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Sweetie's Shadow - Note Sketch

Looking for a way to get over her fear of public speaking, Sweetie Belle borrows an instructional book from Twilight's library to help out. One thing leads to another and some how ends up binding King Sombra to her as her shadow...

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13. Time for Class

Sweetie Belle drowsily made her way to the kitchen for her usual routine of fridge raiding. She was still oblivious to the fact she was about a meter taller and had a dark mane hanging loosely in front of her eyes. With a flick of her neck she moved it out of her eyesight and continued to make her way around the boutique.

"Morning Rarity." She said with a groggy tone, still half asleep as she walked into the room. As per usual, she made her way to her sister for a hug. Rarity took a step back as she saw her close in, but she paid that no mind and began to nuzzle against the curve of her neck.

Rarity's face flushed red as she felt the pony make contact with her in such a familiar manner and reacted as any lady would in such a situation. Before Sweetie Belle even knew what happened, she was flat on her back and with a stinging sensation on her cheek.

"Wha-What was that for?!" Sweetie Belle asked as she held onto her aching face. Rarity's own cheeks remained in a deep blush as she angrily looked over at her.

"I-I-I-I Don't know what you were trying to pull, but don't get close to me like that again!" She shouted as she took a step back, a hoof against her chest to keep her heart from bursting out from how fast it was beating.

"What did I do?" Sweetie asked as she sat upright, a hoof to her cheek and her big eyes watery with tears of betrayal.

"Haven't you noticed?" A voiced asked from the side. She quickly turned to look at it but when she saw who spoke, she only grew more confused. She seemed to be speaking to herself. Sombra, annoyed to be in a filly's body and forced to look up to speak made his way to Sweetie Belle. "She struck you because she thought you were me."

"Whoa..." Sweetie said as she kneeled down and inspected Sombra closely. "Is that you Mister Sombra?"

"No, it's Princess Celestia- Of course it's me!" Sombra shouted.

"Why do you look like me?...and why do I look like you?!" Sweetie shouted out, not fully grasping her own situation. "Did we switch bodies? Why!?"

"Why you ask? Stop pretending and undo this mess." Sombra said as he sat down and crossed his small white hooves in impatience.


"Who else? You probably did something, gave some command and made us like this. You've had your fun, now change us back."

"I didn't do anything!" Sweetie Belle shouted as she kneeled back down to see the now small Sombra glaring at her.

"W-Wait..." Rarity said finally. "You two..."

"Swapped bodies? Yes." Sombra said as both he and Sweetie Belle looked over at her. It was terribly disturbing to see Sombra's body timidly sitting down with innocent looking eyes and Sweetie Belle's body angrily glaring at anypony who looked her way.

"Oh no...this isn't good. This is terrible!" Rarity shouted out as she placed her hooves to her head.

"You're telling me." Sombra scoffed before returning his eyes to Sweetie Belle who had quickly began to look herself over, more specifically, her new long black mane.

"You don't understand, yesterday I didn't get a chance to tell you Sweetie-" She began but cut herself away as she found herself looking at Sombra by mistake. Quickly switching to Sweetie Belle who was busy with her mane, she continued. "When I was coming to pick you up from Twilight's yesterday I wanted to tell you that Cherilee came by to tell us she was continuing her classes at the gazebo."

"What? Really?!" Sweetie Belle shouted out with bright eyes. "You mean I get to see all my classmates again?!"

"No..." Sombra said as he caught on to the problem. "It means I get to see all your classmates again."

"Oh goodness! What are we going to do!" Rarity shouted as she began to trot back and forth in the kitchen. "We can't have you two go out in this condition! But we can't have Sweetie Belle miss more days in class, she was already cutting it short when she entered school late this year! Oh Cherilee will going around Ponyville to pick up all of her students! We don't have much time!"

Ignoring the hysterical mare, Sombra turned to his own body and spoke. "You heard the mare, switch us back."

"I told you this isn't my fault!" Sweetie responded as she flailed her fore hooves in frustration.

"Your fault or not, give the command to change us back."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Remember what the purple princess said? Using my name and title will make just about anything happen if it's within my power. Apperantly it is since we stitched once, so command me to switch bodies with you again and everything should be fine."

"Oh, okay!" Sweetie Belle said as she jumped to her hooves and looked down at the small filly still rather frustrated with his new body. "King Sombra, switch bodies with me!"

Both of them shut their eyes as they waited for the command to take effect. A brief moment of silence passed as they sat their with their eyes closed. Finally they each peeked an eye open and found themselves still in the opposite's body, quickly annoying both parties.

"Oye, what did you do wrong?" Sombra asked his companion.

"Me?! You're the one that's supposed to switch bodies with me. You're disobeying a command!" Sweetie replied, coming in closer to stare Sombra eye to eye.

