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Is meeting your hero always such a good thing? How can they ever live up to your image of them if you view them on a pedestal?

While attending Daring Do's panel at a convention in Canterlot, Rainbow Dash wins a contest. The prize? A chance to join the famed archaeologist's team as an assistant on her next expedition. Naturally, Rainbow Dash is thrilled at the idea of an adventure with Daring Do, knowing that the archeologist bases her books on real events. As Rainbow gets to know Daring and her rag tag team of explorers though, she gets the feeling of dissent among the ranks.

Soon, the expedition proves to be more dangerous than anticipated, with a mysterious and dangerous cult after the same artifact as Daring. Rainbow Dash has to stop them while facing the reality that Daring Do may not be the hero her books make her out to be.

Big, big shout out to IFLYSNA94 on Deviantart for letting me use his cute art!

Also, I am well aware of the existence of the S4 episode of the same name (having been keeping up with the show like any self-respecting Brony). At the time of conceiving/writing this story though, I had no idea there would even be another Daring Do episode!

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>tfw a story with 9 likes makes it onto the featured box.


Twilight exclaimed, giving her wings a restless shuffle.

Gratuitous twilicorn! Booooo! :raritydespair:

“Yes, during the Lunar War, it’s been said that Nightmare Moon created a powerful weapon and locked it away in a place called the Lunar Sanctum.” Ancient Rune explained. “The Moonstone acts as a means of locating the Lunar Sanctum and unlocking the weapon within.

Or you could just ask Princess Luna. Granted it's been A While, but I'm sure she'd remember what she did with something like that.

“I know exactly how much trouble we’ll be in: none. That’s why we got her to sign all those legal forms!”

I'm trying to imagine Daring Do explaining to various Princesses how she managed to lose a two-time savior of Equestria and bearer of the Element of Loyalty. "But you can't blame me! I've got these signed legal disclaimers!" Yeahhh... That'll work.

please tell me rainbow hoofs her in th face. she so deserves a hoof to the face.

3453366 Wait, featured box???

On further inspection, my story is most definitely not featured. Either this is a mistake on fimfiction's part, or my story's time in the box was very short lived...


Well, I dunno..


This looks like the featured box to me. It's probably a bug with FimFiction, but still.

Edit: Whoa, big image. Um...You get the point, right?

3454438 Interesting... I wonder why I can't see it.

*exaggerated shrug* Oh well! If it's featured, I ain't complaining! :pinkiehappy:

3454735 It was only up for a few minutes, maybe in the first 30 minutes of the fic getting on the "new stories" list. I have a feeling Fimfiction's algorithms, combined with the 9 immediate likes, put it on the featured box.

...Jeez, I've been rambling a lot today. I need to get that checked.

And no, it's not up right now. It left a couple hours before I posted the picture.

3453402 You do actually raise a good point about the whole Luna knowing where the Lunar Sanctum is thing. Let's just say for the sake of this story that Luna's experience as Nightmare Moon was a lot like a night of heavy drinking: she doesn't remember a lot of it :derpytongue2:

MLP:FiM Episode #69

I'll just leave this here.

3462454 Hmm... WELP! Did not know that was a thing.

To be fair though, I'm not surprised someone else besides me thought of that name.

Huh that Zebras name sounds a lot like Mustafa

It's not number of likes, it's about heat. It's computer based. :ajbemused:

good story still wouldn't considered daring 'redeemed' but good story none the less


Great ending.

Mmmhm! Excellent, even though I don't usually care for stories like this. Faved!:twilightsmile:

Excellent story!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
I would be most honored if this story was in this group: The MLP Fan Club: source for all good fics

3551203 Au contraire: I'm honoured you liked it enough to want it in your group. I've just now added it! :twilightsmile:

3551275 Thank you! :pinkiehappy: My group is for all fics, and I am hoping that soon we will have LOTS of fics. :twilightsheepish: Anyway, thank you for adding it. It is a pleasure.

The freaky part? Daring Don't turns out to be the title of the Season 4 episode that just came out. Did you write this as a prediction of the episode's plot, or was this a coincidence?

And Dash is now officially an Ascended Fangirl. We'll never hear the end of it either. :rainbowlaugh: Daring Do herself is also revealed to be a real life figure and much as you say here, she bases her books on her real life adventures. And Dash is now part of the in-universe Daring Do book canon.

3591889 3592717 Complete and total coincidence. I hadn't even heard there was going to be a Daring Do episode when I first conceived this idea!

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

Did you knew that your title was used as the title of the 4th episode of the season 4 of MLP?


Well, is amazing how close this is to the episode.

This story was awesome! I'm sure a few people have commented about this before but did you know that your story had a similar title to the recent episode of MLP Season 4? There were even some strange similarities in this story to the episode that was just aired.

I particularly loved the beginning of this story with the convention when Rainbow Dash won the contest literally burst out laughing at her reaction to the contest and the ending of this story. Because those would be my exact same reactions if I found out my favorite author from a fantasy book series I enjoy wrote a book series based on their lives. :rainbowlaugh: I give this story a two thumbs up!:pinkiehappy:

3622801 As I've mentioned before, I had no idea there would even be a Daring Do episode in the new season when I wrote this. Suffice to say, I was more than a little surprised when I learned that not only did the new episode share a name with my fic, but even share a couple of the themes and ideas as well!

So, I guess great writers think alike! :rainbowwild:

Was this written before the show revealed Daring Do was a real person?

Because it was shown she writes her adventures under a pseudonym and labels them fiction, and even her biggest fans aren't aware of the fact they're real in that one.

6626000 I humbly refer you to the story description. Or any of the other replies I made to the same question :raritywink:

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