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They are where the living pass on into the afterlife. Where the dead rest and find peace that will last them for all of eternity, and their living loved ones come to pay respect to them. But for Twilight, an Alicorn who has laid numerous ponies to rest, and has paid her respects to countless souls in the vastness of her lifespan, the graveyard is a lively place. For her, 'best friends forever' isn't just a saying, and the bonds of a true friendship don't end when life does...

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It's good, but I felt underwhelmed. If it was described a different way, it probably would have made me cry. But nevertheless, it was a good and nice little story.

However, I was a little turned off when they explained the rules of being a ghost. You kind of rushed past that part, so maybe a little more dramatic build up will make it better.

I don't want it to seem like i'm harping on ya, because don't get me wrong, this is a good story. Your grammar is good, but the way it's described didn't make me feel much. If you described in a more better way, it'll be perfect.

Overall, nice story! :twilightsmile:

4189522 Don't worry, I'm not a soft hearted person, and I welcome criticism. It will take time, but I will make any changes into making it a better story.


In the meantime, accept me as your follower. :pinkiehappy:

Fails to involve--or even address--Spike.

As usual.

No mention of Zecora either.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Transient Unless You're a Pony".

4190011 I decided to go with stereotype of dragons living for thousands of years. So he's not dead, he's just grown and living in a mountain side somewhere. (another statement I've heard pertaining to their solitary lifestyle, and I went with it too.)

4189972 While I understand the disapproval of not saying anything about Spike (I'll see if I can squeeze it in a future update) why would Zecora be mentioned? She's not really considered a 'best friend' to the Mane Six. She's more like a...possible mentor in the future for Apple Bloom. The story surrounds the bond of 'best friends', not the bond of 'We're not acquaintances, but we're not really close friends', hence the reason. However, I still welcome the statement of not mentioning Spike, and if I can figure out a way to meld him into the story, (Or at least throw in a statement mentioning the drakes whereabouts) then I will do so.

4190473 Still wn't be much different from every single other story where Twilight is in this situation. Even when "squeezed in", her best friend is never involved in these stories.

In Zecora's case, I'm pretty sure she counts. They had a powerful bonding experience, she's helped them out of many jams, and she's an adult they trust enough to look after their little sisters. I'd say that counts. :ajsmug:

4190588 I guess the Zecora point is something I understand a bit now, and I will take note of it.

The alternate interpretation: Twilight goes psycho bonkers and plays meat puppets with her friends corpses.

4718717 I discussed that topic with the ten other voices inside my head, and we all decided to keep this as a more...gore-free story. You know, just about friendship, and not...eyeballs hanging by small strands of fleshy pink tendrils from their sockets, festering maggot covered flesh, and all that good shit.

4721518 Word of god will not deny me my headcanonz!

This is one of the most unique ways of Twilight handling immortality that I've ever seen. And one of the most hopeful, despite the material.

When I heard of "You, Twilight. You're the reason we are still here."

Remind me to the many legends of Thai ghosts! And of course, I live in Thailand.

I may don't know much Thai ghost stories. But this is a good reminder for me

about ghosts of the Thai culture. And of course (again), I know some of the Thai ghost stories.

If you wanna hear, ask me.

This is just beautiful... :pinkiesad2:

It's nice enough I suppose, but it doesn't really address the issue that arises if Twilight simply doesn't pass on. It also feels somewhat wrong for Twilight to be keeping them there, even if it's not really her decision to make. I mean, if they think it's so important to move on then why haven't they left already. I'm not sure, however, that sustaining this course of action is good for any of them in the long run. Especially if the ultimate destination is a happier place.

I'd say that the high level of trust is shown not only by their perception that Zecora is a mature adult they can leave their sisters with, but also because it implies they believe Zecora capable of handling whatever idiotic mess their little sisters manage to concoct. With those three, one may well worry more for the babysitter than the babysat.

The feels...they BURN!!! (That means you did a good job!)

Wow. What made this pop up in the popular box again? Not that I'm complaining--rereading it was wonderful.
But there seem to be a lot of older stories that are showing up there.

Anything you have to say on the subject, I'll be willing to hear. I'm a big fan of mythology and folklore.

5379523 Well shit, I didn't even know it popped up in the popular box. :applejackconfused:

5303476 I was in Thailand for a while too! What part were you in?

5379682 I meant like...what city. Lol. I can't say where I was specifically for the training portion, but I was at Paddya Beach when we got liberty. Freaking Awesome place.


I'm in Hua Hin. That would be mean I am a lot far, far away from you.

They will be waiting for a very long time. Being an alicorn only some attack will kill her.

This was good.

Comment posted by Zanem-Ji deleted Feb 20th, 2015

I actually want to see more of this, and I don't usually like stuff dealing with friends that are dead, but this is just so good!:twilightsmile: I don't find this sad at all!

Okay, I just gotta say. Best. Story. Ever.

Best "immortality blues" story I've read so far, and I use quotes since you really can't call this story a downer.
I love the concept.

Damn, you had me crying like two paragraphs in.

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