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Ink Mark

I'm Just A Women Who Loves Mlp My Name Is One Of My Fan Made Charaters! I'm Also On Haten My Usernam Is CobaltWolf.


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Why Hello. Im Ink Mark Im a New Member Of This Site And I'm Trying To Already To Create A Story! All Im Saying That It Includes Twilight,Celestia,Luna,And Nightmare Moon.

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dude haven't heard from u in a while everything ok?:rainbowderp:

Don't worry about the hate mail bro. I get it some times to. Don't write for the one who dislike, write for the ones who like it. if you have no like troll them, TROLL THEM ALL.:pinkiehappy:

Well I was following peoples pages for this story but never rmind I suppose.

uh guy i kinda agree with the other guys spacing and you jump to some things in the story try to make each entry 1000 words and not the whole thing a thousand i think it would have been better if the whole story was 1 chap and the rest was the story of how she became this way but overall good story and finally PROOF READ that microscope mistake was bad

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