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Note here, not much to say other than I love to write. My dyslexia is a huge obstacle when it comes to that, but I still enjoy sharing my stories, especially about King Sombra, my favorite villain!


Politics are delicate. Any wrong move could spiral into something horrible. Celestia is no novice and knows her way around politicians from other countries. Yet now, when Equestria is slowly nearing a direct conflict with a bordering nation, Taurusia, home of the Minotaurs, she comes in contact with Sombra.

He reveals a great deal of information to her. How he faked his own death. How he influenced the battle against Tirek. How he became King of Tartarus. And now, after finally accomplishing his goal of ruling the forsaken realm of Tartarus, he comes by to request an alliance with Equestria.

All that Sombra truly wants is fame. Whether it be as a hero or a villain, he just wishes his position as King of Tartarus to be known. And so Celestia is given a choice. She can either make him an ally, somepony who could certainly come in handy given circumstances, or reject his offer and make him spread his name in infamy instead.

She makes the only choice she can. She only wishes it was the right one.

Celestia X Sombra fic

Will be heavily comedy with hints of dark elements early on. Later in the story it will be flip around and be mostly dark with some comedy.

Cover Art sketched by me and finished into this master piece by Midnight Sonare

First featured on 6/4/2015!

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The Crystal Empire was saved. Sombra was cast away via the Crystal Heart's bright light. The battle had been won, however, there were some unfinished business between the King and the Princess of the Night. She wished to see him. Speak to him one last time. She wanted to finally let go and speak what was in her heart. Though perhaps, it was already too late.

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Beaten and torn to pieces, Sombra found himself in a black void after his attack on the Crystal Empire. There was no doubt that he was in the after life, but what he found was something more frightening than being trapped in Tartarous. He was alone. Well, almost so. In this strange realm all he could find was a unicorn and a chess board. He's nothing else to do, so why not play a few rounds of chess?

Dark Tag because it deals with Death
Cover Art done by the awesome SmilingM00N

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To the average observer, Sunset Shimmer made a full one-eighty when she was hit by the Rainbow Blast back when she turned into a She-Demon. However, she didn't just suddenly turn good or realize her mistakes. Truth be told, she died back then. She was welcomed into the cold embrace of death.
In that darkness, she found him. The one they call Sombra, there to welcome her to her doom. Surely a bright mind like her's knew the Price of Evil.

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A three arced story that begins slowly as partially Comedy and Slice of life and rotates more towards Adventure and Dark in later chapters.

Some school fillies have to deal with school crushes. Others with bullies. Sometimes they have to deal with both. But no filly has ever had to deal with an Evil Tyrant being bound to their shadow and have the power to control their every action. This, of course, seems to be no big deal for Sweetie Belle who seems to even enjoy the stallion's company. Though the feelings aren't mutual. The small filly reminds the old king too much of a filly he used to know... Though it's strange the only place he'd seen her before are in these strange dreams of his. Recollections of a past he can't remember.

Perhaps Sweetie Belle will awake in him that version of himself before he was a Tyrant. Before he was labeled evil. A time from when he was a father. Perhaps she will help him forgive.

First featured on 9/4/2014!

The cover art was sketched by me and colored by the very talented Midnight Sonare

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With his dark past heavy on his mind, Sombra is put to the test as he begins a reformation process. Though his thoughts are clearer and no longer crowded with the influence of dark magic, his heart is none the lighter. Will Pinkie's motto of "Giggle at the Ghosties" be enough to turn a tyrant good? Or Will Sombra succumb to the power of dark magic once more? But more importantly, will the reason for his tyrannical rule finally come to light?

Inspired by a series of one shots and the very popular "Feeling Pinkie Mean", though with a more serious undertone.

Warning: comments section on the last chapter contain some spoilers.

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