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Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle have hit it off great. They've gone out to countless places, hung out with each other's friends, and never seem to have a problem. They've hit it off so well in fact, that Twilight thinks he might be her 'special somepony', and feels like it's time he was properly introduced to her family. Will all of his training as a soldier help him survive for a few hours with her dad and brother?

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This was a good story I liked it. Also, chances are you'll get down votes or hates simply because this is a FlashLight story. Ignore them

4207690 I appreciate the complimentary comment, and dont worry, I dont mind the hate. If they don't like it for the shipping, there wont be much I can do. Lol.

Shit just got real.

Eeyup, saw that and ...
Anyway, i am not a fan of Flashlight, but i give this a 4 hooves up.
Also, i would like to see a side story of the battle (im sure that would be pretty hard to write)

Oh well you only live once... :rainbowlaugh:

Good story. I feel although Twilight was a little off, but hey we've never seen her in romantic situation. So who knows this could be accurate...

It's kind of weird, hearing Twilight call somepony "baby".

Comment posted by Zanem-Ji deleted Dec 12th, 2014

I let out a small (BUT VERY MANLY) giggle

I'm sure it was very manly. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

This is the reason why I like FlashLight. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

well i do make to manly shreicks in surprise when i say manly i am not joking and please do more

I ship FlashLight :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Hello there. My name is Flash Sentry.

And I am probably going to die tonight.

Best introduction in the history of everything :pinkiehappy:

It's also nice to see Twilight's family featured in a fic and I like the way Flash plays off of them. His interaction with Twilight Velvet was both polite and kind of creepy.

At least Twilight didn't called Flash Sentry her Daddy Num-Nums.

I'm getting a Daffy Duck "Mother!" moment:facehoof:

LOVE IT:heart::heart::heart: you should think about making a sequel about how the fight went:twilightsmile: the story ending is making me wonder how it went:rainbowhuh:

I almost smile again

i think you can find this out

Not really a fan of stories that overmilitarize Equestria like this. FlashLight is fine by me..."Equestria is in a perpetual state of war with Changelings and griffons and we just never see it" is not. Won't downvote, but can't upvote.

This is a damn fine story. You've actually succeeded in giving Flash an engaging personality. He's fun, funny, a bit pompous and overconfident. I've been looking for half-decent Flashlight stories and, well, I hope you've written more on thus wavelength.

Wonder if there's a strategy for surviving Twilight's friends?

Stopped reading after "alot".

5622353 Oh well. Can't please 'em all and not really trying to. :ajbemused:

Pretty decent and I like how you written flash here.

Their father...Night Light. Perhaps it is the simple fact that he is the father of an Equestrian Princess

I just realized that Twilight is the only official alicorn princess (Flurry doesn’t count since she doesn’t have a title) who’s parents we see in the show.

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