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Out in the Cold - EsperDerek

Haunted by her past, Trixie returns to the scene of her greatest defeat. Can she find a new path?

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Lighting the Fire

A truly fine day was blessing the land of Equestria. Celestia's sun hung high in the sky, its light gently radiating down on her subjects. The cloud detail had cleared the sky of all but the smallest, puffiest of clouds, ensuring there was no chance for rain to ruin the day. All in all, it was the perfect summer day, ideal for young lovers to spend lazy hours showing each other their affections. It was unfortunate then that the newest couple in Ponyville was having the first disagreement of their burgeoning relationship.

"Do you have to tell her?" the blue-pelted pony begged her partner, as they lay side-by-side on the deck that was built in the upper level of Ponyville's library. Her lover, a fellow mare, her body clad in deep purples, exhaled softly, a quill and parchment hanging in the sky through her magic. This argument had been going on for quite awhile, and it was beginning to wear at her mood.

"Of course I have to tell her, Trixie. She's my mentor, she deserves to know about us," she stated, with finality. Perhaps even just a week ago, Trixie would refuse to back down, but things had changed, and she had learned something important: to know when to admit defeat.

"Alright, Twilight, you win," the unicorn conceded to her opponent, and Twilight smiled gently. She turned her eyes to the parchment hanging in the sky, and the quill began to do its work, following its owner's commands.

Dear Princess Celestia,

In the time I have spent here in Ponyville, I have learned a great deal about the nature and magic of friendship. Now, by chance, I have learned an important new lesson, one about feelings beyond friendship, the lesson of love. I have fallen for someone, Princess, and I seek your blessing of our relationship. Her name is Trixie, and she has grown very dear to me. Please, when you are not busy, I would invite you to meet with her. I look forwards to your response.

Your Faithful Student,
Twilight Sparkle

It had come as a bit of a shock to Trixie when she learned that the Princess was Twilight's teacher, and she was definitely worried about what she was going to think. But it was too late for complaints now, because with a final flourish Twilight signed the letter, and looked encouragingly at the sulking midnight-blue pony beside her.

"I'll just take this to Spike, so he can send it to the Princess. You'll see, Trixie, it will be okay." Trixie nodded weakly, and watched as Twilight stood up, and trotted into the library proper, leaving her alone. Trixie laid there on the deck, trying to convince herself that everything would be okay. The sun, previously so comfortable to her, seemed to be getting even hotter, beating down on her laid-out form. The bright orb seemed to be hanging lower in the sky, large and red. The small, puffy clouds had dispersed.

"What's taking her so long?" Trixie muttered to herself. Perhaps it was her nerves, but it felt like Twilight had been gone for longer than she should have been. Her brow was starting to dampen with sweat, and she looked up at the sky. The shimmering orb looked even larger than it had a few moments ago.

In fact, as Trixie watched, she realized that it was moving right towards her.

Trixie let out a squeak of surprise, and quickly got to her feet. The sun really was getting closer and closer! She started to pant, feeling light headed, her eyes wide. The blazing sphere descended close enough that she could almost touch it, and then began to unfold, Trixie letting out a cry, cowering, as she was briefly blinded by the blaze!

"So, you are the mare deceiving my student!" a booming voice commanded, the voice of a goddess. Trixie forced one of her eyes open, to behold a shining cross between pegasus and unicorn, glowing with the brightness of a great and terrible desert sun, the leaves of the tree the library resided in starting to burst into flames!

"N-no! It's not like that!" Trixie protested, but the Goddess glared, the fire and light of a star piercing through the quivering unicorn. "I-I, we - I mean..." Trixie stuttered, any defence dying in her now-parched throat.

"Silence!" the goddess of the sun bellowed, causing the wood of the deck to start to splinter and smoulder. "I can see right through you, deceiver, trickster. I know of your crimes." Trixie whimpered, the heat starting to overwhelm her, and she weakly lifted her head, seeing that the Goddess was no longer alone. She was accompanied by twisted parodies of Twilight's friends. They stared down accusingly at Trixie, the angelic servants of a wrathful goddess.

