• Published 23rd Apr 2012
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A Friend of the Night - Shotoman

Luna's depressed. She needs friends.

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The celebration was more grand than any Grand Galloping Gala, yet far less exclusive. Ponies from all walks of life crowded the grand hall to see the six mares that saved all of Equestria from the ancient threat of the draconequus Discord. Even more resplendent than usual, Celestia beamed down upon the six relatively plain ponies before her. Luna, however, was nowhere to be seen. Most of the ponies in attendance barely even took notice of her absence; after all, in the months since her return, she had yet to make a public appearance. One unassuming pony within the audience took notice, however, and quietly left before the ceremony had even completed.

Sugar Heart knocked on Luna's door, though she received no response. This didn't surprise her—there was a meteor shower scheduled in a about a week and Luna had a tendency to become fully absorbed in her projects. Sugar Heart tried two more times before nudging the door open and peeking inside. She expected to hear the clacking of beads and the scratch of pen to paper, but there was only silence. Luna was not at her desk. Curious, Sugar Heart entered and looked around. She couldn't imagine she would be anywhere else—except possibly in the sky. Sugar Heart parted the curtains that led out to the balcony and stopped short in surprise. Luna was sitting there, her back to her, gazing up at the stars. “Luna?” Sugar Heart asked. “Are you okay?”

Surprised, Luna turned to face her, and Sugar Heart gave a small gasp at the expression on her face. Though Luna hadn't been crying, there was a definite melancholy there. “Oh, Sugar Heart,” she said, giving a none-too-convincing smile. “What art thou doing here when there is a celebration happening?”

Sugar Heart sat next to the princess. “Well, I did go, but my best friend didn't show up, so I left early.” She laughed a bit at Luna's quizzical expression. “I'm talking about you, silly.”

“We knew that,” Luna said, a small blush appearing on her cheeks.

Sugar Heart turned serious again. “Luna? What's wrong?”

Luna sighed. “Nothing we wish to discuss at this time. Discord brought many old hurts to the surface—and generated a few new ones as well.”

“Do you... want me to leave you alone?”

Luna opened her mouth and closed it several times, apparently having trouble deciding exactly what she wanted. Finally she spoke. “No. Thy company would be most welcome.”

The two ponies sat together in silence for a time, gazing at the stars. For the first time since they met roughly a year back, Sugar Heart was struck with a sense of just how old Luna was. The two princesses who ruled the land were timeless, ageless even. This was of course common knowledge. Yet the weight of those years never seemed to show on either of their countenances. At least, until now.

Sugar Heart began wracking her brain on how she could possibly help her friend through this black spot in her life. Somehow, simply "being there" didn't seem like enough. Luna needed something more. Something to bring her natural smile back. And then suddenly, inspiration. Oh, it was a bad idea, a small portion of her brain reminded her, especially if others found out it was hers, but what were friends for if not to take a few risks for each other now and then? “You know, Luna, it occurs to me that with the big celebration and all, that a good ninety percent of all the castle staff and guards are in the lower levels of the castle.”

“Hmm,” was the only response she got out of Luna.

“Well, that leaves very few ponies up here. Nopony to even suspect if you were to be... up to something?”

Luna gave another noncommittal hum, but then her eyes widened and her mouth made a little 'oh' as the possibilities began to run through her head. She shook her head violently. “No. No. No no no no no. Out of the question. We couldn't possibly... after all that has transpired, 'twould be in terrible taste.”

“You're right, of course. Forget I said anything.” Sugar Heart watched Luna out of the corner of her eye, smirking as her friend's face twitched as more ideas continued to enter her head; ideas which she kept trying rather unsuccessfully to quash.

After several minutes, the two ponies made eye contact with each other again, and this time no words were exchanged. Instead, they shared with each other identical, wide, toothy smiles—complete with the sound of a rubber bath toy being squeezed—before scrambling back inside. After all, there was mischief to be done and a friend to share in it. Who had time to mope?


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lol, the royal squee

Haha, a silly ending to a great friendship story. Bravo and thank you for a wonderful read!

*slow clap* great job boss! While I as always would like to demand MOAR! :flutterrage: , that ending was rather sweet. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for that story.

You even managed to make my stomache stop aching for a little while with all the D'aww

Great story:moustache:. I would love to read more adventures of Luna and Sugar Heart sequel please:applecry:

#1 I freking refreshed refreshed and saw 3 new comments so pissed about not getting first post :flutterrage:
#2 small error in here , but what was were friends for if not to take a few risks for each other now and then?:derpytongue2:

Brilliantly done from beginning to end.

Awesome story, :twilightsmile: though....now it's over :fluttercry::raritydespair:
but really this was a great read, and looking forward to any other fics you write

:pinkiehappy: yay the finale!
:raritycry: noooo its all over...
:pinkiehappy: yay the finale!
:raritycry: noooo its all over...
:pinkiehappy: yay the finale!
:raritycry: noooo its all over...

hee hee, well sad or happy I know one thing, when the celebration ends and the staff return to their places is when the real fun will begin :derpytongue2:

(late edit spelling fix powers go!)

and that concludes the story. I like that they use this opportunity to go and prank the other folks in the castle while they are all distracted.

