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Sweetie Pup and Where it's going · 5:04pm May 30th, 2013

so for starters, I'd just like to say thanks for popping in and taking a peek. I know how difficult it is to get ones self off the ground on a new website, so I appreciate your interest.

Now then, my first fic posted here, Sweetie Pup, is coming along. Five chapters posted, and I hope to finish it within a month.

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300689 can't wait to see it!! :pinkiehappy:

300687 this point you make, it is so very true! welp, off to make more tears! :pinkiesad2:

300670 :pinkiegasp: nonono, crying on the sad parts is GOOD! It means you're emotionally connected to the story, and those kind of authors always have EPIC stories!!! Don't stop feeling! :twistnerd:

300665 Oh writing them is never an issue for me XD It's getting myself to stop crying at the sad parts XD

I commented on your thread in GrimDark and really hopes it helps. I love sadfics, and will help you in any way possible with writing them.:twilightsmile:

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