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This story is a sequel to Cast in Fire

Harmony. A goal that many have tried for and lost. Only a few nations ever obtained this peaceful state, and through tears of sweat and blood, Equestria became the very icon of it. Dark forces, however, wanted to break the land of ponies into a state of chaos, and will do so by reviving the old foes of Equestria.

Elsewhere, in the lands of Magistrum - the sister country of Equestria - a Pegasus by the name of Kenta Silvercast had received news about his father's disappearance, and soon afterwards, a formal invitation to attend the most esteemed magic school in all of Magistrum: Magistrate Academy. Little did he know, he and his friends were about to get pulled into a wild quest to retrieve a lost book of Star Swirled the Bearded. A book that should never fall into the wrong hands, or else the entire world shall fall into chaos.
Author Notes:
- Editor: Darklordcomp
- Previous Editor: ShadowlessNight =(
- Book 1 of the Scale Scrolls Saga.
- An [Alternative Universe] due to the existence of a non-canon country, whose history is related to Equestria's.
- Original Title of this Story: The Pegasus and the Book of Tomes
- This story is the ponified re-imagining of the first story I've ever wrote: Kenta Kurasaki and the Book of Tomes.

Past and Current Cover Arts
1st one: This one was drawn by Sound Wave (not the transformer).
2nd one: This one was made by BookWyrm's
3rd one (current): This one was created by Midnight Sonare (Also, here is a link to his deviant art.)

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So much win if you really really Like it and Favorite it.
This is me harping on you.


Commence Read.
Read Complete.


"Signed, the Arch Mage’s Advisor – Marilyn Maneroe."


Don't just them too harshly.

Found that mistake in the Description.

Will read later, looks interesting :twilightsmile:

1597906 Thanks?
Oh my god. My grammar illiteracy is even reaching my story descriptions.

This sounds promising. I will track this and see where it's going.

He was a little colt back them in kindergarten age.

I think "them" is supposed to be "then".

As thought about where he dad could possibly be,

Should that be something more like "As he thought about where his dad could possibly be," ?

1599014 thanks. let me know if you find any more mistakes.:pinkiehappy:

1599037 Sure, just to be clear I'm loving the story so far! I'm not sure why, but pointing out the little mistakes makes me feel like I'm coming across as an a**.... That might just be me.... but It's certainly not what I'm intending to sound like....

1599067 You sound like a guy that is getting annoyed by all the grammar mistakes and such.:pinkiesmile:

1599077 lol, not normally. I normally don't even realize they're there, but today I'm just noticing more than normal...:applejackunsure:
heh.. not sure why... also the fact that i don't believe i could come near your quality of writing yet I'm pointing out mistakes contributes to the feeling.

1599112 Their are many different types of quality in writing. Mine is just a bit above average I believe. But that's just my opinion.

They didn’t exactly live right next door to a magic school, so his he had to deal with normal school like any other earth ponies or pegasi on the ground.

Found another one... i think
It's the "so his he had" part.

1599165 I swear.
and other small common words that look similar to each other are my banes.:twilightangry2:

Just finished the chapter.
You sir, have earned yourself a like, favorite, and A MOUSTACHE! :moustache:

Oh wow. Good character development. Looking forward to more. Liked, favourited and Twilight-Approved. :twilightsmile:

More self-inserts I see you silly pony you~ :raritywink:

1601792 I wasn't good at coming up with characters at the time, so I had to ask my friends come up with some. These are the ponified versions of those OCs (including myself).

1601857 Blah~ tell me about it, making up good names is HARD XD, Well despite being grounded I'm still finding time to draw and probably upload though it would take two days in total now lol but anyway, if you need a request you know what to do~ :3

First blue, then blue with red stripes, now red with blue stripes? Make up your mind!:flutterrage:

Sounds interesting? I'll keep an eye on it

Lily let Kenta rested upon her shoulder.

Is that supposed to be something more like "rest his head"?

Wow! Can't wait to see what happens next!

"He couldn’t believe how much tears he held back this entire time."
Is 'much' supposed to be 'many'?

Woo!! Update!! :D Can't wait to see more CN!!

Thanks! I can't believe you actually read it! :rainbowkiss:

Hmm I like the premise and the story but there's something slightly off... I think it might be that so far you are relying on telling us the action to much instead of describing it and letting our imaginations craft the scene you wanted portrayed. For example " Lily allowed Kenta to rest his head upon her shoulder. He silently sobbed as his mind distressed on where his father could possibly be" is way to explainy in my opinion. You could have instead just rephrased it to something like "Slowly his facad shattered, no longer restrained Kenta's emotions ran wild. He knew nothing but pain and suffering, fear and sorrow for his father, his head droped with his spirits onto the waiting sholder of Lily." (Bye This is probably a horrible attempt at showing what I'm trying to get across) However the only thing I had a problem with could actually be a huge plus if redirected to disc ribbing instead of explaining as your descriptions are AMAZING. I really like this story and hope to see it go far! (Btw if I said anything in a cruel way or like I was putting you down I'm extremely sorry, I'm no where near the writer you are and I just want to make sure you understand that I think your an extremely talented author and wish you and your stories the best of luck

"Slowly his facad shattered, no longer restrained Kenta's emotions ran wild. He knew nothing but pain and suffering, fear and sorrow for his father, his head droped with his spirits onto the waiting sholder of Lily."

You're being too modest here. You seem to have a flair for writing. (Could work on your spelling thought). Now I'm starting to wonder why you don't have fan fics of your own.:rainbowwild:
Anyway, you're not being cruel or any of the sorts. Comments like these are really helpful to me. Especially the ones that caught any grammar mistakes.

1730103 :twilightblush: thank you for the kind words! I'm glad I could help in any way I could, as for the spelling... Lets just say Dyslexia sucks. I might have to try my hand at writing now I've just always thought I sucked so I never even bothered. Oh and I'm glad I didn't offend last time I made a comment similar to that the author flipped on me for challenging his "vision" and that I was trying to force my "mediocre style of writing on to his story"

Wow, that guy must have serious god-issues.
By that, I mean that he's too self-centered.
You should always listen to what the commenters/readers/subscribers have to say. They're the ones with the feedback, not yourself (i.e. authors and youtubers, etc.)

Great story, and the dragon pony idea seems really cool!

If your other stories are even half as good as these two chapters, I'm gonna have a lot of reading to do :rainbowlaugh: Keep up the great work! And if you ever want somepony to take look over your work to try and catch those sneaky grammar errors, I'd be more than happy to help :twilightsmile: Unless you already got somepony for that lol

Waiting patiently for the next chapter.

I have' t finished the first chapter yet, but it seems... more of a description than a story or narrative.
It also is sounding more like the ponies pare human... Please let that be false...

updates as I progress.

The human-like names are a culture difference in Magistrum.
And yes, you're write about the narrative. My writing style back then was completely different from now, and I used less dialogue. I'm changing that up a bit with the reimagining of the story (this one).

(In case you didn't read the author notes in the description, this fan fic didn't start as a MLP fan fic. Also, it started a few years ago.)

How is this still so horribly underrated? Have you tried submitting it to authors helping authors?

No. Is that a group?
If so, could you do that for me?
I gtg sleep.:ajsleepy:

1957291 Yes, and I'm a member. The group works like this: you submit your story, do a review of someone else's story, and they have to review yours later. You get a (read: subjective) grammar score and a brief list of the biggest pros and cons, among other things. See below for a review of the story and links to two review groups.

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