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Twilight Sparkle, Spike and Starlight Glimmer take a vacation to a sea side town in The Griffin Kingdoms. It is there that they meet a old Griffon who has made the discovery of the century.

Only problem is he doesn't know how to put it back.

Based on the story A Warning to the Curious by the famed Ghost Story writer M.R. James.

Cover art by Purple Patch

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You're probably the first writer on this website (apart from your truly) to ponify the work of M.R. James.

If I've read this correctly you've incorporated references to further ghost stories of his: namely Number 13, The Treasure of Abbot Thomas and Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You.

Thanks, I also see that you saw the Easter eggs I had in the story, well, almost all of them.


Was there one to 'A View from a Hill' or.... (goes to check his copy of Collected Ghost Stories) A Neighbour's Landmark; perhaps one from Martin's Close.

The Ash trees on the mound is a small nod to the story "The Ash Tree"

Sorry. I was focusing on the execution story and the apparition in the graveyard.

I'll say this: you definitely put a lot of thought and hard work into the story. That being said, I noticed several spelling errors throughout, but I'm not too keen on my old grammar nazi ways. I can point you in the direction of a spellchecker, if you'd prefer?

Anytime. Also, sorry about the whole comment flood on your blog. I won't deny my part, but...

H-How was my speech, though?

Aww, just a bit? I put my heart and soul into it! D:

JK; I respect your opinion. :rainbowwild:

Oh my god, I just realized Professor Rhodes was the warning in question!

"HEY! Y'know what?! Ya really need to, deugh, uh, you really need to stay away from that crown, because it'll KILL YOU!

"Okay, just wanted you to know!" :twilightsmile:


Also as an Easter Egg, Rhodes own name is in fact based on the name of The writer of the Story it is based on: Montague Rhodes James

What's A Warning to the Curious about?

See the video, it has the full original story

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