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It all began with a Pony starting a break out.

That is the story that is well known. But behind the scenes is the story of rebellion, of plots with in plots. the real story of the events of My Brave Pony Starfleet Magic Season VI as Gale 'Windy Bag' Sternbreeze builds up her forces for the Great Equestrian Rebellion. Her plan was not one of a insane pony, but of a pony who wanted what all beings want: FREEDOM!

Secrets, Lies, Corruption and Rebellion. This is the true story of the events.

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Liking the look of this so far.
I'd recommend giving it the once-over for spelling errors and just two points.
I'd change the name 'Dyna Shard'. There's already a Dyno.
What about 'Ballista'?
And the second, Meat-Golem sounds a bit redundant. I mean, wouldn't that refer to any living creature?
The slur needs to refer to their distinguishing features, two legs, arms, wings and horn.
So maybe 'Striders', 'Swaggers', 'Plods'.
Or 'Mix-N-Matchers'.
Maybe at some point 'Jacks', in a slogan of the Rebellion.
'Jacks Of All Trade - Masters Of None'

hey there, someone you know wanted me to relay this message to you
"You've been adding a lot of my fics to your board lately, (Out of petty spite no doubt)


even if you had some sour experiences, i do think along with others there are many fics in there that deserve fair judgement and examination. like his Christmas specials, which are all bone-chilling subversions of expectations.

Mykan asked you to end the message?

im not allowed to say

i am not paid by said person, I'm only asking you to remove some of the author's fics from the folders of the group. murder on hearths warming is one of my favorites. it aims to add theming to the story at the beginning and end, I enjoy the fact that rarity has to solve a murder, and the twist is something I didn't expect. so I ask, even though you may think many of his fics are bad, or his attitude is less than ideal. to remove some of these fics, and perhaps let others judge for themselves.

Dude there are plenty of redone fics on this site by other people and done in ways that differentiate them from the OG authors as a whole. They have a right to post the, in their eyes, better version of these stories on here. Just as much as Mykan has to post his garbage and trash. You do not get to just order or request someone to just turn it off.

I just think the writer is treated a little unfairly on this site, you are right about the redone fics. But he's been writing fics since way back in the early 2000s. Surely there's at least one that you find good.

I have looked far and wide. I was optimistic like you once. But no. No there is not a single good fic of his on this site.

Well, I tried. If that's the way you feel about it. Then that's the way you feel about it.

It's the way a LOT of people on this site feel about him.

I might make a group or folder for him. Cause I am in a very rare group. "People who like dakarikingmykan" although I think some of his morals are askew. I agree with him on other things. Also unlike many others, he at least ADMITS when he's making a revenge fic and didn't hide. Interestingly enough he likes the VA's in spite of the shows. He even got on this one podcast hosted by Tara strong and Greg cipes called the ship it show. Plus, the reason he writes is to relieve stress wich is very admirable no matter what quality (not trying to make you feel guilty) and he writes A LOT. Darkness of dimension is I think 180k words, combing four properties together. And it's not even the first time he's made crossovers. But of course, my favorite are any number of his holiday stories. So here's to "absolutely underrated" the name of my new group which I shall make soon.


Yeah but his stories are still absolute shit and not really that great.

If you are going to rail against my fic and go all SJW on me, then you should do the same to the writers of all The Fall of Equestria and Conversion Bureau stories who in your world view are picking on the original creators.

I'm not against your fic, I've never read it. This was only for defence against an author and not intended against you. I'm sure you also make great stories

What do you think the intent of that group is for?

Against fics that are poorly written or otherwise cliched in nature

Perhaps we're thinking of different groups them. Just so we're clear, what group are you referring to?

the absolutely disgusting group

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