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Birthday stream is LIVE! · 3:19pm September 10th


Again, if you want to come by and ask any story questions, or just chat, please feel free!

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So... I turn 40 this Friday · 2:44pm September 7th

I don't usually do this, but it's kind of a big number. So I'm doing an all day game stream to celebrate!


This is a poll to the options of what I'll end up streaming. The idea is I'll do as many games in the series as possible. Whatever gets voted for the most. I've even set it up so you can vote for multiple choices, so if you see three series you wouldn't mind seeing me do. Feel free to vote for all three!

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Hey wanna help decide what happens in Cake Mix 2? · 7:21pm July 15th

Okay these posts usually don't get much attention or comments, so this might be a waste of my time, but just in case I wanna try.

So my original plan for the next chapter isn't working out. So I'm trying something different. I need Angel Cake to go somewhere/do something before heading back toward Sugar Cube Corner. I just don't know 'what'

Maybe to get lunch somewhere else? Does she see a dress and decide to put it on?

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So about the next two chapters of I -AM- my teenage daughter. (don't worry it's not canceled) · 5:42pm June 17th

Okay so issues writing aside, there was another thing about this story.

Since it got such a positive reception. (Or well the original fic did) I couldn't help myself but continue it a bit. Even so I have a very vague idea of where the story is going. As such where we ended was all I had for the initial run. I wasn't sure exactly what to do next.

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What my current schedule looks like: · 2:57pm May 11th

So my typical day basically looks like this:

I get up at around 9-9:30 am. Sometimes a bit earlier. I'm not that much of a morning person, so slow and steady wins the race for me here.

I shower, get my lunch made, get breakfast, and eat breakfast. By then it's just about time to leave for work around 11am. I bike 9 miles to my job (would love a car, but can't afford one and I'm hearing prices are skyrocketing right now) (Also sadly the buss doesn't really run when I need it to)

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And the story has left the feature box. · 5:01pm February 15th

Still I managed to have it in there for a full day. I consider that a victory.

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So... roommate tested positive for Covid · 12:28pm February 12th

Now I'm wondering if when I got sick, it wasn't the flu. I mean I feel fine now.

Still this means my next two weeks are probably going to be a bit hectic. I'm likely going to be forced to isolate. Guess this might mean something good for working on those updates.


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Which story to update part 2 · 2:47am February 9th

So I can only tag one story per blog post, so last blog post I tagged "I was my Teenage Daughter"

This one I'm tagging Cake Mix 2.

If you missed the last blog post. I asked which story should get an update. Here's the poll:


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So which story to "update?" · 5:43pm February 8th

So the cold/flu thing is mostly out of my body. So I want to try for a small thing. I can probably manage an update to a story.

The obvious choice is another chapter of Cake Mix 2, but for something different, I could write about Honey Belle meeting Rarity in another chapter of "I was my teenage daughter"

Which would you rather I focus my attention on?


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Got sick :( · 1:57pm February 3rd

I caught the tail end of some cold. It's not horrible, but it's enough to be a pain.

As such I'm just taking it easy, but this could very well mean no Valentine's day update. Hopefully not given that's still over a week away, but just in case I'm making this blog anyway.

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