"She humiliated us!" they cried as one, again and again, calling out Trixie's crimes and mistakes, exposing them out to dry and burn in the sun.

"I'm sorry!" Trixie begged, prostrating before them, begging for mercy. "Please, I know I made mistakes, but I want to make up for it! Please!" The Goddess that had appeared before Trixie looked scornfully down at her.

"For your crimes, for your deceit of my student, I condemn you!" the deity commanded, and began to blaze even brighter than before. So bright that Trixie couldn't see anything but light, and she let out a scream as her very being was overwhelmed and seared away...
• • •

Trixie let out a soft groan as she opened her eyes. It was early in the morning, the sun shining through the window, accusingly washing over half-awake mare. She let out a quiet moan, and forced herself up, careful not to disturb the two other occupants of the room. Spike, the baby dragon, was curled up in his basket, and Twilight was still asleep in the bed opposite to Trixie's. The unicorn felt her cheeks blush slightly as she watched Twilight sleep, her body rhythmically moving up and down in time with her breathing. She felt grateful that she hadn't woken them up as well.

Trixie laid back, chiding herself for her overactive imagination. She had been sleeping so well over the past week. Unlike the dreams that had been plaguing her before that fateful night, however, Trixie knew exactly the source and reason for this nightmare.

That day was the day that Twilight was going to introduce Trixie to her friends.

Trixie flicked her horn, and one of her mother's books floated off the bed stand next to her, opening up to the page that she had left marked. She could only hope that reading would ease her worry about what was going to happen that day. It wasn't like it was a true "introduction" to any of them. Throughout the week, Twilight's friends had been popping in and out of the library, to check in on her as she helped Trixie convalesce. Each time they had visited, however, Trixie tried to make herself as small as possible, barely responding to questions, and never making eye contact. Despite Twilight's reassurances, Trixie was still worried, and still felt guilty, about how she had treated everypony in Ponyville the last time she was there. Twilight had used the excuse that she was still feeling physically unwell, which was the truth admittedly, to excuse her lack of sociability.

They hadn't even come close to telling them about their relationship yet.

Trixie realized that she had read the same line in a particularly challenging invisibility spell about seven times, and gave up. She quietly slipped out of bed, and headed for the mirror. Trixie really was worried about how Twilight's friends would react to her, but it couldn't be delayed any longer. Twilight had insisted that the best thing for her now was to start moving and stop hiding in the library. Trixie herself had to admit that she really was feeling better, as the pony that peered back at her in the mirror proved. Her pelt had regained its sheen, and her hair, while still quite long, was back in order. The cuts and nicks on her legs had mostly healed, and she was gaining weight again, her ribs disappearing back into her body. It was really amazing how much of a difference that rest, comfort, and an attentive partner had made to her.

Trixie allowed herself a small blush, looking through at the red in her cheeks, and beyond that, the slumbering pony that was the cause of it. The best part of the past few days really had been Twilight. Their relationship at this point was less grand and romantic, and more comfortable and kind. It was tender kisses and soft caresses that made the recovering Trixie's body tingle with delight. There would be plenty of time for grand romantic gestures once Trixie was less Twilight's patient, and more her partner. For now, she was content to spent the evenings laying against that lovely mare, as they both read through Midnight's books, the heritage that Trixie had been gifted.

She only wished that she could figure out why Twilight had kissed her in the first place. Oh, she knew quite well why Trixie herself had reciprocated the kiss, having accepted the emotions that she had been denying since that night with the Ursa Minor, but Twilight's reasons were still a mystery to her. She wanted to know, but was terrified to ask, as if the act of doing so would break the spell that night had woven around them.

