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Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer have a leisurely talk on the couch about their day.

Historians will look back on it as the most important–and dangerous–event across two universes.

First Reader: Mooncalf
Cover Art: Gabbslines


Chapters (5)
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Sunset's crash course in princessing (with a minor in Glimglam studies) makes me wonder how much work pony Twilight was given post-ascension.

I am so happy Tabitha St. Germain made Neil deGrassefed-Bison a thing.

And wow, that's one heck of a transition. And of course, now I have to drive home from work.

The Winning Formula
Opening Pandora's Box
Commencing the Experiment
Buildup and Release
Forever the Best Match ·

...Well, I hadn't expected more Build after the show just ended... Especially not in this way... Well, I guess I have to read this now...

Yikes, now that’s a transition...

I really hope this wasn’t directly their fault, but somehow I doubt that.

And Sci-Twi could have already made something to beat Princess Twilight, just sets of magic drainers.

Can’t wait to see what doom they unleashed.

You hang out with PresentPerfect too much.

I understand why you might make such a claim, but on the contrary.

To be frank, I don't believe he and I have ever held a direct conversation.

There can't be TWO nerds out there with an unhealthy obsession with Kamen Rider! :raritydespair:

Sunset nodded. "Finally, I hate to bring this up, but we've got about two thousand words before we hit the contest limit, so we've really got to get this done ASAP."

Twilight rolled her eyes and groaned. "Ugh. Seriously, whose idea was this action B-plot? I liked it when we were kissing. Can we just to back to kissing?"

Meta. HISS!

All in all I think you'll at least place for your sheer balls. I don't think anyone else's is this ambitious. Well, mine was, and then I stopped writing it when I noticed you'd entered as well.
I just have too fine a taste. This was just... kinda there. Not great, passable but not amazing.
You did miss an opportunity to reference an actually good anime by saying that Sparkle Power was an alternate name and going with "GET-AWAY-FROM-MY-FIANCÉE-KIIICK!"

The world is doomed. Doomed doomed doomed.

At least the people dooming it will be adorably in love? And no one died?

What ARE the criminal implications of accidentally summoning a technomantic Ursa Major anyway?

Of course not. All of my obsessions are perfectly healthy.

And yah, I saw you say a lot of similar things in FOME's entry. All I can say is that it's a shame that you quit, and thus we'll never know just what your perfectly-crafted impeccable-taste magnum opus was. :twilightsmile:

OH DAMN. Really cut me to the quick there. That one actually stung a touch.
Need some burn cream for that one.
I will be the first to admit that I'm a literary snob, don't worry about that one.
And also there's a bit of schizobabble in the last comment there that I didn't break up well enough. Having an overly honed taste doesn't speak to my ability as a writer or the theoretical quality of my entry-en-potentia, merely that a lot of beats that strike others just kinda fall flat on me because I recognize the literary mechanisms holding them up.

Which is why you're amazing, because you manage to regularly hook my Anton Ego level critic ass, and most of the time with story lengths and beats that I express distaste over others utilizing.

Yeah, that was me about ten years ago. :raritywink:

Real talk: eventually you get to the point where you still know where the tropes and well-worn story structures et al come from, but you give less of a crap about them being tropes/well-word beats cause you like 'em, and just thus lean as hard as possible into them instead.

Therein lies enlightenment.

Hey, good shows inspire.

I guess it just feels different when you do it. Or in some instances it feels different.
Like, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is word for word The Hero's Journey and borrows heavily from Nikopol / The Epic of Gilgamesh.
Ah. I guess I just recognize certain things for what they are. I don't see a certain block of prose, I see "and now the author is telling me to feel sad because this is sad", etc.

I'm so happy I finally have a good Kamen Rider book to read.

Yeah, that's pretty much why I wrote this. KR and MLP/EQG can totally overlap, but everyone who I've seen try to make it work hyper-concentrated on the fights, the guest stars, and on trying to replicate TV-N in prose. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh hey I remember these people! They do pretty good covers, and whoa that's some godlike piano

As a Rider fan, I really liked the driver announcements.

"I truly believe that if we combine your world's magic with my world's science and technology, we could forge new fields of study, of knowledge, of reality itself! Not to mention, help so many people and ponies in the process."

It's the exact story in the exact time period I wanted after those last two eeeeeeeeeeee :rainbowkiss:

Sunset huffed. Right.

She'd been dreaming of better times.

eeeeeee wait what

no, wait

come back

why would you do this to me

(posted this before I read the thing)
ok..... this has to be related to Kamen rider build.........


(the challenge was getting them just Engrishy enough)

Fantastic stuff from start to finish. As long as Twilight remembers to take emergent properties into account, these two will create twin utopias.