"My magic from a thousand years ago still hasn't returned to me, I clearly haven't gotten a command. Stop playing around and tell me to switch bodies for real this time." He said as he too leaned over, a death filled leer in his gaze.

"I did!"

"Apparently you didn't."

"W-Wait..." Rarity said as she finally calmed down enough to see what they were doing. "Since Sombra is in Sweetie Belle's body...doesn't that mean he's the one who gives the commands now?"

Everypony remained silent as they thought about it a moment. Rarity opened her mouth to speak but before she could get a word out a knock on the door drew their attention.

"Rarity? I'm here to pick up Sweetie Belle." A voice asked out. Recognizing the voice for Cherilee, they all exchanged glances as they thought of what to do or say. Hesitantly, Rarity left the kitchen to go greet the mare at her door, leaving the other behind in an awkward silence.

"What do we do?" Sweetie asked.

"Nothing we can do. Let us just try to get through the day." Sombra responded as he began to make his way out the door and to the front entrance.

"Like this?!"

"What other choice do we have?" Sombra asked as he reached the door frame, using a hoof to remained half in the kitchen, he looked over at her with rather dull eyes. "We'll figure out how to fix this later. Come then fill- Uh, stallion?" He said, though unsure as how to refer to the filly in his body now.

"Just call me by my name." Sweetie Belle said as she got to her hooves and began to follow Sombra.

"Right...Sweetie Belle, come then. Use your magic to become a shadow."

"And how do I do that?"

"Just, I don't know how to explain in...You just have to jump towards the ground and feel yourself become a shadow."

"Like this?" She said as she dove face first into the wooden flooring, but instead of merging with it and becoming a shade, she felt her body crash and spin on the ground.

"...Not quite." Sombra said as he sweat from seeing his body act in such a disgraceful manner. "Just... Just become my shadow." He commanded. Like he had thought, Sweetie Belle was forced into the ground and as a shadow, slid its way to him, merging to his hooves.

"Looks like I am the one in control then."

This is so weird!

Sweetie's voice echoed in Sombra's head causing him to hold his temple.

"Please refrain from shouting..." He said with a soft grunt. "It's like you're screaming in my ear.

Oops, sorry.

"All strangeness aside, we should really get going." He said as he began to make his way down the hall.

So what are we going to do?

"I told you, we're just going to let this pass. That means I'll just have to pretend I'm you for a while. We'll get that purple princess to fix us or something."

Yeah, Twilight would know what to do!

Sombra stopped mid step as his eyes shut in reflex to the loud mental strain he was under. Recovering from the staggering scream, his gave off an annoyed expression as he spoke.

"Fill- Sweetie Belle, what did I just say about shouting?"


Getting back on track, Sombra began to trot towards the front door, partly so he could move as fast as he was used to. He really did not enjoy his short legs at the moment. Moving around the corner to the main room that served as Rarity's business area, he was met with a strange scene. Quickly backing up to peek around the corner, Sombra twitched his ears as he tried to eavesdrop.

"Sweetie Belle is feeling a little ill, I don't know if she can make it today." Rarity said as looked over at the troubled teacher. The forced smile she was wearing was almost a dead giveaway that she was lying, but the pink teacher didn't seem to notice it.

"Is that so? I mean, I wouldn't force her if she really can't, but considering how late she began this year, I'm afraid if she missed even one more day she wouldn't be able to pass grade this year." Cherilee said with a worried expression.

"Pass the grade?" Sombra asked himself as he tried to make sense of the situation.

What are we waiting for? Let's go or I'll fail the grade!

"What does that mean exactly?"

It means I won't stay with my friends anymore. I would be stuck in a different class.

"With your friends? Isn't there just one teacher? I would think you all have to be in the same class." Sombra said as he come back around the corner to speak to himself.

Umm, kinda. Miss Cherilee teaches different grade levels at different times of the day. But enough about that, let's go before she counts me absent!

Cringing at the shouts in his head, Sombra did his best to ignore the pains in his mind. Sighing, he moved back around and began to look around the room as he made his way to the mares. Picking up a sketch book and a pen, he stopped short of bumping into Rarity. Cherilee quickly noticed him and smiled.

"Oh Sweetie Belle, I heard you were feeling sick."

Sombra lifted the sketch book and pen using his magic and began to write on it.

'I'm not feeling like myself today.'

He wrote down and placed it in front of her to see.

"Can't talk? I'm sorry you're feeling so sick but-"

Holding his hoof up to interrupt her, Sombra turned the page and wrote another sentence.

'It's okay. I don't have a fever so it's not contagious. I can still go to class.'

"Really?" Cherilee asked after reading. "That's excellent news! Come, we've still half the class to go pick up before we start." She said as she gestured to the small flock of children patiently waiting for them under a tree.

