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Sailor Saturn: Friendship is Magic - Cobrawolf_Meiji2012

After the battle with Pharaoh 90, Sailor Saturn ends up in Equestria, but something else may be following her.

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Darkness, that was all she could see, all she could feel.

The person that was once known as Tomoe Hotaru, now known as Sailor Saturn, floated through the darkness, drifting like a leaf in the wind. In her right hand, her weapon, the dreaded Silence Glaive, which could bring death and destruction to whole star systems. On her face was a look of grim determination as she floated towards her fate, knowing that she would never see her father or the girl she called her best friend.

She looked ahead at where she was heading, at the thing that had caused her and her family nothing but tragedy and grief, the thing that made her own father go insane, the thing that had a parasite take her over, the thing that wanted to Destroy her homeworld of Earth.

It was large, perhaps larger then Earth's Moon, it blocked out the light from the Star Tau Ceti. It's tentacles long, able to stretch across the Continent of Asia. The round body was more like one big eye, staring at her with hate oozing out of it. Yet she knew that the thing could take on any form it wanted, any thing it wished to be.

The beings that lived in the Tau Ceti system worshiped it as a god, which it claimed that it was and could be classed as that. Saturn had forehand knowledge of it when the alien parasite, Mistresses Nine, took over Hotaru's body. From what she knew, the thing had a name that no being in the universe could pronounce, but it went by the name that it was known by on Earth and in The Tau Ceti System......

Pharaoh 90; Last of the Great Old Ones..

Saturn knew that this monster was more powerful then anything in the Galaxy, save for Chaos it self. A living Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror that had been around since the very birth of the Universe, a spawn of Chaos. Pharaoh 90 had been taking over many worlds, wiping out all life from them and using pure hearts and souls to feed on, creating more Daemons, the beings that inhabited Tau Ceti.

This was Evil it self.

Saturn gripped tightly onto her weapon, looking at the thing with hate, hate for what it did to her, her friend and her father. The thing had to die and she would give up her life to make sure it was gone for good.

You are foolish, Senshi! Pharaoh 90 said, it's voice booming through the vacuum of space. I have been around for centuries, destroying many worlds and crushing many senshi throughout this part of the Galaxy! You dare to think that you can take me out?!

"Your overconfidence is your weakness, Monster." Saturn said, her voice as cold as space. "Even if I can't destroy you or if I die in the attempt, there is still one who can end you, and she will not give up."

The one she was talking about was Sailor Moon, the Guardian of the Moon and last heir to the old Moon Kingdom. If there was anyone that could stop him it was Sailor Moon and the power of the Silver Crystal.

If you think that weakling can Stop me? the beast said, amusement in its dark voice, She is weak, she no longer has the Holy Grail and she is powerless! Once I am done with you, I will finish her off.

It then passed, as if it was thinking. Better yet, It continued, I will leave you alive and make you watch as I destroy the senshi in front of you, one by one. then I will kill your father and everything else, keeping one alive for you to watch die! I think your little pink haired friend will be the one to die last before you.

Saturn's Grip on her weapon got tighter, anger starting to burn in her eyes.

Ah, yesssssss. It hissed, Little 'Chibi-Usa' will be the last one to go before you. and I shall make it nice and slow. Pharaoh 90 cackled, shaking the whole star system. Me and Chibi-Usa will have one HELL of a time!

That was Pharaoh 90's last Mistake as he had pushed Saturn too far.

Saturn let lose a scream, not one of horror, but of anger, an alien war cry that had not been heard since the time of the Moon Kingdom. It was the Battle yell of a Sailor Senshi, the Battle yell of Saturn.

She screamed, her glaive spinning in her hands as she flew right towards the monster, anger and hate in her eyes as she prepared to fight the monster. Her enemy was the one that struck first, lashing out with it's tentacles. Saturn used her weapon to cut right through them, slashing like a berserker.

Pharaoh 90 swiped and she slashed. every move they made was like a dance, even through it was Saturn moving around and the giant Chaos Remnant standing still, moving it's tentacles only. They both attacked and defended against one anothers blows.

The Giant cosmic Horror knew it did not have enough power to beat her, she was more powerful then anything he had ever faced before. Pharaoh 90 had fought Senshi before, but Saturn was a whole other level! As he watched her with his one giant eye, he could see an aura of power around her, an aura in the shape of a winged equine, one with a horn on its head.

He needed more power.

Attack her my children! It yelled, calling for the Daimon on the near by planet, Crish her! Rip her flesh from her bones! Violate her Soul! KILL HER!!!!!!!!

From the planet, flying up with death and destruction on their small yet advanced minds, billions of purple colored beings, yellow reptilian eyes and white teeth as sharp as swords flew from the surface, roaring and screeching for blood as their master had commanded. The mass of daimons moved like a living wave, enveloping Saturn like a Tsunami. Pharaoh 90 could hear her screams of pain. If he could, he would have smiled.