Twilight let out a soft groan, dispelling the self-examination that Trixie had been giving herself. She inhaled softy, and put on a brave smile, turning away from the mirror, and moving over to Twilight's bed, bending down to give her a soft, loving nuzzle.

"Good morning, Twilight..." she whispered into her ear, pressing fondly against her. "Today's the day, isn't it?"

"Trixie?" The purple unicorn blinked wearily, trying to clear the morning fuzz from her brain. "You don't normally wake up earlier than me." She slowly sat up, returning the gentle nuzzles Trixie was giving her, before looking at her with sudden concern. "Did you sleep alright? You didn't have more bad dreams, did you?"

"No, no, nothing of the sort." Trixie didn't see the need to concern Twilight with that silly dream. "I just woke up early because I'm excited, is all. Big day, go meet your friends, be all happy and nothing bad at all happening, right?" She probably was laying it on a bit thick, and it was clear from the expression on Twilight's face that she wasn't about to buy it for a second.

"Right, well..." She crawled out of bed. "If you're eager and ready, then why don't we get an early start? Applejack should be working in the fields right about now." Twilight said, looking out the window. Even if she wasn't buying Trixie's false enthusiasm, she wasn't about to let it stop her, either. She had carefully devised and scheduled this day so that they would catch each of her friends alone, allowing Trixie to meet and deal with them individually. Trixie had to admit, she was quite thankful that Twilight was such a capable planner. She briefly checked her hair, and headed towards the door.

"What about Spike?" Trixie asked, gesturing at the still-slumbering baby dragon.

"Oh, let him sleep. He's been working extra-hard lately with two ponies living here," Twilight replied, opening the door to the outside world, and waited for Trixie. "After you..."

As Trixie passed Twilight, her fellow unicorn leaned in and gave her a reassuring kiss on the cheek, that sent those familiar tingles shooting down her spine.

Maybe today wouldn't be that bad, after all.
• • •

Halfway to Sweet Apple Acres, Trixie's brief bout of optimism was nearly blown away from her by a streaking rainbow.

"Well, if it isn't the Great and Powerful Trixie!" Twilight winced slightly as Rainbow Dash proceeded to smash her carefully laid out schedule to pieces by descending down from the clouds to meet them. Rainbow Dash was supposed to be the last one they met with, after Trixie had gained some confidence and forgiveness by meeting with the others whose sense of pride - and reactions to that pride being wounded - wasn't as strong as Dashes.

"Hi, Rainbow Dash," Twilight said warningly, casting a slightly worried glance at Trixie, who had an unreadable expression on her face. Dash smirked playfully, looping circles around the two unicorns.

"Your friend take on any more Ursa Minors recently? Maybe that would explain why she's not looking so great and powerful anymore?" Dash continued to push at buttons, and Twilight bristled slightly.

"Dash -"

"You're absolutely right, Rainbow Dash," Trixie interrupted, causing the two ponies to blink in surprise, looking at her.


"I am?" Rainbow said in a confused voice, and Trixie continued.

"Oh, how could I be foolish enough to think that I, Trixie, could possibly match the awesomeness of you, Rainbow Dash?" she said in the same theatrical, but convincing, tone that she had taken on during her performance.

"Wait, are you serious? Are you making fun of me?" Rainbow Dash said, clearly looking confused at Trixie's words, an expression shared by Twilight's own. Trixie bowed her head lowly and humbly at Rainbow Dash.

"Of course not, Rainbow Dash. You really are the coolest pony in all of Equestria, and I should have never tried to match you. It was only my... my jealousy! Please, forgive me for trying to embarrass you!" Trixie exclaimed, throwing herself dramatically on the dirt.

"I... uhm... of course! I can see why you'd want to," Rainbow Dash said, her confusion turning into pride as her confidence was fed. "Well, everything turned out alright, so I THINK I can forgive you." She grinned brightly, her wings beating fiercer. "Your new friend is better than I thought, Twilight. I like her!"

