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just a brony looking to entertain the masses

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HEY GUYS IVE BEEN THINKING THIS WRITING THING IT ... IT ISNT FOR ME. I HAVE NO TIME FOR IT BETWEEN WORK AND DRAWING COMISSIONS FOR TUMBLR. SO MY STORY "the magic of music" is up for grabs. whoever wants it can have it and do what ever with just message me and who ever is chosen out of a hat gets it good luck!!!!
:heart:thriving for blood

I took off the story. now no one shall see that so called joke:applecry:

FINISHED MY STORY!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:SOOOOO HAPPY.wow im going insane:rainbowlaugh:


I heartily thank you, good sir! Please, your opinion would be highly valuable for a writer like me, if you have the time, please do stop by the comments and contribute! :scootangel:

Thanks, again.

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