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Twilight finds Chrysalis a few days after the invasion, limping through the forest. As a result, she finds out the truth behind the changelings as well as something about Chrysalis she didn't expect.

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Nice.Short and sweet to the touch.

It doesn't really make sense to release Discord to fix the Changelings then and there. While he was still in stone, Discord was still, as far as anyone knew, an unrepentant villain, and he'd have no motivation to fix the Changeling situation. It would be better to pace this out a little, have Celestia make the decision to have Discord reformed because they want him to reverse what he did to the Changelings, then have Twilight or someone helping Chrysalis to manage while that's going on. maybe the meetup with Scootaloo. And then after Discord has been reformed, that would be the time to ask him to fix it. Because if you ask him before that, he totally won't. Dude's kind of a jerk, remember? :-)

A bit rushed, but I loved it nonetheless. It was a great story. :pinkiehappy: Although, it could have used more Discord, but that's just my inner Discordlicious talking. :facehoof:

3637780 *slap to the face* :fluttershbad: :fluttercry::flutterrage: Discord is best Draconequus!!! :raritydespair:


Also, most likely, only Draconequus. :-)

Don't get me wrong, I love the jerk, but he's a jerk. Even when he's a good guy he's a jerk, and I wouldn't have him any other way. :-) But he's not going to do a good deed the moment he gets let out of the stone, before Fluttershy reforms him, because he's still a *villain* at that point. If he wouldn't help Chrysalis back when he turned her, why would he now if it's before Fluttershy befriends him?

3638010 That tripped me too, and I agree that he's a lovable jerk. :ajsmug: Sorry for, uh, *cough*, getting a bit out of hoof in my last comment. :twilightsheepish: Here's a mustache. :moustache:

*cough cough* No clue what you're talking about.

She doubted that those two would be bothering her daughter for awhile.

She doesn't know Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.:twilightangry2:
Anyway, nice addition to the story.:raritywink:

And they don't understand a very protective mama bear. :ajsmug:

i knew it!:yay: scootaloo pupa, is not an orphan!:pinkiehappy:

The Flutter Nation.

Everything changed when the Flutter Nation was attacked.

Sorry, had to.

You should make another chapter this is way to good to be completed. :twilightsmile:

that was fast.... discord was way to complying with changing them back. what, was he bored with the idea of changelings?

very good addition, though the errors and missing words are frequent, though i know i'm not one to talk

i like it and Bakmah Genesis can you please take this story off of Hiatus so you can add more chapters for this story because i would like this story to be longer then just two chapters

3642530 I was thinking the same think when I first saw saw that :3
Overall I really enjoy the two-shot :pinkiehappy:

There are some solid, interesting concepts behind this piece. Unfortunately, there's just not enough time spent establishing the characters' reasons for acting the way they do:

- Twilight shows up and Chrysalis immediately pours out her heart, soul and life story to her. (That's almost believable in the context of the story, but still feels a bit sudden.)
- Twilight (and everypony else) immediately believes every word of Chrysalis' sob story and forgives every wrong she's ever done, despite the fact that this creature is an established master of deception.
- Discord turns the changlings back to flutter ponies for the price of a "please" and without so much as a "what's in it for me?"
- Nopony seems terribly put out at the revelation that one of their young charges/younger sister's best friends is, in fact a changling and a member of a royal house to boot. (You would think Rainbow might have at least a passing comment on the revelation seeing as how she's been living with the girl.)

I really want to give this a thumbs up for the core ideas but, for the stated reasons, I'm going to have to go with a reluctant thumbs down.

"She begged, pleaded, kissed his claws, pleasured him in ways that would make most mares cringe..."


I could see a multiple chapter story coming out of this about the reintegration of flutter ponies into pony society. With many hurdles like bigotry, grudges because of the invasion and Tirek.

I would like to see a sequel based around the flutter ponies adjusting to life in Equestria and dealing with racism (mostly by Prince Blueblood and the more narrow minded among the Canterlot nobility) and hatred by those who were ever hurt by the changelings.

One problem with the story. Chrysalis can't be charged with treason. She is not a citizen of Equestria, so the correct charge would be war crimes.

3642082 you are jinx season six final. And half of writers who wrote changelings stories.

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