Twilight, looking between the bowing Trixie and the pride-filled Dash, tried to think of what to say, and managed only to sputter out a couple of words.

"Thanks, Dash..."

"Well, I woke up early just to meet up with you two, I think it's time for a nap!" Dash exclaimed, and before the unicorns could bid their farewells, zipped off into the clouds. Twilight watched her go.

"Well, that wasn't too bad," Trixie said, and Twilight blinked, casting a glance at her as she picked herself up off the ground, dusting herself off and smiling.

"How did you..." Twilight had been so certain that this would be the hardest confrontation.

"It was appealing to her pride. I really do feel bad for what I did, but I knew that trying to apologize normally wouldn't work." Trixie kept smiling. "Fortunately, I have a lot of practice of bolstering someone's ego. I did it to myself all the time."

Twilight paused, and then giggled.

"You put on quite the act." Trixie puffed her chest out with pride, tapping it with a hoof.

"I was a showmare, remember? I thought about putting her name in lights, but that might have been a bit too much." Trixie started walking again, Twilight trotting alongside her, the two laughing with one another. Trixie had to admit, she felt not just happy, but confident in herself for the first time in a very long while.
• • •

The scenery graduated from town into farmland, brilliant rows of bright and shiny apple trees. Trixie felt her stomach gurgle slightly, remembering the last time that she had been here, and just how hungry she had been. They looked for Applejack, who had probably been the one who had visited Trixie as she recovered the most. She had brought her so many apple-based products that Trixie figured the vast majority of her weight gain was from apple crisps and apple pie.

It was only a short matter of time before they found Applejack, tending to a sickly-looking apple tree. She called out in greeting to the two.

"Hello, Applejack. What's wrong with the tree?" Twilight responded, as the two approached. Trixie looked up at the tree. It certainly didn't look very good, there was some sort of fungus or mold growing on the leaves, which were starting to wilt and turn brown.

"Ah don't rightly know, Twilight. It's been getting worse all week, and I'm afraid that it's going to spread to the others." Applejack sounded worried, and Twilight picked up a branch that had fallen from the crippled tree, examining the leaves. Trixie rubbed her hoof in the dirt. She knew next to nothing about farming or plants, but still felt the desire to try and help. She really did owe Applejack an awful lot. However, Twilight's eyes suddenly sparked with recognition.

"I think I've seen this in one of my books..." She looked up at Applejack and Trixie. "I might be able to help you, I just have to go check something. Why don't you two stay here, there's no point for both of us to go back, Trixie."

"W-what?" Trixie replied. This wasn't part of the plan, Twilight was supposed to be with her as they did this!

"Oh, it'll be okay, Trixie," Twilight said, already getting ready to go. "I'll only be a few minutes, and it's Applejack, it'll be okay."

With that, Twilight ran off, leaving the two alone. Trixie looked at the earth pony, and Applejack looked back at the unicorn.



This wasn't going to do. Trixie took a deep breath and continued.

"Thank you... for helping me, Applejack," she said, lowering her head slightly. "I'm sorry for trying to steal from you... and hogtying you, too."

"Ah, it ain't nothing, Trixie," Applejack said, shaking her head. "Ya'll can hardly be blamed for doin' that when you were so hungry. Ah would have given you some for free if you had of asked."

Trixie blushed slightly, and looked hopefully up at Applejack.

"Besides, ah can hardly stay mad at someone whose makin' Twilight so happy." Trixie blinked, and that blush suddenly went from slight pink to blazing red. "Though, if you do anything to hurt her, ah'll be the first to run you outta Ponyville," the orange pony continued with a warning.

"Y-you... know?" Trixie squeaked out, her hoof embarrassingly kicking at the dirt underneath her.

"How could ah not? Ah saw the way you were lookin' at Twilight, sugarcube, and you've been the subject of all of Twilight's conversations all week. It don't take an expert to figure you two out."

"So... you're okay? With it?" Trixie asked cautiously, looking around for the fire and brimstone to start at any moment.

