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Princess Luna is back! Purified by the elements, restored to her proper self, and reunited with her sister, the younger alicorn tries to stabilize herself in an Equestria that is not how it once was.

This is a collection of stories.

Back in the Royal Saddle: Luna's first act as returning Princess is to choose the two lucky stallions who will act as her personal guard.

A Week With a Loon: Luna takes over control of Canterlot, so that her dear sister may take a vacation.

Balanced: Luna takes on young Twilight Sparkle as her student.

Of Night Light's and Sound Waves: Luna is "persuaded" to go out at night and explore Canterlot.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 161 )

Its pretty good. I always enjoy a good Luna story. I also very much enjoyed the crying guards running out of the room. Can't wait to see the next one.

I enjoyed that! :twilightsmile: Looking forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

I laughed so hard. Good job! :trollestia:

There's not enough work like this around ^^ Carry on

First incoherent shriek of protest against Luna's "ursurpation" (to be followed by general slanderous utterances casting aspersions on her moral character and demands that she release the ponies' beloved Sun Princess right this instant!!!) in 3...2...1...

I like it. Please continue.

Really really awesome pun. I loved it. Can't wait for more!

“Would you two just hurry up and kiss?”
Don't we wish!

Spike knows about us? And what we write?

Emotion-based magic is as fascinating as ever. Love this story and I'd rather not wait for more!

Luna: Levitate the teacup.
Twilight: :twilightangry2: *teacup levitates*

Interesting premise on the other type of magic.

Very good so far. Though her coat turned white, not orange.:pinkiehappy:

>Flour Salad Extravagant
shouldn't that be "Flower Salad?"
>must bid you ado, Princess.
He's speakin' fancy! :ajsmug: It should be "adieu"

Really good story!


Thank you both for your suggested corrections.

When she inquired about the whereabouts of her brother, Shining Armor, she found out that he was away with his current charge on a diplomatic mission. Nor would they tell her who that charge was.Twilight, for obvious reasons, was suspicious, but decided not to pursue it.

Well, she DID want the book over there...WHAM!

Nicely nicely.

I'm looking forward to tonight's lessons - and what Celestia will say when she finds out about who Luna's been impersonating. :trollestia:, and I don't know which sister that is!

Sometimes the ones who focus on little things, such as how magic works, come up with the greatest stories...

Oh, this will set every pony on their ears... :rainbowkiss:

“Why does she even need sunglasses?” That completely slipped past me.
What does God need with a starship? :rainbowderp:

This should be interesting. Twilight, the most "grown-up" of the Elements, now has to reach out and bring back her inner child.
I WANT IT! =WHAM!= :rainbowlaugh: Good start.

Plenty of 'DAWWWW' moments here. I like it.

Hmm. Trixie. This could be ... interesting.:trixieshiftright:

So what would Trixie's catalyst be? Shame? Selflessness?

Wow... Trixie having Shame as a catalyst would be scary...

That was a great read! I loved the part where Luna realized that Starswirl passed down the knowledge in such a clever way, I had a suspicion of him knowing Night Magic, but didn't think too much on it. Good show! :rainbowkiss:

The battle between Discord and Twilight was very intense, and did good job of showing that Discord is both just as silly and dangerous as he should be, and I think the lesson Luna taught her new student is a good one to learn. Almost wishing that she had learned that before the whole "Eternal Night" incident.

Nothing noted for real spelling errors, because I spent more of my focus on the story then anything else, but I did see one thing that stood out.
Princess Luna blushed a bit. “It...may be something we disguised as we read over your letters together.”

And I see what you did there with Blueblood. :pinkiegasp: Making a blog post for what we want to see first when I dare say you have your sights set on Blueblood being haunted! Sneaky writer!

The epilogue didn't exactly surprise me with Trixie being involved, but the fact she started with 50 students is glorious! Can't wait to see where you take Luna teaching an entire room of students, and I am really curious to how Trixie handles the last test of Luna.

Again, a wonderful read and I can't wait to see whatever part you're bringing up next.

Just please don't sick the Tickle Mist on me, my feet like to spring out when tickled, and I think everyone wants to keep their teeth. :pinkiecrazy:

Well aren't you clever, figuring me out.

But did you find EVERYTHING of interest amongst my intricate system of hints and shout outs, I wonder. Mwahahahahaha!

And also, thank you for pointing out that slight typo. Thanks Auto-correct, you work in mysterious ways.

TwiDash implications. LunaStar implications though my mind keeps going to a simple "More then Teacher/Student less then lovers" vibe. Surprise visiting. More implications of Big Mac being a kid at heart.

And last but not least, implications that Twilight Sparkle may be enjoying Night Magic more then what Celestia has taught her.

If there are others, I shall find them! But not today, my son is acting up again.

But sometime soon! :pinkiecrazy:

Very cute, definitely going to browse more of your stuff.

i shall henceforth Favorite this story.

It had a little of everything in it. Kodos to you.

830192 There are many weird and unnatural mysteries to be told. Like...

"Why do sensible bronies write dark fanfics?" and "How did an episode like A Canterlot Wedding ever become a hit?"

Didn't care for the season 2 finale I take it?:rainbowlaugh:

Actually, we could take a page from the Serenity movie:
"Do you know what your sin is?"
"Hell, I'm a fan of all seven. But I'm gonna have to go with Wrath!"
Trixie's would be Pride. As I see her, it fits.


But A pony's catalyst uis most often the oppossite of their normal demeanour. Trixie is always pridefull and brash, so the opposite would be shame or humility. I can totaly see Trixie going on a rampage fueled by her shame.

830845 Whoever wrote "Cupcakes" will forever live in infamy. :twilightangry2:

What most people - and ponies - don't know is there are monarchs who'd rather have guards who think for themselves and will speak their minds, rather than be suck-ups. And we've just seen Luna's one of them.:yay:

The author of "Cupcakes" deserves a trip to the moon. :flutterrage:

Not shame, but insecurity. It will drive you to cover it up, so nopony finds out. :trixieshiftleft:
Let's just say I understand that all too well, and leave it there. :trixieshiftright:

831275 It goes against the grain.:rainbowdetermined2:

I found it fine if you either
A) Pretend she isn't an Alicorn and just out it in your head that Twilight and Shining Armor drifted apart.
B) Stand alone movie in alternate dimension.

awesome! although, now that i have tasted twiluna in this story; i hope that twi continues to have a big part in the story:pinkiehappy:

I assume it's safe to believe from the "Incomplete" tag we'll be seeing more of this story? Please, please, please? :pinkiehappy:

I for one, liked it.

Lol not really, it just killed what I think of cupcakes.

still not as bad as Rainbow Factory


There will be more, no worries. I'm working on A Week With A Loon as we speak. :pinkiehappy:

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