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Note Sketch

Note here, not much to say other than I love to write. My dyslexia is a huge obstacle when it comes to that, but I still enjoy sharing my stories, especially about King Sombra, my favorite villain!


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  • TSweetie's Shadow
    Looking for a way to get over her fear of public speaking, Sweetie Belle borrows an instructional book from Twilight's library to help out. One thing leads to another and some how ends up binding King Sombra to her as her shadow...
    Note Sketch · 124k words  ·  2,314  43 · 19k views
  • TGame of a Lifetime
    After his death to the Crystal Heart's light, Sombra finds himself lost in a strange dark void. He walked in hopes of finding a way out, but what he found instead was a beared pony in a pointy blue hat.
    Note Sketch · 4.3k words  ·  132  2 · 2.8k views
  • TShadow's Enigma
    With his dark past heavy on his mind, Sombra is put to the test as he begins a reformation process. Though his mind is no longer crowded with the influence of dark magic, his heart is none the lighter. Let the test begin.
    Note Sketch · 176k words  ·  265  13 · 5k views
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  • TChains of Tartarus
    Equestria's relationship with Taurusia, the Minotaur country, is becoming more and more tense. To make matters worse, Celestia is forced to pick between acquiring a powerful yet sketchy ally, or an enemy. She does what she thinks is best.
    Note Sketch · 8k words  ·  108  3 · 2.1k views
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