Then those screams changed, they were no longer hers, but they were now those of his own Daimons! a glow was coming from the mass as Saturn yelled out an attack, amid the sounds of screaming Daimons.


A burst of flame came out of the mass, blasting through it and washing over the Daimons like a wave of death. rolling across the space and hitting the planet the monsters came from, covering the world in apocalyptic flames.

WHAT?! IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! The Cosmic horror yelled, before looking at the area Saturn was in.

Saturn was all bloody, cuts on her thigh and torso. the left sleeve of her fuku was gone as was most of her skirt. three claw marks were on her right cheek, blood gushing out of wounds on her body. She glared at him, hate still in her eyes and a battle aura still around her.

"Seems you don't have any back up to save you." she snared.

That was when she heard a voice call out. Not just any voice, but her voice.

Sailor Moon's voice.

Saturn turned and saw the Lunar Senshi, the reincarnated Princess Serenity, flying towards her. Spiral Heart Moon Rod in hand, the Lunar Senshi had a determined look on her face. "I am coming, Hotaru!" she yelled.

"What are you doing here!?!" Saturn yelled back, "I told you to stay out of this! This is between him and me!"

"You can't do this alone!" Sailor Moon yelled back, tears in her eyes, "We have to do this together!"

While this was going on, Pharaoh 90 say his chance, powering up, he aimed for Saturn and sent a large blast right for the Sailor of Death. Sailor Moon saw this and got in front of Saturn, taking the full brunt of the blast, screaming in pain before being knocked out.

That blast should have turned her into dust! Pharaoh 90 exclaimed, before sensing something in the Lunarian Princess. Yesssss, that is it, She has something of great power within her. I shall take it from her then

"I don't think so." Saturn said in a low voice, her eyes suddenly glowing when Sailor Moon suddenly disappeared, teleported by Saturn back to Earth.

All around her, her power glowed from within, her energy growing by the second. She was preparing for her final attack, one that was so powerful, that she would not survive it.

"It is time to end this, once and for all!" She said, raising her Glaive high above her.

Pharaoh 90 could feel the power radiate from her and for the first time in his life, felt fear. He had to escape, he had to get away from this monster!


He still had some power left to open another portal. One of his remaining tentacles glowing as he prepared to leave.


She glared at him, preparing to launch the final strike. 'Chibi-Usa-chan, please remember me' she thought as she brought the Glaive down.


a Blast of violet energy soon blasted out around her, a wave of Death raced from the epicenter and then rammed right into The Cosmic Horror as it was sending out one last blast of energy at Sailor Saturn, which was hit by it.

and Tau Ceti died.

Luna awoke with a gasp.

She had felt something, something that she did not know. Something had happened and what ever it was, it had awoken her from her sleep.

what was it? She thought. What did I just sensed?

Luna could only wonder what it was.

High above the planet known as Equus, in the Hippus Galaxy, in another universe, a small gash of light appeared for a minute, shining out over the nation known as Equestria. out of this break, a small body fell out, a battered young girl from Japan who had defeated the most evil being in her part of the Milky Way Galaxy.

She fell, her eyes closed, tears for those she would leave behind.

Unknown to her, a small shadow was with her, flying and heading for an area of Equestria known as "Everfree Forest". It was something that wanted revenge on those that defeated it before, those of the White Moon.

This is how our story begins........

Author's Note:

Flames of Prometheus is a fan made attack by me.

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Interesting. I look forward to see what happens next.

Dat pic! I can see her cooch cover. :rainbowderp:

Weak, unimaginative story title, misspelled "Prologue", and is that a dakimakura you're using as cover art? Really?

As to the actual story...

Your writing needs a little work. It's not bad, but you need to proofread more carefully. If I had to use one word to describe the prologue here, it's "average". It gets the job done and it's good practice for you to continue, so by all means do. I personally won't be reading this, your prologue just didn't do the job of grabbing my attention, but I have no doubt you'll find a decent sized audience for this.

I like the story, but the pacing is too fast and the cover art is on the perverted side.

Hmm... it's alright but, it's not my kind of fiction I guess. Where there is bold letters and slant letters (I use slant letters for someone who wrote the message on a piece of paper.) then there is caps it hurt my eyes when reading it.

Lets move on to the character development...

Sailor Saturn is way off.

As I said, it is a bit AU, also Saturn was kind of pissed off when Pharaoh 90 threatened Chibi-Usa.

Interesting beginning. I always love the rage power up thing. Looking forward to the next chapter.

I like your idea a lot.can't wait to see what you do.

I've always had a theory about these two series and their connections...

Besides the obvious.

The fact all of Minimoons transformation CRYSTALS are heart shaped helps that theory...

But lately I have a new theory...who were Celestia and Lunas parents?

Well that answers Celestia. Then I wondered about Luna since it doesn't quite fit and I remembered...

So..Half Sisters?It would explain Lunas Nightmare form too...the extra power needed.

One day I really need to make a fic about this actually...hmmm...maybe one where Helios is Celestias son?

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