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A spiritual rewrite of the deleted story 'A Shimmering Memory'. Sunset has decided to take drastic measures after being accused of being Anon-a-Miss. She finds family with the most unlikely of people.

This is the basis for Sunset's outfit. Credit goes to Marty Scurll for the design

Chapters (9)

This is a 2-in-1 featuring Twilight and Sunset. The first six chapters are about Twilight's life while the remaining feature Sunset. The pair of interludes provide secondary information about events in the story.
Characters include:
Twilight Sparkle
Princess Luna
Sunset Shimmer
Humane Seven (NO Sci-Twi)
Vinyl Scratch (both Equestria Girls & original)
Bat ponies (Thestrals)
Star Swirl the Bearded
There are references to the Batman Vampire comics and the Cirque du Freak book series by Darren Shan.

Credit goes to Vector-Brony

Chapters (17)

This was a rewrite of a previous story 'Death in Equestria'. A Displaced story that IS NOT part of the 'Displaced-verse'. To differ this from the actual Death the Kid; I took the loberty of creating new abilities

Profane language will be used at times
This is an anthro story as hands are easier to write
Ownership goes to Atsushi Okubo for Soul Eater and Lauren Faust and Hasbro for My Little Pony
If you do happen to dislike this; please explain why. I'd like to hear an honest opinion

Chapters (10)

A story about the loss of a family member. This is actually dedicated to my female dog who just passed away this morning
Rating was changed to feature the 'Death' tag.

Chapters (1)

Another Anon-a-Miss story. After a month of being bullied, Sunset decides to release some pent up frustration and leaves in a blaze of glory.

In this story Twilight is not an alicorn as in the actual Equestria Girls movie. Also, this does not have any connection to either Rainbow Rocks or the Friendship Games

Chapters (3)

Clare and Raki have been sent to Equestria by The Organization to hunt down an Awakened Being. There seems to be mysterious reasons for someone to be sent into an entirely different world.

Chapters (1)

A normal hunan, Brian Dragnov is recovering from a lightning strike that left him permanently scarred is left to watch a MLP marathon. Chaos ensues after Discord boots him into Equestria.
A possible Displaced story, if one chooses to see this as such.

Chapters (58)
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