"As ah said, as long as you're makin' my friend happy, ah'm perfectly fine."

"T-thank you. That means a lot to me," Trixie said quietly, the embarrassment fading, and a smile spreading again. She really was a comfortable pony to be around. The conversation turned to the tree, Trixie making guesses at what could be wrong, and Applejack generally rejecting them. In a lull in the conversation, Trixie and decided to take a chance. She had to try to find out, and, looking up the tree, asked the question that had been nagging at the back of her mind.

"Why... why do you think she fell for me?" Applejack blinked at the question, and then tilted her head, a thoughtful look on her face.

"Ah don't rightly know." She saw Trixie's expression, and continued. "But what ah do know is that when ah found you, Twilight was the one who insisted on takin' care of you. An' she was the one who cleaned an' fed you when you were still sleepin'. Ah think she musta been having these feelings before now."


"As ah said, ah don't rightly know. Ah'm just guessing. But ah don't think that's yer problem, Trixie. Ah think yer afraid of bein' lost."

"Lost?" Trixie repeated, confused.

"From what Twilight has told me, things are a mite confusin' to you right now. Ah can't imagine what it must be like to be questionin' yourself like this. Ah think you're afraida losin' Twilight 'cause that's the one thing you have right now that's certain," Applejack explained, and Trixie felt a slight chill down her spine.

"What... what would you do if you were me?"

"It's alla matter of figurin' out who you want ta be. Take me, ah'm an apple farmer, an' I'm happy at that. It's like findin' your cutie mark all over again, ain't it? Ah wouldn't worry, you'll find it. Anypony that coulda been through that much an' survived is stronger than even they know."

Trixie smiled sheepishly at the comment, and then nodded. She was about to say something when Applejack pointed behind her, and Trixie turned to look, only to see Twilight dashing back towards them, carring a book with her magic.

"I figured it out! I figured it out! It was in Super Naturals," she called out, stopping in front of them, panting softly. She laid the book down on the ground. "Just mix these together, and apply it to the trunk. You can return the book when you're done with it of course." She smiled excitedly. "So is everything okay here?"

"Ah think so. Ah certainly don't have any problems with your taste, Twilight." Trixie blushed slightly and rubbed her head with a hoof.

"Applejack is nice... Thanks, again, for helping me," Trixie said.

"Mah pleasure, Trixie. Ah'm sure everything will work out alright." Trixie smiled at Applejack, and the two unicorns starting walking away.

"What did you two talk about?" Twilight asked with interest.

"Oh, well, just girl stuff," Trixie replied with a smile.
• • •

"Pinkie Pie, this is Trixie. Trixie, Pinkie Pie."

"Ooh, does this mean that we can have a party?"

"I... guess?"

"YAY! You're the best, Trixie!"

The rest of the schedule went about as well as Twilight had planned. Pinkie Pie was just happy to have an excuse to throw a party, although Twilight had extorted a promise that Pinkie would hold it anywhere but the library. Fluttershy was just as her name suggested. The conversation had very few words, but she seemed happy enough.

Rarity was a little tougher, still decidedly peeved over the fact Trixie had turned her hair that horrible shade of green.

"It took me four hours to fix!" she had complained, and it had taken the promise that Trixie would buy a dress when she came around to making some money to finally placate her.

All throughout the day, Trixie was distracted. It wasn't that Twilight's other friends weren't nice, she was actually quite thrilled at the idea of having them as friends for her own. She had rarely stayed in one place in one time during the days after Midnight's death, never really spending enough time to bond with anypony. But she kept going back to her conversation with Applejack earlier in the day. Trixie had to admit to herself it was the truth. So what could she do about it? One thing she knew was certain was that she wanted to be was with Twilight, but her life had to be more than that.

What did she want to be?

