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An infectious disease that brought back the dead ran rampant. Over three-fourths of the population have been lost to it. The military has been decimated. The government has crumbled. Their civilization has turned to shambles. But to them, it's not the end of the world. It's just another day in it.

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Nice zombie fic m8! Haven't quite enjoyed anything zombie related since high school of the dead!
here's to you, a Fluttershy! :yay:

Well, I very much hate this sort of shipping... but it's nice to have a fun zombie story'n not an angstfest, so I'll give ya props for that.

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I have ideas for "stuff" :pinkiecrazy:

5257052 I've noticed by all the deleted comments. Lol.

5264238 accidentally doubletapped

Nice little story, but it would be nice if it was expanded a bit to tell us where everyone else is and how the house is fortified.

5323313 The reason I didn't put everyone in this story, is because most of my stories tend to have all of the Mane 6 involved. And while I'm still struggling to not do it, I'm trying to have stories spread out so that not all of them have all of the Mane 6 in it at once.

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I have to admit, this story is very hard for me to properly review, since it seems to have two 'halves' to it that conflict (the zombie apocalypse being treated as an ordinary day element and the romance element). Because of this, I'm inclined to reject it from the goodfic bin, since it comes of as very unfocused, and it's hard to properly appreciate each part with the other getting in the way.

Details are here.

I'd like it if it wasn't more lesbo crap.

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