"Somb- Sweetie Belle, are you sure about this?" Rarity asked as she pulled on his shoulder to get his attention. "Shouldn't we try to get you better before going back to school?"

Sombra took a moment to look at her. His eyes, though still the green eyes Sweetie Belle has, bore a strong sense of grim dryness. He once again took to his pad and pen to communicate, but made sure to keep it out of Cherilee's sight.

'This is important to Sweetie Belle, no? We can figure out how to switch us back later.'

"I know it's important for her, but with you in-"

"Hurry now Sweetie Belle, we're running late." The teacher called out from a few meters away, prompting Sombra to finish his conversation. Taking a quick glance to the class waiting, he thought of his actions and quickly decided on one to take.

Sombra took a step towards Rarity and nuzzled against her shoulder in a quick good bye before running to Cherilee. He tilted his head and smiled to let her know he was ready. Sure enough, they all fell for his ruse and proceeded to walk to the next home on the list.

What was that about?

Sweetie belle asked, referring to his friendly nature towards her sister.

"Acting. If I am to be you, I need to act like you." Sombra said in a hushed tone, using the sketch pad to muffle his voice.

That's some nice acting.

She replied with a tone of voice a little too haughty for his liking, still, this wasn't the time to have a back and forth. He simply sighed and continued walking.

"So are you okay?" A colt asked as he nudged closer to Sombra. Still using the sketch book to cover his muzzle, he turned to see who was talking to him.

It was the colt that had spoken of the comic book hero during the presentations a few days back. Taking a deep breath to get into character, Sombra moved the sketch book and began to write while struggling to keep a smile on his face.

I'm not always smiling you know, you don't have to force it out like that.

Sweetie Belle said through some giggles. Sombra ignored her and lifted the sketch book for the colt to see.

'Just a little sick is all.'

"Oh, you should have stayed home then."

'Couldn't I would be held back if did.'

"Held back?"

'A grade.'

He wrote down, though truth be told, he wasn't all that sure of what that even meant. All he knew was that Sweetie Belle needed to attend class or something bad would happen to her and her friends.

"That's not so bad, my brother got held back a few times and he's just fine." The colt said with a reassuring smile, one that Sombra tried to respond with as well, but Sweetie's talking in his head didn't seem to help.

Yeah, except that the only reason I signed up was to be with my friends!

"Would you like me to write that down?" Sombra asked in a whisper as he placed the sketch pad back over his muzzle.

No...it's okay. That's more of a personal problem anyway...

"You sound troubled."

It's...it's a long story. My mom and dad-

"Well look who is it!" A rather annoying voice called out from behind them. Sombra's eyes dulled as he braced for the onslaught of oral banter that would soon ensue. "I'm surprised you decided to show your face after your presentation."

Sombra took a quick glance to confirm his suspicions and saw Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon walking towards him. He returned his glance over to the front and continued walking.

"Yeah, not even the school wanted to see your presentation." Silver Spoon said with a rather strange laugh for a filly. "It caved in on its own because of how bad it was."

"Did you hear? We're going to redo our presentations when the school gets rebuilt, so you haven't gotten off from doing it either!"

"Yeah, think you're going to choke again?"

Sweetie growled from inside Sombra's mind. She couldn't stand those two, much less now that she couldn't even address them to talk back, but what was weirdest was Sombra's lack of interest with them. After the display of annoyance with them when he first met the fillies, she thought he would at the very least shout at them if not kill them on the spot.

"What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?" Diamond Tiara finally said after a rather long amount of silence from Sombra. Again no response.

"Maybe she's too scared to talk to us, isn't that right Sweetie Belle?" The grey filly said as she moved forward to block Sombra's way. In an effortless step to the side, he maneuvered around Silver Spoon and continued on his way with the group, blatantly ignoring her very presence.

"Ugg, what's up with her?" Diamond asked as she whispered over to her friend.

"I don't know, but it's no fun if she doesn't talk back!" The filly responded in a pout.

Sombra kept from grinning as he heard them speak, once again placing the sketch book to his muzzle in an effort to hide the smirk building.

Wow, that made them shut up. How did you know that would happen?

"They're only looking for a reaction." Sombra said softly. "There is not greater defeat for a bully that being ignored. After all, they are only looking for attention, robbing them of that will shake them to the core."

I never thought about it like that...I thought you were going to kill them. Not that I want you to!

"Had I been in my own body, perhaps I would have. But I'm playing by different rules right now. And this is the best way to make them feel pain without hurting them." Sombra said with a soft chuckle, barely outside audible levels.

Soon he began to quiet down as he saw a certain farm appear in the distance. He was to face his biggest obstacle yet...Sweetie Belle's friends. He thought about what he was to do once Apple Bloom and Scootaloo came into play. There was no way he could keep himself hidden for long with them around. Perhaps speaking to them upfront would be best course of action.

