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Haunted by memories of her past, The Great and Powerful Trixie returns to the scene of her greatest defeat. Will she find a new path in life, or will the past make that impossible?

A Twilight Sparkle / Trixie story, originally published in April of 2011. It is presented here untouched, without being updated to match canon.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 91 )

Cool, I remember this one. An excellent story.

This... is the first FIM fic I read. And probably the best Twixie one of them all. So much good here... :trixieshiftleft:

At long last it's on FimFiction. You rock woohoo :yay:

Sees title : sounds familiar

Sees name final chapter : O right that fanfic xD

Same as striker this one of the first real fanfics I have ever read xD

So much good here. Trixie talking in first-person, Trixie not fixated on revenge, Applejack not being a complete flankhole to Trixie... I so wish other Trixie fics could get this.

All my d'aww. Love her new show, too.

Luna who's not a Woona. Not quite Princess Death-Metal, but leagues above what she was in most other fics. Good on Celestia to give in, too.

And Midnight is born. Sorry, Nyx, but Midnight trumps you hooves down. :rainbowwild:

Damn... I might read this every day again. :trixieshiftleft::twilightsmile:

Been a while since I've read a twixie ship I now remember why I loved them so much

Ohh i remember this story, wow have it been so long sense it where published?
I it feels like i read it just a few days ago but then again its one of the best twixie fics i have read.
Oh yea for the ones who just found this fic there are some side stories of this fic focusing around midnight

Shades of Midnight
Moonlight Over Midnight
im pretty sure there is a 3rd one as well but i cant remember it for the life of me


Oh cool! I remeber reading this, it was one of my favorites. And it's on this site now.
I can't wait to read this again. :pinkiehappy:

Awwwwww. This was sweet.:twilightsmile:

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! This indeed calls for a party. But I request more info. To many things that gone unanswered.


I may be wrong, but I belive if you find this on Equstria Daliy, there are a couple of sequels made by different authers.

This story is so very good. It actually had me tearing up at several points. This is a really top notch story. Great job.

Oh my god yes. This is the story that got me into pony fiction.

Sounds like a classic Twixie story that I need to read. Faved for later.

It's about time!:pinkiehappy:
I was wondering when this story was going to show on this site.:rainbowdetermined2:

Aww, that's sweet. Trixie, love her like YOUR WHOLE LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! She's a great girl.
Why can't women be this sweet in real life?:fluttershysad:

If there isn't a sequel someone dies

There are so many good qualities to this story, as others have already noted. However, the kiss comes out of nowhere. It's not properly built up to and is extremely difficult to buy into as a reader, since it happens the first day that Trixie is back. You need to let them interact for a few days in order for it to make sense. Twilight doesn't give any indication of being into Trixie, or mares at all for that matter, prior to the kiss. It just ends up feeling like the writer pushing them together and saying "Now kiss," than something that blossoms naturally.


You're not wrong with your criticism, as that was a complaint ponies had when I first let the story out, and it's a problem I have with the story now. If I were writing the story now, I would certainly have expanded on things before the kiss. My only defense is that I was a novice writer at the time, and the first part was only ever meant to be the only part, and I wanted it to end on a feel good note.

As it is, chalk it up to 'Sometimes ponies, they do the crazy things'. :raritywink:

I will say, too, I'm working on trying to get into contact with the various pony authors who wrote sequels to this story that were included in canon, so I can get them up here for all to see as well. :twilightsmile:

*wipes tear from eye* Very touching.:pinkiesad2:
Yay for Princess Luna.:yay:

I'm so glad to see this on fimfiction. I've read it on fanfiction but I'm glad its here. Good story by the way. Maybe it was on Google Docs

Hoooo yeah. The story that was the catalyst of Twixie shipping for me. Upped and faved, and I'm probably going to have to read it again later.

Ah yes, I remember this story... one of the first Twixie fics I ever read and thoroughly loved. <3 So good to see it finally made it here. :3 This is one of the stories that both really got me into fanfics in general, as well as shipping, and specifically a Twixie fan.


So much good here. Trixie talking in first-person, Trixie not fixated on revenge, Applejack not being a complete flankhole to Trixie... I so wish other Trixie fics could get this.

I agree, too many fics end up either Trixie being a bitch, or becomes someones bitch.
All the characters stay petty, and there's no real depth to them.

This, and the Lunaverse, are a refreshing change.

i doubt im the first to say this but im gonna cry. this is simply amazing so touching and...gah i love you for making this!!! 10 out of 10 perfect. pure and simple!!!!!....sorry for excesive use of exclamation point

Beautiful. This was an amazingly beautiful chapter. Hell, I loved the whole series. I just have to wonder, is Luna with foal also?:derpytongue2:
In any case, this was a wonderful series.

Comma usage is a bit off here and there, but that's about my only real issued reading it thus far. That and the overuse and improper spacing of ellipses, but I've never actually read one where people use those right.

Let the reading of Twixie continue. :twilightsmile:

WOO!!! Luna finally got the one up on Celestia. :twilightsmile: Only 3,854,620,258 to go. :ajsmug::trollestia:

One thing, Midnight Sparkle. That is all.

cool story i really like the ending but i do have one gripe, a ponies pregnancy cycle lasts 11 months not 9

You. You....You wonderful bastard.

How is this rated E when it's a threesome fic? Reporting this garbage. Hope it gets taken down.

Just reported this, you miserable fuck. Hope you get banned. :rainbowlaugh:

To people reading this, the author is a liar. He rates it as E with Twilight/Trixie, but it ends in a threesome and adult content. Warning you now before you get disappointed because of this asshole. I'm getting everyone I know to report this and have it removed.

In the time I have spent here in Ponyville, I have learned a great deal about the nature and magic of friendship. Now, by chance, I have learned an important new lesson, one about feelings beyond friendship, the lesson of love. I have fallen for someone, Princess, and I seek your blessing of our relationship. Her name is Trixie, and she has grown very dear to me. Please, when you are not busy, I would invite you to meet with her. I look forwards to your response.

Should it be "I have fallen for somepony, Princess...." or no?


Thank you for alerting me to this! You're absolutely right, it was a mistake on my part due to my unfamiliarity with the system, it does need to be Teen. Which I have just changed the story rating to. I hope that you can find something else to do with your time. Please stand down from high alert.

Have a good day now!

:yay:Wo-who. Way to go. :yay:
I like the soft Princess Luna's. And I think the real Trixie should be her student.

It's very hard to compare different stories, but if I had to rate every single pony fic I've read, Out in the Cold and Midnight series would definitely take a spot in my personal top 3. And Midnight is without a doubt the best OC.

Thank you for publishing this story in a place where I can like and favorite it once again! :twilightblush::trixieshiftright:

Trixie's tale was a little dry. Could have been much more descriptive. How did she use her magic in this performance for example?
Great story arc though, every chapter has its own little surprises.

Loved it! A big joyous yeah!:yay:
Good job! I prefer Twiluna, but this is the best Twixie I've ever read.:twilightblush::trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::twilightsmile:

9 months...?

Not 11 months...?

Trixie's having the kid!


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