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Sup, I'm the guy who invented the combustible lemon.


I'm Running-Out of Google Images! · 6:56pm Dec 5th, 2013

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I saw your comment on marking, is he really abandoning ssie? That was my favorite fic!:raritycry:

816931 Oh, and happy Halloween man.

816931 Damn... Okay, well I'd appreciate to get it done soon, 'cause I'm going to be coming out with a new story probably in about 2 weeks or so. Don't rush yourself, but if you have the time, just please take some time to do it. I don't want to put too much on your plate though, that'll lead to stress. Once you have too much stress, gotta take a break, and then it's usually a really long one.

Sadly, maybe a month or two.... Or maybe a few days, depends on when I get started on it...

815353 Not tryin' to rush you, but how long do you think this would take?

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