Apple Bloom!

Sweetie shouted as she saw her friend coming out from her home, making Sombra cringe once more though was even more tortured by being unable to display his pain.

"Once we fix this, we are never doing this again." He scoffed before returning to his 'normal' composure, and by that it meant he was cheerfully smiling at seeing his 'friend' run up to him.

"Hiya Sweetie Belle!" Apple Bloom said as she hugged Sombra. Pulling apart, she quickly took notice of his sketchbook. "What's that for?" At once he took it and began to furiously write out the entire explaination as quickly as he could.

'I'm Sombra, Sweetie Belle and I switched bodies by some unknown force and are unable to undo this curse. For now, please pretend I am your friend while she and I try to survive the day, I would greatly appreciate it if you could also keep me from having to speak, my voice is a mix between she and I and speaking would give us away if not arose suspicions of greater workings...Sweetie Belle says hi.'

Apple Bloom took a moment to read through the word filled page before turning to Sombra who still had the smile he was faking. Somehow, he got the horrible impression that perhaps this wasn't the best idea when she hugged him once more.

"Don't worry, yer secret's safe with me!"

"What secret?" Diamond Tiara asked as she jumped in between the two, a devilish smirk upon her face.

"None of yer-" Apple Bloom began but was quickly shut away by Sombra who held his hoof to her muzzle. He diverted her attention back to the sketch book.

'Ignore them.'

"What? But ya-"

'It'll be worth it, trust me.'

Sombra wrote with a half smile of his own. The rich fillies quickly crowded around him and they looked over at his book. Even though they were well into his personal space, he paid them no mind and continued the conversation with Apple Bloom as if they truly were friends.

'What did your sister say about yesterday?'

He wrote down, quickly getting a response from the farm pony. The two continued to communicate like this, ignoring the bullies and their every action when they tried to bait a reaction. Though at first they pestered on, they soon grew frustrated with not being recognized.

"Hey! I'm talking to you!" Diamond Tiara shouted as she stepped only inches away from Sombra who responded by taking up his sketch book and writing a reply to what Apple Bloom was saying. The filly became red with anger and finally blew.

"I'm Diamond Tiara! You can't ignore me! I demand you talk to me!" She shouted, almost spitting over Sombra.

"Diamond Tiara!" Cherilee said with a dry tone, drawing in the attention of the filly and getting a subtle smile from Sombra. "Do you think maybe Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom would rather keep to themselves? Stop trying to butt into their conversation."


"But nothing. Come join me at the front of the group so you don't bother them."

With an angry mumble, Diamond did as she was told, stomping her way towards her teacher who had just about lost her patience with her. Silver Spoon looked back and forth between her friend and Sombra before rushing to the front as well, finally leaving him and Apple Bloom far enough behind as to keep them from hearing them speak.

"Hehehe, How'd ya know that was gonna happen?" Apple Bloom asked, happy about how Diamond got called out by Cherilee.

"As children, you all play by different rules than I." Sombra responded after his very long silence, finally giving his pen a rest. "I just knew how to manipulate the peices I had to play with." He said as he gestured towards Cherilee.

Apple Bloom stared at him for a good while, never once losing eye contact with him as she processed what she heard. It was strange to have her gaze at him so closely. Sombra spoke if only to break the awkward silence between them.

"What is it?"

"You sound really funny."

Sombra stopped in his tracks as he slammed a hoof against his fore head. Sighing and taking a moment to think things through, he spoke with annoyance.

"Really? I tell you that I switched bodies with Sweetie Belle and you accept it with ease, yet you can't get past my voice?"

Apple Bloom's only response was a half hearted chuckle as she scratched the back of her head. Though she quickly turned and pointed towards the house they were getting close to and began to run.

"Come on! Scootaloo's home is next, she'll love to know what's happened!"

"What did I-" Sombra shouted but stopped himself midway. For a second he had forgotten he needed to stay quiet and was forced to hold in his displeasure at the filly's actions. "How do you deal with them?" He asked in a whisper as he placed his sketch book bother his muzzle again.

What? They're fun to be with!

"If by fun you mean annoying, then I agree."

Come on Mister Sombra, give my friends a chance, they might surprise you!

"The only thing that surprises me is that every action they take is more idiotic than the last." Sombra said as he began to run after Apple Bloom. He was sure to rue this day for the rest of his cursed life. He needed to find a way to change things back, as they were, he was unable to proceed with his plans. He needed his magic back.

Author's Note:


I apologize for the long wait, things have been rough, but being my day off from work (Finally), I was given the time I needed to write down the chapter. Updates will be less than regular, but this fic is not dead by any means. I simply need to find the time to write. :twilightsmile:

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