreams work, but I'm usually subconsciously aware I'm dreaming. I'm also really REALLY good at phasing through objects/walls in my dreams. I'm getting good at flying too.

I didn't fly in this one, but the other part is important.

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Updates? · 5:11pm Sep 19th, 2018

I make too many blogs I feel.

Man I really want to update Reader's choices, but I'm going to assume it's not happening this week.

Work ended up being a bit crazy this weekend. Then with the convention coming up. (Anime Weekend Atlanta. I sadly can't get to a pony con as there are none in my area) I'm gathering stuff to sell at their flea market, get my Destiny costume ready, and be ready to go.

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Delays, delays · 3:40pm Sep 5th, 2018

Probably nothing new if you've followed me long enough, but yes there are some delays now. I always forget how busy September can be.

So what's the delay besides work? Well two of them I hope are understandable. One you'll probably hate me for, and I'm sorry.

1- The one you'll hate me for. Destiny 2 Forsaken. I'm a big BIG fan. (in fact that's the game the MC is playing in Reader's choices)
2- In five days (September 10th) is my birthday, so I'll likely be trying to do something for it.

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