Well, that answer was obvious, wasn't it? Twilight herself had told her as such on that night, and the happenings of the day had confirmed it. Trixie knew exactly what she wanted to be, she only had to have the bravery to go ahead with it.

As the two headed towards the library, Trixie stopped in her tracks. Twilight realized that she was no longer walking beside her, and turned.

"Trixie? Are you okay? I know it's been a long day, and with Pinkie Pie planning that party for tonight, I thought you might need to rest a bit." Twilight said, concern in her voice. Trixie shook her head and smiled.

"No, I'm okay. There's something that I need to go and do before the party, I'll meet you there, okay?"

"Are you sure?"

"There's only one thing I'm more positive on, and she's standing right in front of me. But I need to go spread my metaphorical wings and be on my own for a bit, alright?" Twilight tapped her hoof, clearly uncertain, but then nodded softly. Trixie bent forwards, and gently kissed her on the lips.

"It'll be okay, you'll see." With that, she was gone.
• • •

To say that Twilight was distracted for the rest of the day was an understatement. When you spent over a week taking care of someone, it's only natural to worry about them when they leave. That only gets worse when you have personal feelings for them.

All that equalled to the fact that Twilight had worn a groove in the library's floor with her pacing. Even with Spike trying to comfort her, she was still nervous, especially as the sun dipped into the horizon, and the time of the party came about with no word from Trixie. Her nerves got even worse as they made their way to the party, and there was still no sign from Trixie.

Pinkie Pie had opted for a party in the outdoors, around the central building. Twilight wondered if it was Pinkie's doing, or just the nature of irony, that meant Trixie was going to make her second impression in the same place as she had her first. A crowd had already gathered, including all of her friends, the party already in full swing. Pinkie Pie bounded up to her.

"Twilight, Twilight! I got everyone to come, and got streamers and balloons and everything's ready!" She looked around curiously, even peeking under Twilight's legs, as if the blue unicorn would be hiding underneath her. "Where is she? We can't have a party without the guest of honour!"

"I don't know. She said she had something she needed to do, I haven't seen her since this afternoon," Twilight said, the rest of them walking up to her.

"Ah'm sure it'll be okay, Twilight," Applejack said comfortingly.

"I don't know, she was acting a little strange earlier, I'm worri-"

Before Twilight could continue, the center of the square suddenly exploded in fireworks, causing surprised ponies to turn their attention in that direction. They were met with a magically enhanced voice echoing out over them.

"Come one, come all, come and witness the amazing magic of the Great and Powerful Trixie!"

"Oh no..." Twilight whispered, a chill running down her spine, and quickly began pushing her way to the front, followed by her friends. She got to the edge just in time to see, in a flash of smoke and sparkles, Trixie appear clad in her cloak and hat, a brilliant, theatrical smile on her face.

"Watch in amazement as The Great and Powerful Trixie performs incredible feats of pony magic!" More sparks and fireworks, and Twilight's head lowered slightly, her body trembling gently. She didn't know what to say. She had reverted back this quickly?

"Hey, she's doin' it again!" Rainbow Dash protested, pointing over at the cloak-clad unicorn.

"Twilight, ah'm sorry..." Applejack apologized, before glaring fiercely at Trixie. The magician pony's front hooves were waving, and a bouquet of flowers appeared before her. With a flourish, The Great and Powerful Trixie swept them up, then brought them around, and with a final gesture, offered them to Twilight. She raised her head slightly, looking up in Trixie's eyes, and gently took the flowers. The chill she had felt was gone, as she realized that everything was going to be okay.

"Now, let the Great and Powerful Trixie tell to all the tale of the most beautiful, and magical unicorn in all of Equestria! Together with her brave friends, they faced danger and death in their quest to bring dawn to the endless night, and freed the Princess of the Moon from the bonds of hatred that trapped her!" Trixie exclaimed, removing the hat from her head, her horn glowing brilliantly. As everypony watched, enthralled, a panorama painted itself onto the fabric of reality.

