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  • TOne Night Out
    Octavia is treated to a night at the expense of her best friend Vinyl Scratch. But when Vinyl's true intentions for how the night was supposed to end come out. Octavia must make a life changing decision
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1486627 If I am starting to run out of time, just let me know... (Unfortunately I've been focusing on a poem for my own story that took me pretty much 14 hours to write, but I now have a better idea of when to use Thee, thy, thou)


Thank you for the heads up. The story is still in planning stages so no rush!

Okay, the poem is still WIP (Writing... a lot of Writing) Just thought that I should let you know...

1463034 I can get it done pretty soon, (brainstorming) but I will probably just get it done when I take the buss to school...


Sweeters! I'm just about getting started on the story so feel free to take your time haha

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