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It all began with a Pony starting a break out.

That is the story that is well known. But behind the scenes is the story of rebellion, of plots with in plots. the real story of the events of My Brave Pony Starfleet Magic Season VI as Gale 'Windy Bag' Sternbreeze builds up her forces for the Great Equestrian Rebellion. Her plan was not one of a insane pony, but of a pony who wanted what all beings want: FREEDOM!

Secrets, Lies, Corruption and Rebellion. This is the true story of the events.

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Comments ( 1 )

Liking the look of this so far.
I'd recommend giving it the once-over for spelling errors and just two points.
I'd change the name 'Dyna Shard'. There's already a Dyno.
What about 'Ballista'?
And the second, Meat-Golem sounds a bit redundant. I mean, wouldn't that refer to any living creature?
The slur needs to refer to their distinguishing features, two legs, arms, wings and horn.
So maybe 'Striders', 'Swaggers', 'Plods'.
Or 'Mix-N-Matchers'.
Maybe at some point 'Jacks', in a slogan of the Rebellion.
'Jacks Of All Trade - Masters Of None'

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