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Pirates come in many forms, some seek fame, some adventure, some to live as they please and others soully for the lust of gold. From five worlds five vary different pirates are brought to equestria. But they all have two things in common. They are pirates and the fate of the world rests on them.

"Names Edward Kenway, will you sign on lads?"

"I'm Monkey D.Luffy. I'm king of the Pirates!"

"I am Don Karnage! The most feared air pirate to ever fly the skies!"

"When you get to the ground tell them Naithan Zackery sent you!"

"Why I'm Captain Jack Sparrow. I'm sure you heard of me."

Equestria is in trouble....

And these five are its only hope. Join them as they set sail to rescue the princess of equestria from a evil villain bent on destroying the world...

Edited by iliekstuff

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NOTICE: I feel I need to say this to avoid confusion the only ponies turned human are Sunset and the Dazzlings all other charcters are the human world version of them and have neither the memories or experience of their pony counter parts. The Twiligt in this story was the Twilight that at the end of Rainbow rocks in glasses. Not the princess pony one. Thank you for your time.

Having finished high school at Canterlot high Sunset goes to College with the human Twilight. While Twilight studies mostly established fields of science, Sunset focuses on the paranormal after hearing of the heroics of the Ghostbusters in New York. Shortly after they finish their studies, and return to Canterlot, they get wind of numerous unexplained and ghostly events. After getting the gang together Twi and Sunny head out on a road trip in Vinyl and Pinkie's failed party bus to ask the Ghostbusters to investigate. Due to having just finished dealing with the events of the games the Ghostbusters offer the girls the option of franchising rather then just a simple investigation trip. So they help them set up the bus as Ecto-16 and set up in Canterlot.

Now the new Ghostbusters of Canterlot must take on a rising hoard of ghosts. Join Adgio Dazzle the team leader, Aria Blaze the badass, Sonata Dusk the slime exorcist, Rainbow Dash the driver and awesomest of all, Applejack the mechanic, Sunset Shimmer the field expert, and Twilight Sparkle the labtech, secretary, bookkeeper and boss. As they face of with demonic power of the Nightmare Moon and her legions of the dead!

Joint project of myself and Bryan Luna

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Alexander was a pokemon breeder specialised in Eevees now after Arcus in his infinite wisdom made him a Eevee and separated from his pokemon partners and his Eevee's he was raising. Now he has to find his teams... And on the way take in any and all lost and alone Eevees he finds..... Oh and be the most badass and epic Eevee he can. Not hard when Arceus left him his hat and jacket the latter of witch had a hidden pocket of TMs which he missed a few, the pokemon good ether let him keep or missed missed them.... (No mons perfect) He maybe a Eevee but he still was the Demon of Orre, and no pokemon will bully him even if he is a Eevee he is still a Orre trainer.

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Eque, home of the magical beings of many species. Ponies, Griffins, Dragons, and so on. But the thirst for knowledge is unyielding, wanting to travel the among the stars...though, it all went wrong, when a mission, ignites a war without understanding.

Can the war end with Understanding, or Which side will take it all.

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