A very great ending to an excellent story!

Very nice little ending. It's one of those...Bittersweet endings now that it's over though.

Wonderful ending to a fantastically wrought story.
Hopefully the community sees more from you in the future. Thank you so much for an enchanting read.

Twelve thumbs up.

The sound of a rubber bath toy being squeezed. I don't think I ever saw anypony put it on words :pinkiehappy: it's unexpectedly fun

I throughly enjoyed this fic, and am placing it on my favourite of favourites list. I fell in love with Sugar Heart and Luna's relationship, I laughed silly at the pranks - especially the whipped cream one, that was a killer - and more than slightly despaired when Discord came back. It's a shame it's ending. I hoped we could see more of Luna's reactions, especially now that other ponies write their reports too.

Still, I'm really grateful I got to read this, and even more that I caught it before it ended. So, thanks for writing this. You rock (who-hoo):yay:

This may be a little late to say as you probably have been told or found out before this, but I read a story by thunderhawk who wrote called 7th Element. In it there is an OC who is a alicorn who controls death. I like the idea of there being one for sure.

exelent way to end it¡¡

A good ending to a good story. It does wrap things up rather nicely. Leaves the reader (or perhaps just I) with a sense of completion.

I don't wish to be pestering, but... will there be a sequel? Luna's story of when Queen Chrysalis tried to take over perhaps?

713666 oh you have no idea how much I agree with that:twilightsmile:

I don't have any specific plans for a sequel, no. But I'm not necessarily done with Sugar Heart and Luna, either. I'll eventually do a Luna Eclipsed one-shot, for example.

Luna during Chrysalis's invasion may be down the line if I get a good idea for it.

I have but one problem with this chapter.



Dawww =) Good ending!

Aww, I enjoyed this!
In my opinion,this fic was way beyond 'first fic' quality. Please accept my watch and write more for the masses at your beck and heel!

713666 Slight amendment:
:raritycry: NOOO its over
:pinkiehappy: Yay the finally!
:flutterrage: SEQUEL! NOW!

what a great piece this is, Bravo sir!

I enjoyed this, and that's the main point of any story :twilightsmile: thanks for sharing this with us :yay:

What a lovely ending! This whole story has been a great read, both the comic and the heart-wrenchingly serious elements. Great work!

Yay! Very well done! Loved every page, can't wait to see more! Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!:twilightsmile:

Great job, can't wait to see more from you. :moustache:

Yeah. I know. Doesn't change the fact that the actual term used throughout, well, everywhere, is still 'red shirt' :ajsmug:

Very lovely ending to a damn good story. Bravo, good sir, bravo.

713666 Do you mean finale?
714303 I feel sorry for Celestia with those two causing mischief:rainbowlaugh:

Super caramel candy sweet ending to a funny and btw. great story :pinkiehappy: On the down side: Eh... and again a favorite story ends :fluttercry: Still it brought me lots of fun during the read :rainbowkiss:

I wonder what it would sound like if Luna did the squee using The Voice.

A foghorn, maybe?

Hooray! I really liked the story! =D

Nice way to end it. ^^

Great work on this all the way through.

Yay, happy ending! I'm looking forward to more from you.

I am only sad in the respect that this story, like all good tales, must come to an end. I will miss watching the favorite box for continuing updates though I couldn't ask for a better way for the story to end. I encourage you to write more because it would be a shame if the world was left without more of your words. The plot was an excellent thing devised clearly with chapters in mind that would end in such a place that we couldn't help but speculate for the future and lovingly complain that we would have to wait to continue the tale. You wrote a sound story that had me in laughter at many parts and shows great attention paid to the pacing and story plot. So from me a thanks for writing a compelling tail that lasted me a long time, I mourn its passing but would not that it would end any other way.

I'll certainly see what I can do--I see where you're coming from and kinda agree--but at this particular moment I'm just kinda drawing a blank on how to properly fix it...

1. Loved the squee
2. Sad the story is over, but the end was beautiful:raritystarry:

What was Docter Hooves part in this story? Why was he there? :rainbowhuh:

But anyway, amzing ending to an amazing story. :pinkiehappy:

He was just a fun little cameo. Admittedly a bit of lighthearted trolling on my part, though as far as this story goes, I imagined him as a semi-normal "student of history" who just happened to act like the Doctor.

A lot of this is material I've read before (not only because it progressed in time with the episodes). I did very much enjoy Sugar Heart's part, though. I've seen the princesses making OC friends before, but it was still good.

I wish more people would write stories of the Mane Cast making other friends. They can't spend every day only seeing each other, right?

Anyway, good story. Very Slice of Life, which I enjoy.

Ah well, all good things come to an end.

My good sir, this is probably the best (and my favorite :trollestia:) story I've read on here. This shall never leave my favorites. EVER. :flutterrage:

Awesome story and chapter 9 explains why Celestia didn't help in any other way than sending the letters to Twilight.
I enjoyed reading this story very much :twilightsmile:

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