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The final battle with the dreaded Old One, Pharaoh 90, ends with the monster dead and Sailor Saturn gone.

But that is not the end of her adventures as she is thrown from her own universe into another, one that is full of technicolor ponies.

Now in Equestria, the Solider of Death and Rebirth becomes one of Equestria's defenders. Yet something may have followed her, something that may end up destroying her new home.

AU of Sailor Moon S

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Interesting. I look forward to see what happens next.

Dat pic! I can see her cooch cover. :rainbowderp:

Weak, unimaginative story title, misspelled "Prologue", and is that a dakimakura you're using as cover art? Really?

As to the actual story...

Your writing needs a little work. It's not bad, but you need to proofread more carefully. If I had to use one word to describe the prologue here, it's "average". It gets the job done and it's good practice for you to continue, so by all means do. I personally won't be reading this, your prologue just didn't do the job of grabbing my attention, but I have no doubt you'll find a decent sized audience for this.

I like the story, but the pacing is too fast and the cover art is on the perverted side.

Hmm... it's alright but, it's not my kind of fiction I guess. Where there is bold letters and slant letters (I use slant letters for someone who wrote the message on a piece of paper.) then there is caps it hurt my eyes when reading it.

Lets move on to the character development...

Sailor Saturn is way off.

As I said, it is a bit AU, also Saturn was kind of pissed off when Pharaoh 90 threatened Chibi-Usa.

Interesting beginning. I always love the rage power up thing. Looking forward to the next chapter.

I like your idea a lot.can't wait to see what you do.

I've always had a theory about these two series and their connections...

Besides the obvious.

The fact all of Minimoons transformation CRYSTALS are heart shaped helps that theory...

But lately I have a new theory...who were Celestia and Lunas parents?

Well that answers Celestia. Then I wondered about Luna since it doesn't quite fit and I remembered...

So..Half Sisters?It would explain Lunas Nightmare form too...the extra power needed.

One day I really need to make a fic about this actually...hmmm...maybe one where Helios is Celestias son?

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