If not, eh, twin smoldering crates works too. :derpytongue2:

Magnificent work throughout, though the nod at the word limit was a pretty harsh bump to my immersion. Still, thank you for this.

Uhh, doesn't the freezing properties of LN2 come from the evaporation of LN2 into gas again? I was under the impression that alone it was not that great a coolant liquid. Unless I guess if it is evaporating (and taking the heat with it) then re-condensing into LN2.

Hmmm, maybe it would work...

Actually, I think the icecream would then be way too cold to safely eat. I mean, -60 to -350 degrees Celsius... I wouldn't want to be putting that on *my* tongue.

I think I am over thinking the first paragraph of this too much.

This story:



This is probably the most you story you've ever written, and I mean that in the fondest possible way, even as it neatly sidesteps all the bits I expected to see at the outset. Heartwarming, heartrending, and dripping with personality in all sorts of ways in a concise package.

Thanks. :heart:

and good luck, inasmuch as you actually care about the contest

So, this Sunset is now a Rider too, is good to know Kamen Rider Yujo is not alone in the multiverse.


Omg this was good. KR, a bid to Zest’s future, Sparkleworks, SF reference, shdnfjsuebfushwvrj!

So something I should have asked, is this THE future of your other Sci-Twi/Sunset ship stories or just A future? Because it's a bit of a difference...

It'll take another fic and a couple of retcons (mainly because I just blew up SCC) but until further notice I do enjoy the idea of this being a bridge between present day and Super Best Friends Forever, yes. ^^

It's sure a new perspective on why they've been away from Canterlot City for so long, and precisely HOW they laid the groundwork for all that reconstruction...

Slowly, Twilight's lips matched Sunset's. "Then we'll just have to keep trying, with lessons learned, it until we get it right. Maybe we'll learn a new lesson about ourselves each time, too. For now, well..." Twilight's expression turned pensive. I've been batting around names for my company for a while now. Off the cuff: what do you think of 'Northstar Technologies?'"

Hmm, that sounds... familiar. :trixieshiftright:

Easily one of the best Kamen Rider-inspired stories on this site. Loved every moment, even if the time-hopping got me a little confused at points.

Makes me want to revive my old Kamen Rider idea I had for a fic. Though I think now it won't be as... TV-N, as you put it!

I am! Working on the first Episode now.

And then they both went to the kind of jail that’s basically indistinguishable from a dark hole.

Shining golden gauntlet...? Infinity Gauntlet or Realm Gauntlet? In either case... how did she get a hold of them, considering the Realm Gauntlet is firmly ensconced with me as my new right arm and the Infinity Gantlet is with Thanos, still missing it's gems.


Clearly, part of the future timeline is their escaping custody, going on the run together, and setting up an independent nation that no-one quite wants to mess with because of the Rider armor. Then eventually earning the world's trust back, from a position of 'Yeah, just don't try okay?' Spark Queens of Pedestria! Because all those Princess Lessons Sunset got have to be put to good use.

Also superheroics, when people who are NOT them cause catastrophes.

So, let me guess: Twilight has accidentally broken the universe with her experiments? Because, let's face it, who else could it be?


Been hanging out with Ryouma any? Sorry, couldn't resist, but very intriguing so far...

Delightful as always Bookish. Seriously, I can feel the pain, the heartache and the hopes radiating off both characters.

Magnificent as always. Astounding work Bookish, but I think Excite? Wrong theme. This however, is.

Two riders, the ultimate bond? I'll ride with you and no other, along with a mystery? It works.

I'll be honest, it was the title and chapter names that initially caught my eye, and then I saw Sci-Twi doing Sento's pose. After reading this, I gotta say it was pretty amazing, and before the Rider Armor kicked in, I thought Sunset had gotten something similar to the Ember Celica from RWBY. Still, a wonderful KR-themed story, and it's definitely getting added to my favorites! :twilightsmile:


No, don't open the box! There's a world-eating alien inside!...or a giant star bear, I guess?


Of course not, haven't you seen Kamen Rider Unicorn?



Also, of COURSE Twilight's experiment fails and dooms the world. Of course it does. Poor girl.


Oh, geez. You stupid, useless lesbians...

Also, her final attack wasn't a Rider Kick? I am disappoint.


I don't suppose any of the scientists who helped make the Rider System has a thing for rabbits? And might be friends with a boxer?


Hot damn, I do love Kamen Rider. I'm gonna miss Build.

Also, Twilight kept the Rider Kick to herself? Rude!

So, can we expect more adventures of the two Riders in the future?

So how does this exactly fall into Kamen Rider Build? Which is the only reason I'm here at all. I'd normally ignore this story like the plague because of the massively overrated ship it uses.

Ryouma is still one of my favorite characters from that season.

Be glad I channeled him and not Maki. :trollestia:

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