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Midnight Sonare

In the rays of the sun I am longing for the darkness


After feeling sad Scootaloo finds comfort in someone special to her that she had long time without seeing, but things didn't end as she expected.

Special thanks to my editors:
Poets Dream

This story was written before the Flight To The Finish episode. Any resemblance, even the smallest ones, is pure coincidence.

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Comments ( 146 )

Sad and bittersweet.:fluttershysad: Maybe a little fast in some areas but overall it was a good story.

Interesting. Very well done story

Dammit the feeelsss!:raritydespair:

Dude, this should be a series

This needs to be a series

No promises, but if the story earn enough likes, maybe I will make the long story that I have in my head.
And I'm glad that you like it. :pinkiehappy:

3635708 I second this motion. Do it.

Well that was quite the bitter sweet tear jerker. Still good job.

Poor little Scootaloo.:applecry:

This better be featured:moustache:

I hope. This could be my first fic getting featured. :pinkiehappy:
Oh god, this is just my second fic.:pinkiegasp:

Also you have some wonderful art work.

Thanks! I made it myself.:twilightblush:

Well you are indeed a very good artist:twilightsmile:

Well, that's a Scootloo's Parents Story thwt I've neverseen before. Pretty neat idea, and a nice story, to boot. I agree that this could make a good series. Here's to hoping.

Well, I'm really considering now to make it a series. It's just that I didn't expected that this became so popular.:pinkiegasp:

I know that this Isn't that popular, but still I'm happy that people like it.

You wrote it's awesomeness, please make this a series or I'll bet you inspire others to continue if you don't.

Just saying:moustache:

Oh God! Ok ok, I'm going to make it a long story. :yay:

I'm glad that you all like it and you deserve to know the story that I have in my mind. I just hope that you will like it. :raritystarry:

3636072 That... pinkamena... gif...

Also, there's this to add to the creepy folder you obviously own, if that sort of monstrosity exists.

Wow, I left for one hour and 10 likes more! :pinkiehappy::heart:

What the.... :rainbowhuh:

And featured! finally:moustache:

Well, that's... fine... I suppose... :derpyderp2:
Anyway, I'm glad that you like the story. :pinkiesad2:

Indeed my friend:heart:

OMG! REALLY!? :pinkiegasp:
*Checking out the feature box*

Oh god! I can't be more happy now :pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2:

What's with :pinkiesad2: this face my friend?

I'm really happy but I feel sad for the story that I replaced. But I'm still really happy :pinkiehappy:

Don't be sad be glad:trollestia:

I'm glad, I already take a picture of the story featured :pinkiehappy::yay:

Oh, how could I forget to thank my editors :facehoof:
I'm sorry AtomicMuffin and Poets Dream :twilightblush:


This is very good and I am looking forwards to seeing more in the future.

Here are my impressions.
Stuff I think was good:
I absolutely love this premise. Scootaloo as a changeling is always fun to read. Your explanations on how Scoots ended up as she did were wonderful. I definitely enjoyed this story. And congrats on the feature!:pinkiehappy:

Stuff that could be better:
The first thing I noticed was way too much telling here. Do some research on telling vs showing and practice that a bit. The characterization was... not quite right. When I read the story, It bugged me that the characters were doing and saying things they wouldn't normally do or say. Remember to always play your story off the characters' personalities. Don't change them to fit your story. The word flow was a little rough and there were a few grammatical errors. Try putting yourself in the place of the reader; doing this will allow you to see what works and what doesn't.

Inspire others, and keep up the good writing!:twilightsmile:


If you need help learning how to tell rather than show, I am happy to give you a crash course in it. :twilightsmile:

Do you mean me or Midnight Sonare?:rainbowhuh:

... Both? I am the kind of guy to lend a hand whenever I can to whomever I can

I really hope this gets turned into a full bigger story.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks, I'm glad that you like it.
You are the first one who commented about the flaws in my story and I really appreciate it. It's always good to know what I need to improve. :twilightsmile:

I'm always willing to learn.

Good to you, my friend, but I won't need a class on show vs tell. :twilightsheepish:

You're very welcome, and don't take anything I said the wrong way. You're a great writer with a lot of potential.:pinkiesmile:

So Scootaloo isn't just a handicapped pegasus, she's also a handicapped changeling?

Diamond Tiara obviously has the right idea.

I didn't take it in the wrong way. I'm not perfect and I have still a lot to learn to be a good writer. Comments like yours just reminds me that and motivate me to try to improve. :twilightsmile:

Just imagine what would happen if Diamond Tiara finds out that. :unsuresweetie:

:applecry::fluttershysad::pinkiesad2::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry: Poor scootaloo

Really nice idea, I hope you continue :pinkiesmile:

please continue I am really interested in this idea

Handy tips for any aspiring writer.

3635769 In that case, I shall invest my likes with extreme zealotry.
Moar, please?

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