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Twilight Sparkle has spent Thirteen Years living in the wasteland once known as Equestria. All of her friends have faded from existence. She has Nopony left... besides all of the mannequins she constructed to keep her company. But when Sweetie Bell emerges from the fog, everything changes. Is all hope still lost? Or will Equestria be reborn like a Phoenix from the ashes?

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better if you ended with "she didn't like to think about it."

I'm really enjoying the story so far but I do wonder what happen to the world, twilight friends, and her magic will any one of these be answer in the next chapter?

5442445 these are references to my last two books. So if you want all of the details I suggest reading those. But I will be answering them with considerably less detail later so... BTW I really appreciate input put in by readers; so if you have any suggestions feel free to tell me.

What do you guys and gals think of the length of my chapters, should I make them longer? Because I think I could only do like 2,500 words maximum before I have an aneurism.

5442445 what's a good name for a gryphon?

Man... Just posted my favorite chapter so far... Hope you enjoy it! Tell me what you think!

Please excuse the spelling errors. I'm on an iPod rigg now and the auto correct isn't always... Auto... CORRECT!!! See what I did there!?

Well I glade to see why equestrian is a wasteland but is there more to it then twilight knows that's just me guessing

Ok im throwing it out here do you actually know what happen to pinkie or are you just stalling till you think of something

5447208 oh I already know and you do too. I told you in the first chapter. Remember Twilight's nightmare?

5447325 I was under the impression that there was more to what happen to pinkie the twilight was letting on since she having trouble going into pinkie room or thinking about pinkie in general

5447696 don't worry a full, more detailed explanation is on its way!

Why in first part of chapter you sometime wrote "Twilight do something..." if this was entry in Twilight book?

5458015 Which Chapter? I'll be sure to fix that

"He was bred to be a killer and I don't believe for a second that he might be different."
"No no, Twilight. He wasn't bred to be a killer because his breeder tripped with his DNA and got it mixed up."
"And how did you learn that?"
"Um... um... retroactive continuitus!"
"Wait, where did you learn that spel-He was bred to be a killer and I don't believe for a second that he might be different."
"Whatever you say, Miss Twilight."

5461525 okay... What did you say? I literally can't understand that comment. This isn't an insult I just... Don't understand it.

Comment posted by ferret deleted Jan 4th, 2015

wow I had three theory on how pinky died yet two of them was wrong I thought either she was mind control and had to fight her friends until she took her on life or she was kill and a gruesome way and twilight blame herself for it now all that left to explain is why twilight lost her ability to use magic then all good for now :trixieshiftright:

Trick is they kind of want to be erased and their memories reset. 15 years of wandering around alone with only your failure to keep you company? So they want a reset, that somehow avoids the disaster from repeating. Say for instance by the fact that Sombra is powerless, Chrysalis is incompetent as fuck, Discord is good and oh sorry I was thinking the canon universe.

5474227 thanks for understanding? Glad to see you get it? And you stayed true to my universe? I'm taking this joke too far?

It's a good thing that noble OC is around to remind Twilight how foolish she is, because she would surely be lost without deferring to his wise explanation of what the moral to the story is.

The book is done. I might do something else but don't expect anything for a long time

I don't get it... :unsuresweetie:

So... Discord erased everypony out of existence, then Sombra erased Discord out of existence, which caused Discord's spell to never be cast, which caused Sombra never to have a chance to cast his, since Discord is no longer there to fuck everything up? Which means Discord hasn't been erased out of existence so he can cast the spell that lets Sombra cast the spell that erases Discord from history that prevents Sombra from casting the spell that prevents Discord from casting the spell enabling Discord to cast the spell that lets Sombra cast the spell that (falls over twitching)

5551731 different reality. Discord practically just killed everybody and erased everything they ever owned and created and stuff. that's essentially what Discord's spell did, but Discord never casted anything to keep the spell active if he were ever killed. When Sombra wiped Discord out of existence completely, his spell began to unravel.

Now I know what you're going to say, "If he never existed, how could he cast the spell?" That's why they're in a different reality, and that's half of what the ripple is. Time is fixing itself, and the ripple is doing the work.

Do you understand? If not I'll explain it again


You don't have to explain paradoxes to me. I was only pretending to be boggled.

The onions have been chopped :fluttercry:

6290638 Well I'm glad, I'm still updating and improving and adding. So if you ever wanna come back, feel free... Also another book is on the way... But it's not a sequel

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