When rumors start circulating that Princess Celestia has become pregnant, Twilight is quick to dismiss the rumors as impossible. However, when Celestia confirms the rumors to be true, it becomes quite clear to the Princess of Friendship that something is terribly wrong.

EDIT 7/8/2016: This got featured?! Wow, I am really happy about that!

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Comments ( 107 )

Well then, that was creepy as hell. Pretty sure that's what you were going for so bravo.

7374140 Yes, indeed. Creepy was what I was aiming for. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

I've never seen a better romance.

nice to see some lovecraftian style Horror good work

Genuinely creepy and well-written, although I feel like the pacing and resolution could have been slowed down a little bit.

Actually had a great time reading it, great job it was some pretty cool horror

Wow that was cool. Any chance of an sequel?

7375165 Hard to say. The idea for this one just popped into my head while I was watching a session of the Dread RPG. I'm not really sure if I'll write a sequel or not. We'll see, I suppose.

Hella weerd. But intriguing. The masters demand a sequel.

This was quite chilling.

7375237 Glad to hear it. I'm still stunned that this story is getting ANY attention at all, honestly. I uploaded it just before I went to bed last night. Woke up and it's featured. Definitely went beyond my expectations.

7375236 The masters, eh?


Aye. The Masters.

Spooky :3 Really like the concept, and that ending is great! Awesome job here man!

I mean you ended it on a cliffhanger so...

7375240 This was honestly amazing to read. Like, I'm hoping for a sequel, and not just me.

Keep up the good work, and I hope you make a "Father" soon. :rainbowkiss:

This gives me MAJOR Silent Hill 3 flashbacks. You sure this wasn't somehow inspired by it?

7375400 Absolutely positive, for I have never played Silent Hill 3.

7375330 Mwahahahahaaaa... :pinkiecrazy:

Wow, that was dark, but good. I'm heavily reminded of The Darkness and Eve from Supernatural. Was this possibly inspired by either of those powerful female abominations, especially Eve, who claims she's the 'Mother of All'?

I try to tie in just about anything to Supernatural. Fave TV show. Sorry.:derpytongue2:

7375458 Nope. sorry. I have not watched Supernatural, so as such, drew no inspiration from it.

It involves the main character 'giving birth' to this... well...
... 'God'. The image is the being resulting when a cult leader devours the 'God's fetus and becomes some sort of weird unfinished amalgam. I noticed the fact that the Mother is rotting and her similarities to a god, as she is supposedly the mother of all ponies.

That was good ole fashion baby kicking


This is a pretty good story. Semi dark than what I expected. This could be a start to a much needed sequel.

7375996 So many sequel requests! XD

7376026 Please?

While I think you could have spent a bit more time fleshing it out, this was pretty damn creepy. I think it's the entranced state of the ponies who witnesses the mother that did it.

Also, this is ripe with potential. It was sent to Tartarus. Mother freaking tartarus-home of the worst of the worst. While it could have been messily destroyed by whatever demonic/monstrous entities reside there, it's just as likely it's infected them, or at least some of them. And there lies the potential for...fun.

Oh, and the father o fall this is just all sorts of wrong, if the mother is any indication.

So, yes. Please make a sequel.

7376162 I shall consider it. To be fair, I can't force ideas. This one simply came to me yesterday and it flowed like water from a faucet into my word processor. If I DO make a sequel, the idea will have to come to me on it's own. If I force it, it will undoubtedly be inferior to my desired outcome.

Hmm.... This was nice. The story seemed like it was more focus on setting atmosphere and moved a bit too fast, but i think you set the atmosphere pretty well. The Lack of detail though i find distasteful for what i usually read, but to find out it was completely intentional really made me wonder; among the questions twilight asked as well as how and why this had happened. Despite me generally not liking somewhat macabre stories, i find myself wanting to know more. The story has very promising concepts and i would love to see what it would be like if expanded upon. +1

Neat idea, but I think the story suffered from its length. There's a lot more than 5000 words of story in this concept, and it feels like a lot of the meaty bits of it were left on the proverbial cutting room floor. Good swing at some Lovecraft vibes, In any event.

So... intriguing story. It was a lot darker than I expected. I didn't realize it was supposed to be dark at all. I should check the tags more often. But when I got to the end, one thought came across my mind.


Could he be the father? Or the baby?

Definitely the grandfather though.

7376482 I have never watched that show.

Matter of factly this simply NEEDS a sequel.
And then another sequel to wrap this up in a trilogy of dark single chapters.
Either make a long drawn out main story or add two new decently sized chapters to this one.

This is perfect and I am extremely intrigued.
This was horrific without being needlessly gory, dark without being haunting, and cultish without being gawdy.

7376722 Well, if I write a sequel, I will need to let the ideas come to me on their own. Put simply, I don't know how long til I write it.

Of ALL the Ponies, and of ALL the Alicorns...why was Celestia chosen...?
For a dark god bent on unification of blind loyalty why Celestia..?
Why simple i guess.
To make the most darkest of beings is to be made in the most purest of mothers.
Why brood Darkness in the shadows when it could be made in the light.
That way it can easily know how exactly to extinguish the light.

"Father" and "Child" sound like properly terrifying names, don't they?

For some reason every time the foal is mentioned as: “the mother" I keep on thinking of Alma from the FEAR trilogy.


Maybe it's because She's also called: “The Mother" too

:raritydespair: I will never sleep again

Well that was properly fear-filled, but not quite terrifying. It was close though, love craftesque stories like that are pretty good usually.

You seem to have a knack for Eldrich abominations. I'm looking forward to your future stories on the subject.

Dark, horror, mystery? Where have you been all my life?

Twilight and Starlight got their eyes fixed.
Celestia can't remember the incident.
Luna is soon to recover.
Nopony else was hurt.

If you forget about the whole 'the mother is still alive' thing, and the whole 'who is the father' thing, this is a happy ending! :twilightsmile:

Attack of the Fausticorn Fetus!

7377498 I laughed harder than I really should have :rainbowlaugh: after reading this comment.

Woo, this is creepy and perfect to read at 12:00 am:pinkiecrazy:

Leaves a lot of questions unanswered and that hurts the story in my opinion.

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