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Bedridden for much of her childhood, Valerie H. Sperling finds herself waking up in the body of Sailor Moon, also known as Usagi Tsukino, lowkey her favorite superpowered heroine. Aided by a miniaturized Princess in a world slightly off from her own, the newly made Sailor Scout will fight for truth and justice!

Even if she can't spell it...

Displaced. Humanized MLP(to an extent).

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Cool, a Displaced :)

.....its about time:rainbowkiss:

Awesome someone actually did a sailor Moon displaced

aouto to shelf for Sailor Moon.
start is above neutral, but we'll see if good in a few chapters.

curious start, lets see where you go from here

..Strange, I thought there'd be more chapters considering the positive comments/likes.

Updates are slow due to interruptions irl.

“...You weren’t one of my little ponies, so we’ll need to find my ‘Palace’ as soon as humanly possible!”

Don't you mean ponyly possible?
Nice start, and I know ponyisems can be hard.

I don't think 'ponyly' would work. I'd think they'd just say 'fast as possible'. Maybe 'equinely' instead.

I reasoned it because lil' Princess, the only pony in the scene, is sorta miniature and slow. She might also just adapt well to other customs around other races due to politics. Still, you do make a good point, I'll see about changing that later.

Why did you stop writing this story?

It's temporary. I'm still writing it I'm just taking extremely long pauses.

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