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It all began with a Pony starting a break out.

That is the story that is well known. But behind the scenes is the story of rebellion, of plots with in plots. the real story of the events of My Brave Pony Starfleet Magic Season VI as Gale 'Windy Bag' Sternbreeze builds up her forces for the Great Equestrian Rebellion. Her plan was not one of a insane pony, but of a pony who wanted what all beings want: FREEDOM!

Secrets, Lies, Corruption and Rebellion. This is the true story of the events.

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This story is a sequel to Power Rangers SUPER Starfleet (Starfleet Humans)

After The defeat of the dreaded Vulcan and his monster army, The prisoners have been sent  back to the Dimensional Universe, only for a freak wormhole to send the infamous Dazzlings back to the Starfleet Humans Universe, in the Cetus Dwarf Galaxy. there they soon become the target of The dreaded Khu'sun Horde and the vile Pirate-Admiral Tethys!

Joined by a Alien island princess, a lost suffer dude and a alien scientist, the three former villains now have a chance to redeem themselves for all their actions and save the Local Group of Galaxies from the iron fist of the Khu'sun. To do this they have to use the mysical powers they have found on a old space ship and become The newest teem of Power Rangers!


Power Rangers is owned by Saban
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls are owned by Hasbro.
Mykan’s My Brave Pony: Starfleet and Starfleet Humans are the creation of DakariKingMykan


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Twilight Sparkle, Spike and Starlight Glimmer take a vacation to a sea side town in The Griffin Kingdoms. It is there that they meet a old Griffon who has made the discovery of the century.

Only problem is he doesn't know how to put it back.

Based on the story A Warning to the Curious by the famed Ghost Story writer M.R. James.

Cover art by Purple Patch

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The final battle with the dreaded Old One, Pharaoh 90, ends with the monster dead and Sailor Saturn gone.

But that is not the end of her adventures as she is thrown from her own universe into another, one that is full of technicolor ponies.

Now in Equestria, the Solider of Death and Rebirth becomes one of Equestria's defenders. Yet something may have followed her, something that may end up destroying her new home.

AU of Sailor Moon S

Chapters (1)

Chrysalis, former Queen of the Changelings, lays in exile plotting to take revenge on her enemies and to take back what is hers. But she is alone in her plans.

or is she?

A mysterious being talks from the Shadows with promises of revenge and dark justice....for a price.

Will Chrysalis accept? does she even have a choice?

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