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My name is Wallflower Blush. When the Dazzlings arrived at Canterlot High School, little did I know that they would set into motion a series of events that led to the distinct possibility that my band, Wallflower and the Galloping Gala Band, could win the Battle of the Bands and claim eternal bragging rights and high school immortality.

Of course, our first obstacle on our path to greatness would have to be Twilight Sparkle and the Rainbooms.

This story also features Beauty Brass, Frederick Horseshoepin, and Parish Nandermane as main characters.

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Depressing. Walflower made some friends, and then... Poof. Like they had never even seen her... What will happen when the stone breaks?


When the stone breaks, nothing will happen. Those memories are lost forever.

That was really cool! I love Wallflower and I enjoyed seeing what she actually does when she's slipping between the cracks of memory. The ending felt a bit abrupt, but then, I guess that's just what Wallflower's life is like.

This was great. You should write more. (Also, set the story to "Complete" if it's finished). :pinkiehappy:


(Also, set the story to "Complete" if it's finished). :pinkiehappy:

Been so long since I published anything that I forgot about that little detail... :facehoof:

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