One side depicted six brave ponies, their leader, a beautiful purple unicorn, at the head. On the other, the dangers that they faced. As Trixie began to weave her story, the panorama shifted in design in time with her, showing how each threat was faced and defeated with courage and friendship, punctuated by additional effects from the storyteller.

Trixie looked out at the sea of those in the audience, her eyes coming to rest at the six who had made their way to the front. Their eyes were wide as they beheld the spectacle of their own story, and the praise Trixie bestowed on them. Twilight was holding the flowers that Trixie had created, and no one but Trixie saw the love on her face.

This is what she wanted, what she was. Just because she had gotten it wrong the first time, didn't mean that she wasn't allowed to try again. Her dream wouldn't die unless she let it die. She wanted to be a storyteller, a magician, like her mother, to weave dreams and reality to create happiness for people.

So, just as the audience had lost themselves in watching, The Great and Powerful Trixie lost herself in the weaving of the performance, creating a seemingly endless moment in time.
• • •

The crescent moon was high in the sky when the party finally broke up. Soon, there were only two ponies left enjoying the night sky, and each other's company. Twilight, still holding those flowers, and Trixie, clad in her star-filled outfit, leaned against one another.

"So what did you think of the show?" the performer asked her most important audience, who sniffed the flowers with an embarrassed, but very happy expression.

"I loved it... but between the flowers and your praise, I think half of Equestria knows about us now." Twilight said with a soft laugh.

"Well, I decided that now was the time for grand and romantic," Trixie admitted, leaning in and kissing the her lovely audience member. The kiss lingered for a moment, before Twilight pulled gently away to admit something.

"When you first started, I thought you had gone back to before. I was worried... I shouldn't have doubted you."

"Well, I can see why, so I'm not angry. You told me that night that I should find out what the Great and Powerful Trixie should be, and today Applejack said much the same thing," Trixie said, wistfully looking up at the skies. "I knew what I wanted to be, though. I was just afraid to go for it."

"And now?"

"Not anymore. I'm not afraid anymore. I know this is right," Trixie murmured, nuzzling Twilight's neck lovingly. "So, I'm also not going to be afraid to ask this question."

"What question?" Twilight asked, in between the soft, happy noises coming from her throat at the nuzzling.

"Twilight... that night... why did you kiss me?" Trixie said slowly, with a little trepidation. Twilight blinked, and then smiled, gently pulling away from Trixie to look her eye to eye.

"There aren't many unicorns whose special talent is magic, you know," she started, and Trixie nodded, listening. "When I first saw you, I thought you were amazing. Here was another pony whose special talent was magic, she seemed to be so brilliant at it, and she was so beautiful too..." Trixie blushed, and then let out a soft laugh.

"I'm sure embarrassing your friends, and then the deal with the Ursa Minor didn't exactly help with your image of me, though."

"Well, no, but it was still there, deep inside. When Applejack found you, I knew that I wanted to help you," Twilight said, and leaned her head against Trixie's, their horns touching gently, both of them starting to gently glow from the touch. "When you woke up, I was surprised and honoured that you laid your heart out to me as you did. I realized, during that time, that you had the same feelings towards me. It was etched on your face, and those emotions I felt the first time I saw you came rushing back. Maybe it was a bit rash, but it felt like the right thing to do at the time."

"And now?" Trixie asked, parroting Twilight.

"It definitely was the right thing to do," Twilight finished, and smiled. Trixie blinked away the tears that had formed in her eyes, and the two looked upwards, the crescent moon warmly shining down on the two lovers.

"I think you should tell her." Trixie broke the silence once again.


"Your mentor, Princess Celestia. It wouldn't be right to keep this from her."

"Really? Are you sure?" Trixie nodded at Twilight. "Alright. In the morning. But for now, the evening should be ours, don't you think?"

The two ponies stood, and started walking for home. When the morning came, they would have to face the bustle of real life.

But, for now, their world consisted only of each other.

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