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Rough Draft is a senior in Canterlot High who writes Star Wars fan fiction and dreams of finding love. He's also the only person in the entire school who still doesn't believe that Sunset Shimmer is reformed even after she helped defeat the Dazzlings. While everyone praises Sunset Shimmer for becoming such a good person, he believes that deep down she's waiting for another oppertunity to strike. Why? He doesn't want to say. But things may be turning to look his way when his friends convince him to come to Pinkie Pie's party and he meets a certain cellist.

Set a couple of weeks after the events of Rainbow Rocks.

And if any of you are wondering, no; Rough Draft is not a self insert character.

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Soarin why did you have to jinx it.:facehoof:

Soarin, don't jinx it. :facehoof:

This is a great story. Not many Octavia Equestria Girls Romance stories on here. I hope to see more

7651682 Thank you very much! Don't worry, there's plenty more. ;)

7651687 Why are the first 2 chapters posted this year and the last chapter was posted last year?

7652224 I started writing this over a year ago and I accidentally press published by mistake with the third chapter while working on it. I had only officially submitted this story last night.

Another great epi- fu-


Another great chapter comrade... I'm not Russian, I just haven't said that in a while. I'll be looking forward to the next epi- er, chapter

I wonder what The Dazzlings did, can't wait

Let me guess: the romance is between Sunset and Rough Draft.

I'm sorry, I thought this was a story about a guy letting go of his grudge with Sunset Shimmer, not an OCxOctavia fic with Sunset Shimmer being mentioned once or twice. Every time her name is brought up. I think "Oh, yeah, Sunset's in this story, isn't she? I almost forgot!" Where is the focus?!

7669644 patience. Sunset Shimmer's role develops as the story progresses.

Pinkie giving the puppy dog look. Yeah, I'd die if that was ME she was doing that to

7670334 We all would dude. We all would.

so this story is about some dick head OC self insert who dont belive sunset has changed

7670521 Not quite. Keep in mind that this is only the first few chapters.

7670521 and Rough Draft is not a self insert.

I loved the part where Rough Draft just started yelling on how Sunset is using everyone. To me, it was right timing when she said, "Teach her about the Magic of Friendship." I said this once and I'll say it again. You can't teach everyone, especially former villains, the Magic of Friendship. That's like putting fire out with gasoline. It won't work, it'll just make it worse. That's not optimism, it's mental illness.

Let's hope it's a good reason as to why he still hates Sunset... because right now, I think he's being completely irrational.

don't tell me you'll use the whole anon-a-miss scenario here.. it just BS and also obviously pushing Rough into either 'i told you so' or 'i knew it, she needs to be taught a lesson' territory.

At this point, I'm just waiting to see how long it will take for him to eat his words...:ajbemused:

Woah I just realized, you have a picture. Did you draw that yourself, because DAMN, that is gooood! Artist to Artist fam, but... why is Rough Draft's arm a little... small?

7694141 Why thank you very much! And yeah, I made this. Officially speaking I'm a fan artist for both pony and Amourshipping (a pokemon ship). Have a look. http://hakdurbin.deviantart.com/ :twilightsheepish:

And yeah, I see now that I drew his arm to be a little too short. Oops. Ah well, don't be perfect all the time. Am I right? :raritywink:

7694794 I feel you, I'm actually an artist myself. I would post a picture on here, but I'm using my phone, plus it's the middle of the night. Don't worry, I'll post it in the morning

7695652 Though I recommend taking art class, it'll help with your artist skills. I'm actually taking it as an elective in my high school and already I know so much, gestural lines, contour lines, focal points, etc.

7695664 Maybe someday. Right now I'm just focused on this on top of college and (eventually) moving.

7695694 Ah, I see. Well good luck to you and your future

Just asking, does Sunset have some sort of crush on Rough Draft?

7746801 Sorry it took a bit to respond. Anyway, You'll just have to see what I write.

Wow, that ball went a.... downhill.... *bad pun is bad*

No but seriously this was a great chapter, especially love Drunk Luna because... she drunk, and those games that the fandom randomly created, yeah cuz Luna playing games is totally a thing fandom, good job!

Blueblood had it coming him and personally if I was there I would've just drop kicked his ass XD. And I honestly don't get why Octavia bit her thumb, probably a high class thing. All I gotta say is:

"Oh and by the way," she begins. "I want to make it clear that as much as I appreciate some of you who are good friends with my parents, there are others who I'm just as glad to have moved away from as I am with your beloved 'prince of Manehattan.' So please understand that I only mean this to those of you who aren't friends of my parents in the most lady-like way when I say..."

Without another word she bites her thumb at everyone in the ballroom causing all of them to exclaim in shock.

7886069 I'm not sure I get the downhill pun...

Basically, thumb biting, is a Shakespearean version of flipping someone the bird and saying "nanny nanny boo boo." It's an immature gesture that's not very offensive today, but given that the high society people are very old fasioned, it was enough to insult them and embarass Tempo.

Yeah glad you liked what I did with Luna. I kind of like some of the dialogue I gave her about how passionate she is about what happened to her games.

*Chuckles* I can imagine her putting on sunglasses and a leather jacket and walking away to that music.

The art link is broken, please fix it. Is it just me, or does Rough Draft kind of look like Dan from Dan Vs.? I think it's the hair.

Okay, thank you for letting me know. And I've never heard of Dan Vs., so if Rough Draft looks like the character, it's unintentional.

So what is wrong with the picture link? I'm clicking source and all that stuff right now and it's working fine.

Well you're going down the Amon A miss road...Let's see how things go, and what happens.

Great... Anon-a-Miss. I was hoping this AU wouldn't have to deal with it. Well, fingers crossed that someone -other than Rough Draft- believes that Sunset isn't Anon-a-Miss.


Ah no! Anon-A-Miss! :facehoof: Great........THAT road.......good thing Rough Draft isn't skeptical of her anymore.

Well, I hope he's proud of himself... :ajbemused:

I hope the CMC are proud of themsevles as well, they ruined three lives and how many more.

Really ticked off you had Sunset forgive them so easily, as for Octi I hope she regrets what she done and hope he rejects her.

Frankly, while I can understand why you'd feel that way, would you really expect any less from Sunset Shimmer even in the films or the comic?

Maybe oh the maincharacter yeah understand why she forgave him, he was stupid but with what Octi did, and disappointed in Vinyl as well.
Sighs this is a huge mess the CMC did, hope they realize how much damage they caused.

Does he still have that gift? Love to see him slam it in front of Octi on a table and storm off, sure that proof will be enough.
What ever they get back together or she blew it, or if he'll be friends with any of the others in the club still or not...Man.

Like i said it's a huge mess hope the CMC hear all this and realize they really really REALLY screwed up.

Rarity really makes me feel SICK!:pinkiesick:

i'm tire of her the way she acts Rarity...GROW UP!
I mean Rough draft was tricked by Susnet, Susnet was the oen who ruined her dress and all, yet she forgave her, she forgave ehr little sister for what she did, but Rough draft.

Element of generosity....HA!

Place rarity pay for treating rough draft so badly?

The suspense is agonizing.... especially since I'm aching to see Rarity and Vinyl eat crow for their treatment of Rough Draft....

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