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My parents used to tell me about the war for power. Pegasi were tired of the unicorns running everything, so they attacked. The war was devastating. The earth ponies managed to escape underground, avoiding the chaos above. The Pegasi won eventually though it almost wiped out their species. Equestria was a wasteland which the earth ponies decided to try rebuilding. My name is Steel, I live in a town called Craterville and I have been given the task to protect the last unicorn in existence.

A ton of inspiration from The Last of Us by Naughtydog and the Fallout series by Bethesda games

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Title isn't capitalized, and that bothers me. Have you ever heard of the story Fallout: Equestria ?

This looks interesting. So I'll be following it for now.

6099170 Yes I've heard of Fallout Equestria

"Am I know?"


you have a few other small errors, but I'm more concerned about this one:

it costs 150 spheres for the main procedure and fifty spheres for each additional application you order.
"I only have enough for one extra application."
"Tell you what, just this once! I will pay for two applications for you."
The spheres rolled down the funnel into machine, Steel pulled out his own sack of spheres and poured in one hundred exactly. The machine added up the spheres,
"Spheres given, 253.5. Change due, three spheres and one cube."

253.5? Your math is wrong. You really do need those extra math classes over the summer.

Lets do the math buddy.

150 + 50(extra application Dale can pay for) + 3.5(extra money in the sack)+ 100(the other two applications steel is paying for) = 303.5

On the topic of money: What happened to bits? and of all the things to use for money, why spheres and cubes?

This is a really fun idea. I'd like to see more in the future. :twilightsmile:

I love it when people arbitrarily dislike.*sarcastic*
Anyway it looks interesting, like and track

Interesting story.

But it's quite hard to read when you mix someone speaking and the other reaction in the same sentence/block

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