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1940409 Thank you for your appreciation.

1940779 Its well written, too... I can't imagine why someone would outright DISLIKE it.
You did good man. Thumbs up.

1940943 I can think of a couple reasons. It has unfamiliar narrative, and it's awfully contrived, even for a sadfic.

Even so, I'm happy I wrote it, and especially happy you enjoyed it.

fiXDbayonets sent me here. This is some sad shit but very good.

Was Rarity kidnapped, or murdered? That description did it for me, in the worst way.

You goddamn fucking asshole

I apologize for the previous comment. I reread the story drunk. Massive sad feels. Good stuff

2132398 No worries, I thought the comment was hilarious.

You need to get this story out there. This work of art should have much more recognition than it does.

Thank you, but right now I'm much more focused on working on my other story. Besides, there isn't much I can do to promote this story that I haven't already done.

I guess you guys get hipster cred for liking this story.

sevean is alwaya the hardesat:fluttercry:

iam bakce. that taime again. saddest storey i have everw raed. true talente. god bless ypou:pinkiesad2:
Edit: freom this point on i will edit the dates of reading to cons3reve spacek
19/04/2013 Yet again i ame bakce. My brother Evan (fiXDbayonets) joined me in a reading and th e shareing of the feels
26/05/2013 Back again. made it over a motnh this tiame

This story has been reviewed by The Equestrian Critics Society.

Story Title: Auld Lang Syne

Author: Wandering Writer

Reviewed by: Scramblers and Shadows

The main trouble with Auld Lang Syne is its lack of cohesion. The deaths are unrelated. Their occurrence over a space of just ten years is contrived. The only explanation seems to be that the Elements were very, very unlucky. The causal flow of the story is simply that Pinkie's friends die independently of one another and that makes her sad. Ultimately, the narrative structure and the thematic links between numbers and sections, though clever, are not strong enough to hold it together.

Full Review

Score: 5/10


Thank you for taking the time and effort to review my story.

thats waht gives it all the feles. NO siniaster plot or anythign just sad shit ahppening
when you get to taht point where killing and having peopel yo u know and love are taken from your life and you feel very liitle if anyting its nice to know you still have some emotions. Thats what this stoy does. it make sme feel real fukcing sad and thats better than nothign at all

BAck again. been a long imte. good job . reminds me im still alive. tahnk you

Good Story. Cheers.

Very well written, but it does seem a bit odd that they all die within ten years. Either way, I really enjoyed this. Continue writing! :pinkiesmile:

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