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My Brave Pony: a New Era - Cobrawolf_Meiji2012

United Equestria is no more, only the new era of Friendship remains and it is about to bring in a new group of Heroes.

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Prologue: All things begin at the Beginning...

All dreams come from the dark, to lead us to the Light. - old Equestrian Proverb.

From the Codex Equestris circa 4500 AEL

To start as any good story does, lets start at the genesis of it all.

Once, long ago, there was a nation of legend, a land of Harmony and Friendship that ruled with love. a Nation of ponies that were not out to conquer worlds, but to make friends with them. This was the Land of Old Equestria, ruled by the peaceful Princesses Celestia and Luna, with their Niece, Cadence, ruling as Empress of The Crystal Empire and Celestia's Student, Twilight Sparkle, helping in guiding Every-creature to the ideals of peace, freedom, harmony and friendship.

But it ended when He came.

The Legends state that a great disaster came to Old Equestria, a disaster that ended with the destruction of Old Equestria and the rise of an evil government known as "United Equestria".

This despotic nation was part of a larger empire that spanned most of the known Galaxy, ruled by a monster who proclaimed himself god and emperor of the Ponies of Equestria, enforcing his laws with is legion of terror troopers known as 'Starfleet'.

He was and still known to all as Celesto, The Devil King.

He forced the Good Princess Celestia to be is concubine-slave, enslaved the Barriers of Harmony and turned then into Mamluk slave soldiers and concubines for his Starfleet. He declared war on peace, freedom, harmony and friendship across Equus and enslaved all creatures. Celesto was also behind the death of one Alicorn, The Saint-Princess Twilight Sparkle.

His Starfleet, was even worse as it bullied and belated the ponies of Equestriam for being Equestrian. braging about how strong they were, how stupid Equestrian Culture was and how all should bow before them. They also did this to many alien races they came across, they forced them to bow to Celesto's rule or be declared 'evil aliens' and be destroyed in genocidal wars that saw trillions die at the hands of Starfleet.

But yet, the one weakness of such regimes is that the population could only take so much and already, the warning signs were showing across Starfleet ruled space.

On Equus, it started with protests, many were highly anti-Starfleet in nature. Some movements, like the Return to Freedom movement wanted a return to a peaceful time and more freedoms instead of the eternal state of Marshal Law the nation was always in. Other groups were a bit more violent, such as Ace Ray's group, known for Riots and threats against everypony who happened to or was thought of as supporting Starfleet.. It was because of Ace Ray that Starfleet started going after protesters, mocking them and imprisoning or down right killing them.

This soon drove many underground and even more extreme actions. Terrorist attacks started to become more common as shown when a Mayor known as 'Windy Bag' tried to use a wave motion cannon to destroy United Equestria, or the group that was founded by a mad scientist who failed to even win against the Tyrants,

These terrorists were made fooled by Starfleet, mockeries of the true threat as they were too focused on continuing their own power and on groups like Windy Bag's Rebellion to see that other groups fourming.

Soon, a Year after the 'final' defeat of Titan and the disbanding of the inappositely named 'IDIOTS', the first rumblings of Resistance started on the outer colonies, started by Unicornicopians who saw the truth of the Regime and soon took up arms against Starfleet, launching attacks on Portal pads and Military bases, these were small but they sent the message that something had gone wrong.

These attacks were ignored by Grand Ruler and Lightning Dawn, who mocked it as stupid. Yet these attacks like the protests before were the warning signs. Soon The small attacks turned into full on planetary battles covering whole continents, yet Grand Ruler Ignored it, preferring his lust for Celestia to anything.

The wars soon started becoming more numerious, more Equestrians and Unicornicopians were enslaved into Starfleet and made to fight to the death. Soon Major worlds soon started turning to open revolution, species long enslaved broke free, killing their Starfleet overlords in bloody battles in what was now a full on Civil War for the fate of the Known Galaxy.

Then came Equus.

The various Resistance groups soon started increasing as news from the Underground of the Rebellions reached the throneworld and soon, The Resistance in Equestria, backed by the Creatures of Equus, started launching attacks against the Starfleet Forces in guerilla attacks, a few claiming the lives of top Starfleet killers like Rhymey; who butchered ten thosuand colts and made the Bearer of Kindness into his personal sex-slave, Swift Star: whose acts of brutality ended with his hanging by Freedom Fighters in the ruins of Ponyville, They were just a few of those defeated by the so-called 'weak' Equestrians and their allies, among them were Unicornicopians, who joined the fight for freedom.

Soon Equus became a battlefield. Great battles ripped the land apart as Starfleet and the Resistance unleashed powerful magics that destroyed cities, up rooted mountains, boiled rivers and lakes and burnt forests and fields into ash. It was a Dark time as the land it self even fought, destroying anything Starfleet.

Soon it ended in the Great Battle of Canterlot, also known as the Great Canterlot Cataclysm.

It was the final battel on Equus and was as bloody as anything seen in the war. The Great City was destroyed in the battle and many lost their lives. Celestia died, believed murdered by Celesto as part of a Scorched World plan that had started with the outbreak of war on Equus. The Bearers themselves were also found dead, killed by Lightning Dawn, who was soon attacked by a Mob of Rebels, who ripped out his accursed horn and his wings.

But Grand Ruler escaped, running from the planet and destroying the portal system connecting Equus. Only he, Lightning Dawn and their followers, Unicornicopian and Equestrian, left the planet. Soon it was over, the Last of The Starfleet Terror-Troopers and the Collaborators were killed in the final battles, leaving only a broken world that was almost barren. United Equestria was gone, destroyed and nothing was left but ashes.

Yet the Planet itself healed. Magic, long suppressed, returned as Friendship and Harmony healed the land, yet things would not be the same. The Sun and Moon moved by themselves now and Equestria would never be united, as it broke apart into many nations. Wars did happen but they were few as many were just trying to survive from the aftermath of the War. Technology was lost and things had to start over, civilization had to be reborn.

In the Skies, the war continued, but Starfleet never came back, nor has it. The Portal network has not been rebuilt as many feared a Starfleet Invasion, yet only the strange blasts of light were the only signs that The Galactic Civil War was still going on. This continued for two hundred years until it stopped.

Today, Equestrians and the remaining Unicornicopians, now calling themselves Sellarcorns, live together. Many have interbred with Equestrians, mixing their genes in peace and fulling joining the great family of Creatures of Equus, even starting to use 'pony' in their words.

But yet there is always the treat the Devil King would return to Destroy all the world, yet there is a Prophecy that one day, The lost Elements of Harmony would be found again and the threat of Starfleet would be stopped from returning to Equus and the Known Galaxy.

We can only wait and hope.

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Or as it's really known. How that series would have been had the original author actually cared about anything at all about FIM.


What was the problem, faults, and cons anyway? ( Because, I seem to forgot what the issue was in the first place? Since I have never read the "Star Trek rip-off" of a series anyway, because I heard it's terrible. )

And other then that the original creator himself is actually a brony hater. What are the other criticisms for the series again?

I see two thumbs down. I think I know who did those

Posh #4 · Nov 11th, 2021 · · 1 ·

11045637 The author is not a very good writer, and is actively resistant to criticism.

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