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After being imprisoned once again for hundreds of years, Discord has had plenty of time to think.

What had he done to deserve this? How had he ended up in this situation again? He did everything right this time (literally becoming one of the good guys, with no ulterior motives). They still feared him. They still hated him. And in his moment of weakness, an old personality resurfaces. A personality that even Discord had struggled to put away, in hopes that it would never return...

Awesome Art By Ziom05

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Are you going to make a sequel?

5891398 No. Not for now, at least :applejackunsure:

3edgy 5 me

But good writing otherwise!

this needs a sequel

The princess of Friendship ladies and gentlemen!

It was good, dare I say, but I believe it could have been better. The plot is indeed interesting and for the most part fulfills its purpose. The narrative, though, isn't that great. Don't get me wrong, it is good and offers a good perspective of the inner conflict Discord is going through, but there are some things that kinda bother me. From time to time you switched to third person or to a past tone. Just small flaws, don't worry too much about it. The only thing that I don't get is why would Twilight do something like this. I feel it's a little OOC from the pony who saved Discordi from Tirek even if backthen she had far more solid evidence about his"evil". Anyway, it was an interesting read and I'm glad I lost a few minutes of my preciouds sleep to write this. No sarcasm intended.

5899042 Well I greatly appreciate the critique! The typos that I made I will find once I go through it again, but for the third person switch, I didn't realize i was doing stuff like that, and if you can PM me with a few pointers, I'm always looking for stuff like that.

I liked this it was a good concept.

Really loved it! A short sequel would be awesome.

*sigh...* Fourth time this week I read this story. If I could thumb this story up a thousand times over I would.

so depressing xD

Ohhh, I like this. It did seem a bit OOC for the crew to lock him away without even attempting to help him out, but towards the end I got the strong feeling that Discord isnt the most reliabl narrator. Thus is really well written and the internal struggle is interesting. If this ever gets a sequel, I'd love to see what happens from the point if view of someone who isn't slipping into madness.

A little ham fisted at points but a good concept other wise.

My biggest gripe is the Discord; Beast of the Destructive Chaos Magic thing. Discord; Beast of Destruction is a little less wordy and roles of the tongue a bit better IMO.

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