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What happens when a visitor from the Undiscovered West visits Equestria?

An event that will change the Kingdom forever. Secrets get exposed, Old friends are reunited, dimensions get crossed. plans ruined, And the sun may never rise again.

Will twilight sparkle be able to fight an enemy that has been training for over 1000 years.

( I started writing this before season 9 aired. I will continue writing it as if season 9 never happened. )

Artwork by Pridark

Chapters (15)
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Its a good start! Hope to read some more in the future.


Thanks, I have many plans for the story

It is alive. And I plan to release chapter 3 much sooner. Like the end of this month. Thanks for waiting :twilightsmile:

Before I read this, I must know: What do the events of Season 9 have to do with the events of this story?


I started writing it before season 9 aired so it exists before season 9 in a alt-reality where season 9 didn't happen

He really needs to work on self control, screaming and yelling while in a confined space while people are sleeping shows a complete disregard for others, and makes him extremely susceptible to mind games in a fight. All someone has to do is say something he doesn't like and he flies off the handle yelling like a 11 year old brat who got his xbox taking away.


Very true. It could be a result of him being royalty. However I believe that by the time he started yelling he knew that he was in twilights silence bubble. The same one from amending fences. In the story I wanted to do a redemption arc. But I figured I would show The downfall as well. So I wanted to show more of who he was before needing to be redeemed. I hope you stick with the story because the gala is coming!!!!


Part of the story is going to be about him learning self control. He is going to grow before the end of the story.

I'm just gonna ask this now. Why does the pony in the thumbnail have paws?


He is a Lycan. Half pony, half-wolf.

However, they do use pearls. (the ones from the movie) to change into pony forms to keep their kingdom a secret.

Rarity giggled. “I am so excited! I have not made a suit for a stallion ever since I had that accident with Big Mac.”

I wonder what this accident with Big Mac was...


Thank you. Somepony noticed, lol

That may be addressed in a future chapter.

So where did you come up with lycans anyway?


Lycans are another way of saying Wolf-Pony but I thought it sounded cooler. I was always curious about how Equestria would react to a meat eating species and would they be able to work with them.

So what better way to show that than a wolf-pony hybrid. One that is the exact opposite of Equestria. And to have Equestria need to figure out if they can indeed work together.

My OC is also an alicorn but he has his powers taken away so he has to earn them back.


it feels like it, I posted chapter 5 in March of 2020. It has been almost a year.

Does he remain half wolf when/if he gets those powers back?


He remains half wolf throughout the fanfic. He starts off as an alicorn Lycan. “Something happens” and Celestia takes his powers away as punishment. So he loses his wings and his magic. So he becomes an earth Lycan. (An earth pony with fangs) but he does stay a Lycan he has no magic and no wings.

Then I imagine that this is going to be a long fanfic.


Kind of but I was thinking about breaking it into smaller stories and posting them as different stories. But I might let it be one very long story.


In my notes the main story is split into different Arcs. The first Arc is the gala and is going to be about 26 to 30 chapters. I have at least 3 arcs planned so it might be 90 chapters. So I was thinking about splitting the arcs into separate stories.

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